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Brain Software with Mike Mandel:  Hypnosis | NLP | Self Improvement artwork

Session 229: Gang of Four

Brain Software with Mike Mandel: Hypnosis | NLP | Self Improvement - June 02, 2023 13:00 - 56 minutes ★★★★★ - 210 ratings
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New Life Live with Steve Arterburn artwork

New Life Live: June 2, 2023

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn - June 02, 2023 07:01 - 48 minutes ★★★★★ - 323 ratings
Topics: Fear, Anxiety, Dating, Childhood Trauma, Friendship, Newlyweds Hosts: Chris Williams, Dr. Sheri Keffer, Dr. Jacqui Mack-Harris Caller Questions: Where does my fear of driving over a bridge come from? In dating and selecting a partner, how do I discern what I'm feeling if I grew up in an ...

She's Crafted To Thrive artwork

From Hospital Bed to Center Stage: Embracing Unexpected Opportunities

She's Crafted To Thrive - June 02, 2023 03:00 - 13 minutes ★★★★★ - 32 ratings
From feeling defeated and trapped to standing on a stage in Brooklyn, this chronic illness warrior's journey takes an unexpected twist that will leave you inspired and hopeful for your own journey. But what was the belief borrowed from a friend that led to this transformation? Keep reading to fi...

New Old Heads Podcast artwork

NOH 341 | "No Vaseline."

New Old Heads Podcast - June 01, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 35 ratings
The New Old Heads episode 341 featured guest Skittz and talked Westside Gunn's "Hitler" imagery and being compared to Kanye's antisemitism, the best hip hop diss song of all time, Ebro saying Drake's legacy got reduced because of Pusha T diss track, and Fat Joe giving rappers advice to get a job...

WELSTech Audio artwork

703 – Tech Like a Pirate

WELSTech Audio - June 01, 2023 14:46 - 35 minutes ★★★★★ - 9 ratings
Welcome to summer on WELSTech! Martin and Sallie share an abbreviated show centered on chapters 1 & 2 of the summer reading selection, Tech Like a PIRATE. Picks include puzzles with a tech twist to entertain and passkeys with a storage solution to keep you safe. Plus, the Taste of Missions event ...

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn artwork

New Life Live: June 1, 2023

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn - June 01, 2023 07:01 - 48 minutes ★★★★★ - 323 ratings
Topics: Divorce, Finances, Making Decisions, Getting Unstuck, Emotional Abuse, Coaching, Addictions, Autism, Adult Children, Childhood Trauma, Reconnection Hosts: Chris Williams, Dr. Alice Benton, Dr. Sheri Keffer Caller Questions: What advice do you have for me if my wealthy ex-husband promised...

Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley B. Block, MD artwork

Navigating Life as a Heart Transplant Patient with Dr. Alin Gragossian

Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley B. Block, MD - June 01, 2023 05:00 - 41 minutes ★★★★★ - 56 ratings
Dr. Alin Gragossian talks about her experience with a health issue that interrupted her graduate medical education. She developed cardiogenic shock, was in the ICU, received a heart transplant and still managed to finish her emergency medicine residency and critical care fellowship! [00:00:23]...

Bench Talk artwork

#158 - Carlos Barrios

Bench Talk - June 01, 2023 01:28 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 18 ratings
For episode 158 Tom Gerrard sits down with Queensland based, El Salvadorian artist Carlos Barrios. They discuss Carlos' art career, galleries and the late great John Olsen.

Hand Me My Purse. artwork


Hand Me My Purse. - June 01, 2023 00:00 - 4 minutes
🗣️ HEEEEEEEEY FRIENDS & KIN! 👋🏾 It's been a minute. ⏱️  Sis has been BUSY BUSY BUSY as a bee! 🐝  Auntie MeMe has been working day & night like the Jackson 5 back in the 70s, man.  I don't have TOO much to say just yet, but I do want to express my sincere gratitude for your patience.  Now if yo...

Keeping up with life artwork

How Exercise Physiology is helping PTSD symptoms - Michael Lamb

Keeping up with life - May 31, 2023 21:00 - 32 minutes
Keeping up with life is a podcast where we empower you with health, business and family life strategies for you to live your best days. In this Episode Pippa Hanson talks with former Police member, Michael Lamb, about the history of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and how Exercise Phys...

