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How platform co-ops democratize work | Trebor Scholz

October 27, 2021 14:50 - 7.33 MB

Co-ops date back almost 200 years, run by groups of people that work together to own and operate a company. What does it look like when this tried-and-true business model merges with the digital economy? Trebor Scholz introduces the "platform cooperative," a new way to create democratic companies of empowered workers -- and develop a better, fairer alternative to the gig economy.

Can China achieve its ambitious climate pledges? | Hongqiao Liu

October 26, 2021 14:27 - 5.46 MB

In 2020, China's President Xi Jinping pledged that China would both peak its emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2060 -- a change that will require action at an unheard-of scale and speed. Can the country actually achieve this ambitious vision? In this forward-looking talk, environmental journalist and analyst Hongqiao Liu explores what the world's largest carbon emitter (and second-largest economy) will need to do to get there.

Visions for the future | Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan

October 25, 2021 10:00 - 16.8 MB

How will the rise of artificial intelligence change our world? Former head of Google China Kai-Fu Lee and science-fiction writer Chen Qiufan (aka Stanley Chan) set out to answer this question in their new book "AI 2041: Ten Visions for the Future." In this wide-ranging discussion, they imagine different possibilities -- both from the imaginative lens of science fiction and with a perspective on what is actually plausible. (This conversation, hosted by TED technology curator Simone Ro...

How your nature photos can help protect wild animals | Tanya Berger-Wolf

October 23, 2021 10:00 - 5.33 MB

We're losing animal and plant species at such a swift, unprecedented rate that it's nearly impossible to keep up. Computational biologist Tanya Berger-Wolf demonstrates how harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and one of the internet's biggest resources -- public images and video -- supports the crucial collection of data to save threatened wildlife. Learn how your everyday photos, alongside the work of passionate citizen scientists, could help drive conservation decisions...

3 tips for leaders to get the future of work right | Debbie Lovich

October 22, 2021 14:47 - 7.29 MB

Work that's dictated by a fixed schedule, place and job description doesn't make sense anymore, says leadership expert Debbie Lovich. In light of the cultural shift towards remote work sparked by the pandemic, Lovich gives three essential tips to leaders so employees can keep their autonomy (while remaining productive), companies can let go of rigid bureaucracy and we can all reshape work to better fit our lives.

A close-to-home solution for accessible childcare | Chris Bennett

October 21, 2021 14:39 - 5.34 MB

Childcare needs a transformation -- but rather than investing billions in new buildings and schools, what if we could unlock the potential of people already nearby? Entrepreneur Chris Bennett offers an innovative way to tackle the shortage of childcare worldwide and connect families to safe, affordable and high-quality options in their own communities.

How much clean electricity do we really need? | Solomon Goldstein-Rose

October 20, 2021 15:11 - 5.77 MB

To fight climate change, we need to clean up the global electricity system by replacing fossil fuel power plants with clean generation -- right? Climate author Solomon Goldstein-Rose thinks we need to do much more than that. Replacement isn't enough, he explains in this compelling talk: we need to rapidly develop a new global system capable of producing 12 times the amount of clean electricity we generate today. He shares four reasons why we need that expansion -- first, to electrify...

How we could eat real meat without harming animals | Isha Datar

October 19, 2021 14:41 - 7.01 MB

What if you could eat chicken nuggets without harming a chicken? It's possible through "cellular agriculture," says Isha Datar. In a talk about cutting-edge science, she explains how this new means of food production makes it possible to eat meat without the negative consequences of industrial farming -- and how it could fundamentally change our food systems for the better. "It's our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a second chance at agriculture," she says.

Why paternity leave benefits everyone | Shu Matsuo Post

October 18, 2021 14:51 - 3.64 MB

Paternity leave has many benefits for dads, their partners and their babies -- but did you know it also has surprising benefits for companies? This is what author Shu Matsuo Post learned from his seven transformative months of paternity leave -- and he says it can create more equal and diverse workplaces and even boost productivity.

Introducing: Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi | TED Audio Collective

October 18, 2021 10:00 - 1.78 MB

We all want to know if we're normal -- do I have enough friends? Should it take me this long to get over my ex? Should I move or stay where I am? Endlessly curious data journalist Mona Chalabi needs to know, and she's ready to dive into the numbers to get some answers. But studies and spreadsheets don't tell the whole story, so she's consulting experts, strangers and even her mum to fill in the gaps. The answers might surprise you, and make you ask: Does normal even exist? Follow Am ...

