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Week in Review for the Week of 7/19/21 – DTH

Daily Tech Headlines - July 24, 2021 13:40 ★★★★★ - 138 ratings
Amnesty International claims Pegasus hack used on public figures worldwide, Clubhouse drops the waitlist, and Kaseya announced it obtained a universal decryptor from a third-party for the REvil ransomware. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. You can get an ad-free feed of Daily Tech Headlines for $3 a mon...

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Dailytech 594 - Should You Invest in Real Estate or Stocks? (12-02-2021)

Matrickz Daily Tech - July 24, 2021 07:00 - 2 minutes
With so many opportunities to make money in the world, it can be difficult to decide on investing in real estate or stocks. Both have their pros and cons. Real estate mogul, Grant Cardone says that people have a 95% chance of failing in a start-up or a 100% chance of becoming a millionaire off ...

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Chosen One

King Of The Struggle_ No Way Out_Target Individuals - July 24, 2021 03:47 - 10 minutes
Across the names out

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Bent CPU = Good?

TechLinked - July 24, 2021 03:08 - 5 minutes
0:00 he's angry about being fired  0:08 PlasticARM bendy CPU  1:02 EVGA replacing bricked RTX 3090s  1:50 FTC backs Right to Repair  2:24 Storyblocks  3:02 QUICK BITS  3:06 Akamai internet outage  3:37 Epic new complaint against Google  3:59 Section 230 bill  4:25 Kaseya master decrypt... Weekly Update Podcast artwork

Crypto experts predict $300K bitcoin by 2025 : The Weekly Update Weekly Update Podcast - July 24, 2021 02:44 - 11 minutes
Listen to the latest Weekly Update where we touch on assorted experts’ bitcoin price predictions for 2025, similarities between the current market drawdown and the one in 2013, Mike Tyson asking fans if they prefer bitcoin or ether, Binance annoying the U.S. Department of Justice, an...

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Random Friday with the vision cast team

Visioncast With JC & Preston - July 24, 2021 00:48 - 31 minutes
For tonight‘s episode we go all random for at least a short amount of time 30 minutes give or take we also bring you the latest tech updates the whole crew will be back together for another bonus episode this Sunday hope you can catch it! :-)

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Savannah Arroyo - How To Build Your Net-worth With Multi-family Syndications

RE vs. TECH - July 24, 2021 00:00 - 27 minutes
They say your “Network” is your “Networth”.    If you've been looking for ways to passively invest in real estate, chances are you've come across the term multi-family syndication. What is syndication, who is involved in multi-family syndication, and how is syndication structured? Hold your ho...

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282 Emergency Podcast: "I told ya so. NRR is a growth metric"

Helping Sells Radio - July 23, 2021 23:29 - 13 minutes ★★★★★ - 22 ratings
This excellent Linkedin post from Ziv Peled, chief customer officer from AppsFlyer, shows a predictive relationship between NRR and future ARR. Specifically, the stat is 130% NRR predicts a 5X increase in ARR in 5 years when you add a 15% YoY growth in new bookings. The numbers Ziv also shared sh...

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Is AI a bionic arm for the work we hate?

TechFirst with John Koetsier - July 23, 2021 22:09 - 20 minutes ★★★★★ - 13 ratings
Will AI replace us, or make us better? According to AI expert Slater Victoroff, AI is a bionic arm that's going to make us better and faster, whether we're a doctor, lawyer, data scientist, builder, carpenter, or care aide. I also chat the Victoroff, the CTO and co-founder of Indico, about wha...

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Do You Even Metaverse, Bro? – DTNS 4079

Daily Tech News Show (Video) - July 23, 2021 21:36 - Video ★★★★★ - 191 ratings
On Wednesday, the US Federal Trade Commission voted to increase its enforcement of laws against repair restrictions that prevent small businesses, workers, consumers, and even government entities from fixing their own products. We discuss where the current state of right to repair is at and wha...

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Why Transparency Matters & Web Application Prioritization - Mark Ralls, Wayne Haber - ESW #235

Paul's Security Weekly TV - July 23, 2021 21:00 - 39 minutes - Video ★★★★★ - 30 ratings
The shift away from web application security, caused by the pandemic and the focus on remote workforces, resulted in an increased number of web vulnerabilities. In this segment, Mark talks about the best starting point for organizations to get back on track and prioritize your web app security. ...

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MagSafe battery pack hands-on, zero-click iPhone exploits, TV+ rumors

9to5Mac Happy Hour - July 23, 2021 20:47 ★★★★ - 612 ratings
This week on 9to5Mac’s Happy Hour Zac and Benjamin discuss the practicalities and inconveniences of of the MagSafe Battery Pack, the fears surrounding the Pegasus zero-click malware affecting iPhones around the world, and some new possible new services initiatives include TV+ live sports and App...

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159 - There is a Bump on Your iPhone a MagSafe Battery - With Guests Chuck Joiner and Guy Serle

In Touch with iOS - July 23, 2021 20:06 - 1 hour ★★★★ - 24 ratings
The latest In Touch With iOS with Dave and Warren we are joined by Chuck Joiner and welcomed last minute guest Guy Serle. Guy has his first show after setting up his new desk. The Magsafe battery pack for iPhone 12 worth it? Not for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There os a patent for  Apple TV set top ...