Disrupting Dentistry Podcast artwork

The one where we chat about kids teeth

Disrupting Dentistry Podcast - May 31, 2023 20:42 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 30 ratings
Join us on our latest installement where we chat with Dr Bethany about her career. We chat about how she has built a business around promtoing oral health and healthy behaviours for children. Dr Bathany is passioante about changing the status of oral health in children and her energy can be hear...

The BTG Podcast artwork

106/Stop Compromising and Learn to Negotiate Instead

The BTG Podcast - May 31, 2023 19:00 - 21 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Hello and welcome to the BTG Podcast! I am your host, Jen Febel, of BTG Wellness and  “BTG” stands for “Bridge The Gap” - and it is inspired by my own healing journey.  After receiving seven different mental health diagnoses by the age of 19, I quickly realized that there...

The BTG Podcast artwork

105/Why Knowing Your Attachment Style is Key to Healing

The BTG Podcast - May 31, 2023 19:00 - 31 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Hello and welcome to the BTG Podcast! I am your host, Jen Febel, of BTG Wellness and  “BTG” stands for “Bridge The Gap” - and it is inspired by my own healing journey.  After receiving seven different mental health diagnoses by the age of 19, I quickly realized that there...

NAMI OC Presents: It's Okay To Feel  artwork

A Series on Self Care: Episode 1

NAMI OC Presents: It's Okay To Feel - May 31, 2023 17:00 - 26 minutes ★★★★★ - 14 ratings
This week has been busy with graduations and vacations so we thought it would be fun to bring back one of our most popular episodes from last year. This episode we begin the discussion about the importance of self care. We want to give you all some background in our journeys and  how self care p...

Bold Beautiful Borderline artwork

BPD Book Club Chapter 6 Part 1 (Feat Talon)

Bold Beautiful Borderline - May 31, 2023 15:00 - 56 minutes
Welcome to your newest BBB mini-series!! Every Wednesday you will get a bonus episode until we've read EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER of the book Stop Walking on Eggshells that was republished as a 2nd edition in 2010. Here's the deal - we are reviewing this book from a critical lens, but we only have so...

Shared Experiences artwork

Gratitude + Masculinity: A New Way Forward - Prof. Joel Wong

Shared Experiences - May 31, 2023 12:00 - 47 minutes
Joel Wong is a tenured Professor in the Counseling and Counseling Psychology Programs at Indiana University. His research interests are in positive psychology (especially the psychology of gratitude and the psychology of encouragement), Asian/Asian American mental health (especially suicide-rela...

Nerd It Through The Grapevine artwork

147 - Scene It Through the Grapevine 04 - Star Wars: A New Hope

Nerd It Through The Grapevine - May 31, 2023 12:00 - 1 hour
This week, we dip our Grapes into the fourth episode of Scene It Through The Grapevine with Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope! Listen to us watch, as we witness Luke hitting on his sister, Otto blast our brains with Star Wars knowledge, and R2 cuss up a storm! This week's GG (Guest Grape) is one...

Choir Practice Podcast artwork

Charles Pickard (Retired Tucson Police Officer, Bomb/ EOD Technician)

Choir Practice Podcast - May 31, 2023 11:00 - 2 hours ★★★★★ - 26 ratings
This episode was fantastic! Charles and I never worked together, but I knew of him on the agency. There were only about 5 people in the bomb unit. He shares about his Tim win the Army before becoming a Tucson Police Officer. We didn't quite make it through all of his career, he's already schedul...

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn artwork

New Life Live: May 31, 2023

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn - May 31, 2023 07:01 - 48 minutes ★★★★★ - 323 ratings
Topics: Affairs, Childhood Trauma, Christian Walk, Trust, Teens, Anger Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Alice Benton, Stacey Sadler Caller Questions: What roadmap can you give me after I caught my husband at a hotel with another woman? What do I say to him?  How can I love God if I can't love at all?...