The global treaty to phase out fossil fuels | Tzeporah Berman

October 16, 2021 10:00 - 7.85 MB

We currently have enough fossil fuels to progressively transition off of them, says climate campaigner Tzeporah Berman, but the industry continues to expand oil, gas and coal production and exploration. With searing passion and unflinching nerve, Berman reveals the delusions keeping true progress from being made -- and offers a realistic path forward: the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Learn more about the global initiative for transparency and accountability in phasing out fo...

The first step towards more inclusive dermatology | Jenna C. Lester

October 15, 2021 10:00 - 3.47 MB

Skin is one of the most powerful predictors of health, yet nearly half of all new dermatologists admit to feeling uncomfortable identifying health issues on darker skin tones -- resulting in poorer health outcomes for patients of color. In this crucial talk, TED Fellow and dermatologist Jenna C. Lester shares her effort to extend medical training beyond its current limited scope and ensure all medical students get trained in the full spectrum of diseases as they appear in all patient...

The billion-dollar campaign to electrify transport | Monica Araya

October 14, 2021 10:00 - 6.27 MB

The roadmap to ending pollution from transportation is here, says electrification advocate Monica Araya. In conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson, Araya introduces Drive Electric: a global campaign to retire the polluting internal combustion engine in time to avoid climate disaster. And she shares some exciting news: a breakthrough funding commitment from the Audacious Project that puts the project well on its way to realizing a billion-dollar plan to supercharge the transitio...

What you discover when you really listen | Hrishikesh Hirway

October 13, 2021 14:46 - 9.01 MB

"Every conversation has the potential to open up and reveal all the layers and layers within it, all those rooms within rooms," says podcaster and musician Hrishikesh Hirway. In this profoundly moving talk, he offers a guide to deep conversations and explores what you learn when you stop to listen closely. Stay tuned to the end to hear a performance of his original song "Between There and Here (feat. Yo-Yo Ma)."

A roadmap for young changemakers | Melati Wijsen

October 12, 2021 17:51 - 4.83 MB

Activism is a tough job, especially for young people yearning for immediate change -- something climate activist Melati Wijsen has learned over ten years of pushing for environmental protection, starting at age 12 in her home on the island of Bali, Indonesia. How can young changemakers acquire the skills they need and keep from burning out? Wijsen offers three pieces of advice for anybody seeking to make lasting, sustainable progress.

5 tips for dealing with meeting overload | Cindy Solomon

October 11, 2021 14:40 - 3.32 MB

Could this meeting have been an email? The phenomenon of "calendar creep," where meetings completely take over your work days, is wasting time, energy and productivity -- but you can take back control. Leadership expert Cindy Solomon shares her five tips for clearing up your schedule and getting your calendar to work for you, not against you.

How humanity doubled life expectancy in a century | Steven Johnson

October 08, 2021 14:53 - 7.01 MB

Doubling human life expectancy in a century is our greatest achievement, says author Steven Johnson. How did we make it happen -- and can we keep it going? Backed by fascinating historical anecdotes, he shares some life-lengthening innovations and reminds us of three key things needed to make sure all of humanity enjoys these advancements in health.

A more accurate way to calculate emissions | Charlotte Degot

October 07, 2021 14:47 - 5.64 MB

Greenhouse gases are colorless, scentless and invisible, making them exceptionally hard to measure. Fortunately, some tools and techniques can help -- one of the most powerful being artificial intelligence, says green technologist Charlotte Degot. By processing massive amounts of data on carbon emissions, she explains how AI makes it possible for corporations to set meaningful climate targets, more accurately track their progress and, most importantly, reduce pollution over time.

The brain science of obesity | Mads Tang-Christensen

October 06, 2021 14:44 - 5.83 MB

Your belly and your brain speak to each other, says obesity researcher Mads Tang-Christensen. Offering scientific proof that obesity is a disease influenced by genetics and the environment, he introduces a molecule discovered in both the brain and gut that helps control appetite -- and which could be engineered to promote healthy weight loss for those living with obesity.

