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Are you thirsty for more joy in your everyday? Do you want to get paid to do what you love? Do you want to figure out your greatest passion, your purpose, and how to turn that into a profitable, thriving full-time career? Each week, host Cathy Heller has honest conversations with successful creative entrepreneurs about the hands-on, practical steps to make a living doing what lights you up, and build a life that you can't wait to wake up to every single day. You've got so much to contribute and Cathy is here to help you do it. Follow Cathy @cathy.heller on Instagram for daily sparks of inspiration. Subscribe to Don't Keep Your Day Job and share the show with someone who needs to hear it. We're on a mission to make this a brighter, happier, and more fulfilled place - and you can help us make this possible.

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3 Important Coaching Moments with My Students to Help Them Pick a Direction & Get Unstuck

October 26, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 46.8 MB

How do you get clear on which direction to take? Cathy coaches 3 students from her Made to Do This program who have started to get momentum, but are struggling to figure out their next steps. You'll learn what value you can provide in a program vs. a course, how to get specific on who you serve and make your messaging speak to them, how to make your promise and offer clear, and how to decide where you're meant to go next. Support our awesome students! Marcie Knuckles: - Join Marcie's chall...

An Epic Mastermind Call with Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza & Jill Stanton on Turning Fear and Doubt into Possibility

October 22, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 46.3 MB

How can you turn your limiting thought of "Who am I to do this" to "Who am I NOT to do this"? In this incredible mastermind session with Cathy, Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza, and Jill Stanton, you'll learn how to catch and cancel those negative beliefs, let abundance become your new truth, approach challenges with curiosity, and take control of the life you're worth having. - Follow these awesome ladies on Instagram @ginadevee @amypurdygurl @alisonjprince @b...

Martha Beck Teaches You How to Get Over Impostor Syndrome & Find Your True Self

October 19, 2020 07:00 - 58 minutes - 40.5 MB

How can living with integrity end your suffering? Martha Beck, bestselling author, life coach, Oprah magazine columnist, and sociologist with 3 Harvard degrees is back with even more wisdom on what we can do to live in harmony with ourselves. She shares how to walk away from culture and get back to your true nature, how to get over your impostor syndrome, how to be more compassionate towards the noise in your head, and how to find the path to inner paradise. - Preorder your copy of Martha's ...

How Candace Bushnell Created Sex and the City from Her Passion for Writing

October 15, 2020 07:00 - 50 minutes - 34.6 MB

How do you deliver your message and give your audience what they want? Candace Bushnell, critically acclaimed, bestselling author of Sex and the City always dreamed of becoming a writer so she could shine a light on society's limitations that are placed on women. She shares how she's survived the world of editors, publishers and critics, what she learned about the creative business when her book became a hit TV series, how you can stay true to yourself and your mission, and how to embrace the...

Christy Wright on How to Create Great Content & Pick a Path Towards Your Calling

October 12, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 44.4 MB

How do you get unstuck when you're overwhelmed about finding your calling? Christy Wright, bestselling author, host of The Christy Wright Show, and Dave Ramsey personality has not only helped millions of women with their business, but she's also become a lighthouse to guide them through their journeys in personal development and faith. She shares how to pick one thing when you're lacking clarity with your ideas, create content that brings value to your customers, stop apologizing for selling,...

Onsite's Miles Adcox on the Power of Saying the Unsaid & Creating a Life Changing Retreat

October 08, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 41.6 MB

How do you create a week long experience that can end up shifting someone's life completely? Miles Adcox, CEO and owner of Onsite has helped build and facilitate a unique space of ultimate kinship and empathy where people can dive into their inner work and walk away with an awakened sense of self. He shares why we need to say the unsaid, how to gather 20 seconds of courage, how your 2 degree change can land you in a completely new destination, and why it's important to practice taking the wro...

Legendary Filmmaker David Lynch on Turning Creative Ideas Into Gifts & Transcending Into Happiness

October 05, 2020 07:00 - 51 minutes - 35.9 MB

How can you stop suffering and get into a state of unbound creativity and joy? David Lynch, iconic filmmaker, director, writer, painter, and founder of the David Lynch Foundation is the heart, mind and soul behind unforgettable works like Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet and many more. But he's also put his focus on helping others discover inner happiness and peace through the method that enabled him to build this legendary career - transcendental medita...