DBT & Me artwork

Alternate Rebellion

DBT & Me - May 31, 2023 07:00 - 1 hour ★★★★ - 91 ratings
Kate and Michelle discuss a distress tolerance skill used for addictive behaviors called alternate rebellion. They give personal examples from their lives to demonstrate ways this skill can be applied to situations outside of addictions and offer their own tips for how to implement it in your li...

Help Me See artwork

When Action Must Precede The Vision

Help Me See - May 31, 2023 06:00 - 21 minutes ★★★★★ - 16 ratings
It's all fun and games until your waffling indecision gets decided for you. Today's episode is about the relief & pain of no longer having an option, what it means to serve powerfully in a photo session, & how sometimes we must act off feeling along- without a clear vision or proof in sight. F...

One Day You'll Thank Me artwork

121 - Guest Expert: Dr. Melanie McNally - Motivating Teens and Young Adults

One Day You'll Thank Me - May 31, 2023 04:00 - 54 minutes
Cast: Dr. Tara Egan - host Anna - teen co-host Is it possible to motivate your teens?  Tara and Anna think so, and so does their guest expert, Dr. Melanie McNally.  In this informative and interesting interview we discuss motivation in terms of what parents need to know, as well as, tips for t...

Burning the Couch artwork

Social Media and the Perception of Mental Health

Burning the Couch - May 30, 2023 14:00 - 42 minutes
In this thought-provoking episode, we explore the intersection of social media and mental health. With the rise of social media platforms, we are more connected than ever before, but at what cost? From the pressure to present a perfect life online to the dangerous spread of misinformation, we ex...

Talk Paper Scissors artwork

Emerging Typeface Designers Nicole Galindo & Cameron Mady

Talk Paper Scissors - May 30, 2023 12:00 - 34 minutes
Meet emerging typeface designers, Nicole Galindo and Cameron Mady! You’ll learn about their original typeface designs (Dogggo and Perpetua) created in Advanced Typography class at Toronto Metropolitan University. You’ll hear about their typefaces’ perfect pairings, sensory descriptions of each (...

From First To Last Podcast artwork

Planet of the Apes (2001)

From First To Last Podcast - May 30, 2023 10:08 - 2 hours ★★★★ - 11 ratings
In this week's episode, we take a look at Tim Burton's reboot of the Sci-Fi classic Planet of the Apes. It's an epic journey to screen that features film legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Peter Jackson and so many more. We also talk the film, how it fits into Burton's filmogra...

Becoming Whole artwork

Embracing Imperfections & Deepening Connections in Marriage

Becoming Whole - May 30, 2023 09:00 - 15 minutes ★★★★★ - 54 ratings
What if we told you that you have the power to redefine beauty and truly appreciate your spouse's appearance, imperfections and all? Join us in this eye-opening episode as we uncover powerful insights on how to retrain our minds, heavily influenced by media and pornography, to recognize and del...

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn artwork

New Life Live: May 30, 2023

New Life Live with Steve Arterburn - May 30, 2023 07:01 - 48 minutes ★★★★★ - 323 ratings
Topics: Sexual Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Sexual Integrity, Dating, Christian Walk, Adult Children, Intimacy Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Dr. Jim Burns Caller Questions: I'm glad Steve is back and wanted to know more about your workshops.  How do I move on after being molested as a ch...

Balm To The Soul artwork

Jana Wilson - Wise Little One

Balm To The Soul - May 30, 2023 01:00 - 47 minutes
Today I speak to Jana Wilson about her new book Wise Little One, coming out on her grandson's 7th birthday this year, 12th July 2023.  Jana talks to us about her traumatic childhood, and the connection she developed with her own inner child as a way to understand and survive her experiences.  At...

Shine Podcast with Shanna Star  artwork

A client will become a friend before a friend becomes a client

Shine Podcast with Shanna Star - May 30, 2023 01:00 - 28 minutes
This may not happen right away, but have you noticed after a couple years  in business that your inner circle are not the ones purchasing from you, maybe they're wanting to purchase only if there's a discount, and sometimes it feels personal and you're not sure of how to navigate serving those y...

Actual PT artwork

RECOVERY Pt. 1 🏋‍♂️❄️🩹💊

Actual PT - May 29, 2023 20:00 - 33 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Listen to Taylor and Troy talk about what we do and do not know about recovery following exercise and training of any kind!!

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