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Maintenance Phase artwork

Maintenance Phase

80 episodes - Latest episode: 5 months ago - ★★★★★ - 14.2K ratings
Debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice.
TED Talks Daily artwork

TED Talks Daily

1,624 episodes - Latest episode: about 20 hours ago - ★★★★ - 9.8K ratings
Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zool...
Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank artwork

Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

533 episodes - Latest episode: 9 months ago - ★★★★★ - 6.4K ratings
A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.
Coffee Break Spanish artwork

Coffee Break Spanish

275 episodes - Latest episode: 2 months ago - ★★★★ - 4.6K ratings
Learn Spanish in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native Sp...
Duolingo French Podcast artwork

Duolingo French Podcast

129 episodes - Latest episode: 3 days ago - ★★★★★ - 4.3K ratings
Deepen your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world through fascinating true stories in easy-to-follow French, with added English for context. From Duolingo, the world's #1 way t...
Ace On The House artwork

Ace On The House

355 episodes - Latest episode: 12 months ago - ★★★★★ - 4K ratings
Before becoming a comedian, Adam Carolla was a hammer-swinging, ditch-digging carpenter. Now, Adam's bringing that knowledge to you in Ace On The House, a weekly home improvement podcast. Joined by...
Our Fake History artwork

Our Fake History

228 episodes - Latest episode: 2 days ago - ★★★★★ - 3.2K ratings
A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!
CLEANING UP YOUR MENTAL MESS with Dr. Caroline Leaf artwork


639 episodes - Latest episode: about 24 hours ago - ★★★★★ - 2.9K ratings
Hi! I’m Dr. Caroline Leaf. I’m a cognitive neuroscientist, author, & mental health expert. Whether you are struggling in your personal life or simply want to learn how to understand and use your mi...
All My Relations Podcast artwork

All My Relations Podcast

56 episodes - Latest episode: 9 months ago - ★★★★★ - 2.8K ratings
Welcome! All My Relations is a podcast hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip), and Dr. Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation) to explore our relationships— relationships to land, to our creatura...
Happier in Hollywood artwork

Happier in Hollywood

364 episodes - Latest episode: 1 day ago - ★★★★★ - 2.4K ratings
Veteran TV writers Liz Craft and Sarah Fain demystify Hollywood by making career and personal struggles universal. Friends since high school and writing partners for over 20 years, Liz and Sarah ha...
Unshaken Saints artwork

Unshaken Saints

270 episodes - Latest episode: about 6 hours ago - ★★★★★ - 2K ratings
Seismic shifts in the religious and secular landscapes are destabilizing the faith of millions. Join religious educator Jared Halverson as he explores restored scripture, doctrine, history, and pra...
Chat With Traders artwork

Chat With Traders

477 episodes - Latest episode: 10 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.9K ratings
Chat With Traders is your key to the minds of trading's elite performers. Start listening to learn how a diverse mix of traders went from zero to hero, how they successfully trade markets today, an...
Sidenote by AsapSCIENCE artwork

Sidenote by AsapSCIENCE

248 episodes - Latest episode: 2 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.9K ratings
Each week Greg and Mitch of AsapSCIENCE explain the science behind a controversial subject. They use studies, recent research and anecdotes to keep you entertained while *BAM* simultaneously LEARNI...
Unlocking Your World of Creativity artwork

Unlocking Your World of Creativity

317 episodes - Latest episode: 4 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.8K ratings
On UNLOCKING YOUR WORLD OF CREATIVITY, best-selling author and global brand innovator, Mark Stinson introduces you to some of the world’s leading creative talent from publishing, film, animation, m...
TED Talks Daily (SD video) artwork

TED Talks Daily (SD video)

1,442 episodes - Latest episode: about 20 hours ago - ★★★★ - 1.7K ratings
TED is a nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading. On this video feed, you'll find TED Talks to inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers, spe...
Good Job, Brain! artwork

Good Job, Brain!