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Kaseya Decrypts REvil, SeriousSam, Hacker Bounties, SonicWall, & Pegasus - Wrap Up - SWN #136

Security Weekly News (Video) - July 23, 2021 18:00 - 27 minutes - Video ★★★★ - 4 ratings
This week in the Security Weekly News Wrap Up: Pornageddon, Pegasus, Kaseya, SeriousSam, The FBI Wants hackers dead or alive, SonicWall, HPrinters, Show Wrap Ups, and more!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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219. XPeng's Reveals Aggressive $25,000 EV Pricing w/ Alex Guberman | E for Electric

Tech Path Podcast - July 23, 2021 17:50 - 14 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors has shared pricing on its upcoming P5 sedan, and it’s quite ambitious. The automaker has officially begun accepting pre-orders on the P5, and has shared that the pricing will begin at 160,000 yuan ($24,650), significantly lower than competitor Tesla’s Model 3, wh...

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218. Bitcoin ETF's Coming Soon? | SEC Decides on August 10th

Tech Path Podcast - July 23, 2021 16:48 - 17 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
The SEC is currently swamped with a ton of Bitcoin ETF applications. Meanwhile, SEC has delayed its decision on a Bitcoin ETF filing by Texas-based family investment fund Valkyrie Digital Assets to August 10th. Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce has voiced concerns over the United...

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Infosec Decoded - July 23, 2021 16:03 - 44 minutes
A discussion with Elizabeth Biddlecome, Sam Bowne, Kaitlyn Handelman, Irvin Lemus, and Alan Wennersten. Links:

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Episode 137: Mixed incentives skew ransom decision

CYBER24 - July 23, 2021 16:00 - 19 minutes ★★★★★ - 19 ratings
When your business is hit by hackers demanding a ransom to unlock your systems, you quickly realize you are in a desperate position. But, in addition to the immediate problem, you have a decision to make: do you pay the ransom and get back online or do you stand on principle? Lots of factors com...

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The Lowdown on IoT

ISACA Podcast - July 23, 2021 15:52 - 24 minutes ★★★★★ - 28 ratings
Join ISACA's Dustin Brewer as he tells you what you need to know about IoT now – why is it still considered an emerging tech? What are the biggest cybersecurity threats, and what opportunities will the Internet of Things bring in the next five years? Listen in to find out!

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Webcast: No SPAN Port? No Tap? No Problem!

Black Hills Information Security - July 23, 2021 15:50 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 57 ratings
We’ve been having a problem with people that want to play with Security Onion or RITA at home. If a home router does not have a mirror port it can be difficult to try cool/free network monitoring tools. Sure, one could buy another router that has those features. But it is far easier to not […] ...

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Kaseya Obtains Universal Decryptor for REvil Ransomware – DTH

Daily Tech Headlines - July 23, 2021 15:41 ★★★★★ - 138 ratings
Kaseya gets its hands on a universal decryptor for REvil ransomware, GM’s Super Cruise is getting a big upgrade next year, and Alphabet launches a new subsidiary for industrial robot software. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. You can get an ad-free feed of Daily Tech Headlines for $3 a month here. A sp...

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Do the Woo News, July 23, 2021

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast - July 23, 2021 15:37 - 5 minutes ★★★★★ - 13 ratings
The week news: Vulnerability Update on Woo 5.5, WooCommerce 5.6 Release Schedule, Yoast SEO eCommerce Course, Foo Events reaches milestone, security patch in WooCommerce Currency Swticher, WooCommerce Discontinued Plugin, Offermative AI Plugin and WordPress 5.8

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Google details Wear OS 3.0 update path, OxygenOS is now a skin atop ColorOS with Nord 2, plus more

9to5Google Daily - July 23, 2021 15:30 ★★★★★ - 23 ratings
Listen to a short-form recap or roundup of all the top 9to5Google stories of the previous 24 hours. 9to5Google Daily is available on Spotify,Google Podcasts, Amazon, iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Pocket Casts and other podcast players. New epis...

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Cybersecurity has a harassment problem. This initiative aims to stop it

ZDNet Security Update - July 23, 2021 14:56 - 18 minutes
ZDNet Security Update: Danny Palmer talks to Respect In Security co-founders Lisa Forte and Rik Ferguson about bullying and abuse in information security and how to help stamp it out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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The $3200 Pacific Chair [Flickr]

Inside View - July 23, 2021 14:08 - image/jpeg
Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Jonny Ive ordered several for the new Apple HQ in California.

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284: A Good, Practical Tool

Does Not Compute - July 23, 2021 13:56 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 55 ratings
Sean's next template Jest Cypress Redux Saga Angie Jones JS Party Cypress network requests cypress-axe next-iron-session nest Testing Playground RFC 2606 dnsmasq Join Us On Twitch & Discord! Join dnccast each Thursday at 6 pm Pacific for the live recordings of each episode! We als...

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Deepmind Alpha Proteins, Twitter + Snap Q2 Results, Facebook Goes Metaverse,

🌐Tech News around the World - July 23, 2021 13:29 - 2 hours
Deepmind Alpha Proteins, Twitter + Snap Q2 Results, Facebook Goes Metaverse,

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Scaling Vision Transformers

Papers Read on AI - July 23, 2021 13:25
Attention-based neural networks such as the Vision Transformer (ViT) have recently attained state-of-the-art results on many computer vision benchmarks. We successfully train a ViT model with two billion parameters, which attains a new state-of-the-art on ImageNet of 90.45% top-1 accuracy. The mo...

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The Hidden Security Risks of Automotive Electronic Systems

Amelia's Weekly Fish Fry - July 23, 2021 13:00 - 17 minutes ★★★★★ - 5 ratings
What comes to mind when you think of an automotive energy source? I’m guessing of all the things you could possibly imagine tamarind shells wouldn’t be one of them… but maybe they should be. To start things off in this week’s Fish Fry podcast, I take a closer look at a new multi-national researc...