How NFTs are building the internet of the future | Kayvon Tehranian

October 05, 2021 14:45 - 5.74 MB

In this revelatory talk, technologist Kayvon Tehranian explores why NFTs -- digital assets that represent a certificate of ownership on the internet -- are a technological breakthrough. Learn how NFTs are putting power and economic control back into the hands of digital creators -- and pushing forward the internet's next evolution.

Want to truly succeed? Lift others up while you climb | Amber Hikes

October 04, 2021 14:40 - 3.54 MB

It's up to all of us to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. No matter where you are in your career journey, it's essential that you help others grow, even as you are growing yourself, says ACLU Chief Equity Officer Amber Hikes. She lays out three ways we can help each other succeed -- and empower and advance those who historically have been left behind.

Want to truly succeed? Lift others up as you climb to the top | Amber Hikes

October 04, 2021 14:40 - 3.54 MB

It's up to all of us to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. No matter where you are in your career journey, it's essential that you help others grow, even as you are growing yourself, says ACLU Chief Equity Officer Amber Hikes. She lays out three ways we can help each other succeed -- and empower and advance those who historically have been left behind.

The art of paying attention | Wendy MacNaughton

October 02, 2021 10:00 - 6.87 MB

In an invitation to slow down and look at the world around you, graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton illustrates how drawing can spark deeply human, authentic connections. Ready to try? Grab a pencil and join MacNaughton for this delightful talk. "Drawing is looking, and looking is loving," she says.

3 ways community creates a healthy life | Olivia Affuso

October 01, 2021 14:54 - 5.5 MB

Maintaining a healthy weight takes more than diet and exercise, says physical activity epidemiologist Olivia Affuso. In this actionable talk, she shows how you can kickstart a healthy life by tapping into the collective power of a community that supports and motivates your health goals.

The Black history of twerking -- and how it taught me self-love | Lizzo

September 30, 2021 16:24 - 6.98 MB

Twerking is mainstream now ... but do you know where it came from? Superstar Lizzo traces booty shaking to a traditional West African dance and tells how Black women across generations kept the rhythm alive, from blues and jazz singers to modern rap and hip-hop performers. With her characteristic energy, she shares how twerking empowered her to love her own body -- and explains why understanding its origins helps protect Black culture from erasure and misappropriation. (And, yes, she...

Why the passport needs an upgrade | Karoli Hindriks

September 29, 2021 14:50 - 5.78 MB

It's time to give paper passports a digital upgrade, says entrepreneur Karoli Hindriks. Looking to Estonia's technology-driven government for inspiration, she envisions a world where immigration is no longer hindered by bureaucracy and needless repetition. Travel with her to a future beyond borders where universal digital passports replace paper ones -- and where outdated systems stop wasting our time and money.

How employers steal from workers -- and get away with it | Rebecca Galemba

September 28, 2021 15:07 - 5.75 MB

When you work, you expect to be paid for it. Except, for millions of Americans employed across a range of industries like restaurants and construction, that's not always the case. Anthropologist Rebecca Galemba explores the multibillion-dollar problem of wage theft and how employers get away with it, highlighting the changes needed for them to pay up -- and fairly.

3 rules for better work-life balance | Ashley Whillans

September 27, 2021 15:02 - 3.39 MB

Have you answered a work email during an important family event? Or taken a call from your boss while on vacation? According to behavioral scientist and Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans, "always-on" work culture is not only ruining our personal well-being -- but our work, as well. She shares which bad habits are stopping us from getting what we need out of our free time and three practical steps for setting boundaries that stick.

Could you recover from illness ... using your own stem cells? | Nabiha Saklayen

September 24, 2021 14:53 - 6.17 MB

What if diseases could be treated with a patient's own cells, precisely and on demand? Biotech entrepreneur Nabiha Saklayen explains how we could harness advances in biology, machine learning and lasers to create personalized stem cell banks -- and develop medicine uniquely designed for each of our bodies.

Has Apple peaked? Plus, celebrities changing Hollywood | After Hours

September 23, 2021 10:00 - 24 MB

It's been 10 years since the death of Steve Jobs. Has Apple peaked after 10 years of Tim Cook's leadership, or is the best yet to come? Harvard Business School professors Youngme Moon, Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Mihir A. Desai debate the prospects for Apple -- and discuss the celebrities changing the way Hollywood does business, including Reese Witherspoon, Rihanna and more. After Hours is a member of the TED Audio Collective, a collection of podcasts for the curious. For new episodes ...