276 episodes - Latest episode: 3 months ago - ★★★★★ - 1.7K ratings
Part quiz show, part offbeat trivia, and all awesome. We here are nuts about trivia and pub quiz! And we are darn sure there are people out there who share our unusual obsession. Play along and lau...
HERself artwork


253 episodes - Latest episode: 4 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.7K ratings
As women, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. But your life isn't supposed to look like hers! Being your best self means standing firm in your decisions and always being willing to gro...
Papa Bear Hikes artwork

Papa Bear Hikes

734 episodes - Latest episode: about 7 hours ago - ★★★★★ - 1.6K ratings
Papa Bear Hikes is a Podcast for Nature Lovers & Outdoor Enthusiasts. Network/Artist: Martin Armitage is the author of Switching Gears: Rediscovering the Meaning of Life, Love, and Happiness While...
English Vocab by Victorprep artwork

English Vocab by Victorprep

155 episodes - Latest episode: 4 months ago - ★★★★★ - 1.6K ratings
VictorPrep's vocab podcast is for improving for English vocabulary skills while helping you prepare for your standardized tests! This podcast isn't only intended for those studying for the GRE or ...
Financial Independence Podcast artwork

Financial Independence Podcast

76 episodes - Latest episode: 3 months ago - ★★★★★ - 1.6K ratings
Join the Mad Fientist as he interviews personal-finance icons like Mr. Money Mustache, Ramit Sethi, and JL Collins to discover the strategies they used to achieve financial independence and retire ...
Death in the Afternoon artwork

Death in the Afternoon

29 episodes - Latest episode: 11 months ago - ★★★★★ - 1.6K ratings
Welcome to your mortality, humans! Death in the Afternoon dispels myths about death and dead bodies, dives into history and dark tales you've never heard before, and features conversations with pe...
Philosophy Bites artwork

Philosophy Bites

373 episodes - Latest episode: 11 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.5K ratings
David Edmonds (Uehiro Centre, Oxford University) and Nigel Warburton (freelance philosopher/writer) interview top philosophers on a wide range of topics. Two books based on the series have been pub...
Raising Good Humans artwork

Raising Good Humans

362 episodes - Latest episode: about 4 hours ago - ★★★★★ - 1.5K ratings
As a parent, do you ever wish someone could just whisper some realistic and trustworthy support in your ear? And not make you feel awful for not having all the answers? Well, that’s what I’m...
SciShow Tangents artwork

SciShow Tangents

469 episodes - Latest episode: 10 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.4K ratings
SciShow Tangents is the lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow. Every other Tuesday, join Hank Green, Ceri Riley, and Sam Schultz as they try to ...
History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps artwork

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

447 episodes - Latest episode: 12 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.4K ratings
Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps".
Overly Sarcastic Podcast artwork

Overly Sarcastic Podcast

98 episodes - Latest episode: 9 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.4K ratings
Red and Blue of Overly Sarcastic Productions keep the learnin' rollin' with a biweekly after show! Join the OSP crew as we chat about all the anecdotes, corrections, and fan questions that didn't m...
Salt Strong Fishing artwork

Salt Strong Fishing

795 episodes - Latest episode: 3 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.3K ratings
Attention Anglers! Download and listen to the most entertaining fishing interviews to ever make it on a podcast, and get to know some of the world’s fishing celebrities like never before.
Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast artwork

Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast

729 episodes - Latest episode: 1 day ago - ★★★★★ - 1.3K ratings
Behind the Knife is the world’s #1 surgery podcast.  From high-yield educational topics to interviews with leaders in the field, Behind the Knife delivers the information you need to know.  Tune in...
Do It Scared® with Ruth Soukup artwork

Do It Scared® with Ruth Soukup

149 episodes - Latest episode: 7 months ago - ★★★★★ - 1.3K ratings
Do It Scared® with Ruth Soukup is the podcast created to help you face your fears, overcome adversity, and create a life you LOVE. Each week you’ll discover actionable strategies for greater produ...
Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers artwork

Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers

323 episodes - Latest episode: 12 days ago - ★★★★★ - 1.2K ratings
Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.
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