Inspiring Stories from Creatives I’ve Coached Who Found the Courage to Make Their Mark

October 01, 2020 07:00 - 45 minutes - 31.6 MB

How do you gather the courage to make yourself available, pivot, and own what you do? Today we're celebrating 5 more success stories from graduates who took Cathy's Made to Do This program! You'll hear the inspiring journeys of Holly Danger, Jeni Armstrong, Neema Black, Natalie Hines, and Oswald Perez about how they gave themselves permission to claim their title, change directions when the pandemic hit, and create a worldwide impact by sharing their gifts. Support our awesome MTDT grads! H...

How Gina DeVee Became Jen Sincero's Coach & the Queen of Her Divine Life

September 28, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 43 MB

How do you break through your upper limit and give yourself permission to own your worthiness? Gina DeVee, business and life coach, entrepreneur, and founder of Divine Living found herself at 30 years old struggling as a psychotherapist with $75,000 in debt and living with her parents. She teaches you how she rose up from this low point to selling $1000 and $25,000 packages, why it's okay to focus on the money making activities, how to get the best personal development seminar of your life, t...

How to Use Stacy Tuschl's Foot Traffic Formula & Make Money Every Single Day

September 24, 2020 07:00 - 57 minutes - 39.7 MB

How can you get more customers into the doors of your business? Stacy Tuschl, small business growth coach and expert, bestselling author, podcaster, and creator of the Foot Traffic Formula followed her entrepreneurial spirit and began her first business at 18 years old. Now a multi 7 figure entrepreneur, she's helping other business owners use her tools and strategies to scale their income and impact. She teaches you how to use the 3 T's of her Foot Traffic Formula to reach your audience and ...

Dan Harris on Becoming 10% Happier & Using Meditation to Welcome All Parts of Yourself

September 21, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 42.5 MB

How can you become 10% happier and kinder to every part of yourself? Dan Harris, cofounder of Ten Percent Happier, ABC News anchor, bestselling author, and podcast host was a mindfulness and meditation skeptic for most of his life. But after a panic attack on live national TV, he realized that something had to change. He shares how meditation and mindfulness can quiet the judgmental voice in your head, what it really means to meditate successfully, how anyone can step into the world of medita...

Guy Raz Reveals His Own Incredible "How I Built This" Story

September 17, 2020 07:00 - 57 minutes - 39.7 MB

What does the path look like to becoming one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs and storytellers? Guy Raz, host and co-creator of NPR's top rated podcast How I Built This has always had a fascination for learning other people's stories, and he's built an incredible career by sharing those stories to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. He shares his wisdom on why now is the best time to be radical and start a business, how to push through the no's to reach the yes, and how to ident...

A Masterclass with Jim Kwik About the Mindset, Motivation & Methods to Become Limitless

September 14, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 42.4 MB

How can you become limitless when you feel blocked by limiting beliefs? Jim Kwik, brain performance expert, NYT bestselling author, podcaster, and CEO of Kwik Learning used to believe he was the boy with a broken brain. But he trained his mind to unlock his superpowers, and he's made it his life's work to help you do it too. He teaches you how to use his 3 M's to become limitless, break free from your fears and the lies you tell yourself, and use gratitude to lead your own heroic life. - Join...

The 3 Keys to Making a Sale + How to Uplevel Your Money Mindset 

September 10, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 42 MB

How can you reframe your money mindset and receive all the abundance that's available to you? Cathy shares her wisdom on how to rewrite your narratives around money, turn it into a resource to create more good, set a new standard for what you will tolerate, and use her 3 keys to making a sale. - Doors close to Made to Do This on Friday, Sept. 11th! - Thanks American Giant! Get 15% your first order at, code dreamjob. - Thanks Klarna! Download the Klarna ap...

How Jonathan and Drew Scott Created the Property Brothers & Became an HGTV Sensation

September 07, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 46.1 MB

When you hit a failure or rejection, how do you redirect to the path of success? Drew and Jonathan Scott (aka the Property Brothers), entrepreneurs, designers, bestselling authors, and twin TV personalities on HGTV always loved entertaining through acting and magic tricks. But when the doors weren't opening, they found a different way to serve through their passion and purpose. They share their wisdom on why you shouldn't worry about your 10 year plan, how to take control of your destiny and ...