The genetic rescue of Earth's endangered species | Ryan Phelan

September 22, 2021 14:49 - 7.24 MB

From a special black-footed ferret to coral that can withstand warming waters, genetic rescue efforts that use genomics and synthetic biology are helping nature thrive. But despite the huge successes of this kind of intervention, conservation innovator Ryan Phelan points out that fear of unintended consequences often stifles innovation -- risking further extinction. She makes the case for embracing the "intended consequences" of genetic tools that have the power to restore Earth's ba...

The intended consequences of helping nature thrive | Ryan Phelan

September 22, 2021 14:49 - 7.24 MB

From a special black-footed ferret to coral that can withstand warming waters, genetic rescue efforts that use genomics and synthetic biology are helping nature thrive. But despite the huge successes of this kind of intervention, conservation innovator Ryan Phelan points out that fear of unintended consequences often stifles innovation -- risking further extinction. She makes the case for embracing the "intended consequences" of genetic tools that have the power to restore Earth's ba...

The link between inequality and anxiety | Richard Wilkinson

September 21, 2021 14:54 - 4.02 MB

Why are global levels of anxiety and depression so high? Social epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson presents compelling data on the impact of inequality on mental health and social relationships in countries around the world. "Inequality," he says, "is the enemy between us."

Planet City -- a sci-fi vision of an astonishing regenerative future | Liam Young

September 20, 2021 14:50 - 5.9 MB

Get transported on a stunningly rendered, sci-fi safari through Planet City: an imaginary metropolis of 10 billion people, from the brain of director and architect Liam Young. Explore the potential outcomes of an urban space designed to house the entire population of the earth -- and imagine answers to what is possible, and what is sustainable, for the planet.

The untapped energy source that could power the planet | Jamie C. Beard

September 17, 2021 14:50 - 8.7 MB

Deep beneath your feet is a molten ball of energy the same temperature as the surface of the sun -- an immense clean energy source that could power the world thousands of times over, says technologist and climate activist Jamie C. Beard. How do we tap it? She lays out a surprising solution, and an unlikely alliance, to harvest geothermal energy from the Earth's core and get it to anywhere in the world.

An NFL quarterback on overcoming setbacks and self-doubt | Alex Smith

September 16, 2021 14:51 - 7.87 MB

Former NFL quarterback Alex Smith almost died after a particularly rough tackle snapped his leg in 2018 -- yet he was back on the field just two years later. In this inspiring talk, he shares his hard-won insights on overcoming fear, self-doubt and anxiety that could help anyone endure life's challenges. (This talk contains graphic images.)

The trans story includes you | Nicole Maines

September 15, 2021 15:12 - 7.83 MB

As actress Nicole Maines points out, we all unwittingly play supporting roles in each others' life stories -- for better or worse. With charm and aplomb, she shares her experience growing up as a trans youth, emphasizing the big and small ways community acceptance can affect the course of a deeply personal journey.

The inaccurate link between body ideals and health | Nancy N. Chen

September 14, 2021 16:15 - 5.73 MB

Global obesity rates are on the rise, but body shaming campaigns are doing more harm than good, says medical anthropologist Nancy N. Chen. Reflecting on how the cultural histories of body ideals have changed over time, she offers a new way to view ourselves and our health by enhancing body diversity to close the gap between what's ideal and what's real.

A smart bra for better heart health | Alicia Chong Rodriguez

September 13, 2021 14:47 - 3.65 MB

Could an everyday clothing item help protect your health? In this quick talk, TED Fellow Alicia Chong Rodriguez introduces us to a smart bra designed to gather real-time data on biomarkers like heartbeat, breath and temperature. Learn how this life-saving gadget could help close the gender gap in cardiovascular research -- and, finally, usher women's health care into the 21st century.

Life-altering questions about the end of the universe | Katie Mack

September 10, 2021 14:59 - 8.95 MB

In this fascinating conversation, cosmologist and TED Fellow Katie Mack delves into everything from the Big Bang theory to what we see at the edge of the observable universe to a few ways the cosmos might end. Stay tuned to hear Mack recite an original poem on the wonder and marvel of existence. (This conversation, hosted by deputy director of the TED Fellows program, Lily James Olds, was part of a TED Membership event. Visit ted.com/membership to become a TED Member.)

The big myth of government deficits | Stephanie Kelton

September 09, 2021 14:49 - 8.12 MB

Government deficits have gotten a bad rap, says economist Stephanie Kelton. In this groundbreaking talk, she makes the case to stop looking at government spending as a path towards frightening piles of debt, but rather as a financial contribution to the things that matter -- like health care, education, infrastructure and beyond. "We have the resources we need to begin repairing our broken systems," Kelton says. "But we have to believe it's possible."

A sci-fi vision of life in 2041 | Chen Qiufan

September 08, 2021 14:48 - 4.91 MB

Sci-fi writer Chen Qiufan doesn't fear a dystopian future. Instead, he believes developments in artificial intelligence will make all of our lives better, healthier and safer. He takes us on a tour of the next 20 years of AI and shares some astonishing predictions for the advancements in science and technology that could await us. "For every future we wish to create, we must first learn to imagine it," he says.

How to stop languishing and start finding flow | Adam Grant

September 07, 2021 14:59 - 7.46 MB

Have you found yourself staying up late, joylessly bingeing TV shows and doomscrolling through the news, or simply navigating your day uninspired and aimless? Chances are you're languishing, says organizational psychologist Adam Grant -- a psychic malaise that has become all too common after many months of the pandemic. He breaks down the key indicators of languishing and presents three ways to escape that "meh" feeling and start finding your flow.

When local news dies, so does democracy | Chuck Plunkett

September 06, 2021 10:00 - 6.5 MB

Nearly 1,800 newsrooms have shuttered across the US since 2004, leaving many communities unseen, unheard and in the dark. In this passionate talk and rallying cry, journalist Chuck Plunkett explains why he rebelled against his employer to raise awareness for an industry under threat of extinction -- and makes the case for local news as an essential part of any healthy democracy.

How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky

September 03, 2021 10:00 - 8.26 MB

There are about 7,000 languages spoken around the world -- and they all have different sounds, vocabularies and structures. But do they shape the way we think? Cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky shares examples of language -- from an Aboriginal community in Australia that uses cardinal directions instead of left and right to the multiple words for blue in Russian -- that suggest the answer is a resounding yes. "The beauty of linguistic diversity is that it reveals to us just how ing...

The unpaid work that GDP ignores -- and why it really counts | Marilyn Waring

September 02, 2021 10:00 - 10.1 MB

If you: do laundry, are (or have been) pregnant, tidy up, shop for your household or do similar labor, then by GDP standards, you're unproductive. In this visionary talk, economist Marilyn Waring seeks to correct the failures of this narrow-minded system, detailing why we deserve a better way to measure growth that values not just our own livelihood but the planet's as well.

A taste of Mexico's ancient chocolate-making tradition | Germán Santillán

September 01, 2021 14:49 - 3.37 MB

Dating back more than 800 years, chocolate is deeply woven into the Indigenous history of Oaxaca, Mexico. TED Fellow Germán Santillán talks about his work reviving the Mixtec technique used to prepare this ancient delicacy by training a new generation of local farmers -- helping create economic opportunity and preserve a delicious legacy at the same time.

How music can help you find peace after loss | Steven Sharp Nelson

August 31, 2021 15:02 - 5.63 MB

Music can act as a guide, says cellist Steven Sharp Nelson. It has the power to unlock the mind, tap into the heart and bring light in the darkest times. Take a deep breath as Nelson takes you on a melodic, meditative journey that could reconnect you with your closest loved ones -- no matter how near or far they may be.

How to find peace with loss through music | Steven Sharp Nelson

August 31, 2021 15:02 - 5.63 MB

Music can act as a guide, says cellist Steven Sharp Nelson. It has the power to unlock the mind, tap into the heart and bring light in the darkest times. Take a deep breath as Nelson takes you on a melodic, meditative journey that could reconnect you with your closest loved ones -- no matter how near or far they may be.

A future with fewer cars | Freeman H. Shen

August 30, 2021 14:48 - 4.21 MB

What if your car could drop you off and then find parking by itself? According to electric vehicle entrepreneur Freeman H. Shen, this technology already exists. He shares his vision for a future where AI-powered electric vehicles will solve many of the problems cars currently cause, like smog, traffic congestion, accidents and, yes, endlessly circling the block looking for somewhere to park.


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