The Most Powerful Stories of How My Students Got Unstuck and Transformed Their Business & Life in 3 Months

September 03, 2020 07:00 - 56 minutes - 38.7 MB

How did a frustrated online entrepreneur, a river rafting guide, an exhausted casting director, and a visually impaired illustrator wake up to the possibilities ahead of them and jumpstart a thriving business? We share unbelievable stories from our students Drew Madden, Jo'Nia Miller, Jennifer Legra, and Shannon Pinkston who went through Cathy's coaching program and completely upleveled their life in 12 weeks. They'll teach you how to push through limiting beliefs, serve and sell from a place...

How Kim Malek Built Salt & Straw Ice Cream to Make a Positive Impact & Become a Force for Good

August 31, 2020 07:00 - 51 minutes - 35.8 MB

How can ice cream bring together a community and become a force for good? Kim Malek, CEO and founder of Salt & Straw Ice Cream didn't even know how to make ice cream when she had the idea to start a gathering place where people could be themselves and find happiness in the shared experience of enjoying a sweet treat. But she curated the talent who could make her vision happen. She teaches you how to use your community to collectively create an incredible product, what could happen when you ha...

Most Important Lessons from the Show + More Epic Listener Wins! featuring Evan Carmichael, Bobbi Brown, Howard Schultz, Brian Grazer, Yeardley Smith, James Clear, Ken Coleman, Christy Wright, Candace Nelson, Kevin Nealon, Ramit Sethi & Ian Lopatin

August 27, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 43.4 MB

The celebration continues! This episode features more amazing listener wins and important nuggets of wisdom from awesome guests like Evan Carmichael, Bobbi Brown, Howard Schultz, Brian Grazer, Yeardley Smith, James Clear, Ken Coleman, Christy Wright, Candace Nelson, Kevin Nealon, Ramit Sethi, and Ian Lopatin. They teach you how to use your resourcefulness, how to build a network that raises your vibe, and how to reach the audience who are excited to pay for your gifts. - Are you joining our ...

Top Moments from the Podcast & Success Stories to Celebrate Our 300th Episode!

August 24, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 51 MB

It's our 300th episode! This week we celebrate by sharing some of our favorite moments from the podcast and your epic wins. Listen in on these powerful stories and pieces of wisdom from guests like Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Barbara Corcoran, Jason Mraz, Rabbi David Aaron, Rob Lowe, Alex Banayan, Gay Hendricks, Colbie Caillat, and some of our awesome listeners! - Join the free 5 day challenge! Support our amazing listeners: - Karen O'Keefe https://karenokeefe.n...

Jen Hatmaker on Taking Ownership of the Life You Deserve & Becoming Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire

August 20, 2020 07:00 - 57 minutes - 40 MB

How can you be willing to get uncomfortable and speak up for your truth? Jen Hatmaker, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster wrote 9 books before fully stepping into her role as a writer, and it took more exploration until she realized she was done trying to always please everyone in the room. She shares how to disrupt the status quo without sacrificing compassion and kindness, choose integrity and freedom even if it comes at a cost, and give yourself permission to claim the life you des...

Chase Jarvis on His 4 Step IDEA System & Finding the Path to Your Creative Calling

August 17, 2020 07:00 - 53 minutes - 37 MB

How do you start walking the path towards your creative calling? Chase Jarvis, award winning photographer and founder of CreativeLive is on a mission to make every person embrace their creativity. He shares how to use his 4 step IDEA system to see the possibilities and turn them into a reality, how to take better care of your mental health, how to gather the courage to take your first step, and why you need to bring other people along the journey with you. - Last day to join Arrive for the F...

How Tanya Taylor's Resourcefulness Created a Fashion Brand That's Beloved by Michelle Obama and Beyonce

August 13, 2020 07:00 - 53 minutes - 36.9 MB

How do you infuse color, optimism, and happiness into your brand? Tanya Taylor, award winning fashion designer combined her passion for bright colors, her desire to empower women of all shapes and sizes, and her resourcefulness to build a clothing brand that has become a hit in major department stores and the wardrobes of Michelle Obama and Beyonce. She shares how to get the courage to put yourself out there, create a welcoming and inclusive community, listen and learn from the people who sup...

How to Take Control of the Life You Want - Heather Chauvin

August 10, 2020 07:00 - 57 minutes - 39.8 MB

How do you get clear and take control of the life you desire? Heather Chauvin, speaker, coach, cancer survivor and host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast has dedicated her work to helping moms beat their overwhelm and find permission to take care of themselves first. She shares how to find freedom in surrendering, identify the thing that lights your soul on fire, grow your community by sharing your truth, and change your life by committing to the investments in yourself. - Join the Arrive Mem...

How to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn & Instagram and Create New Offers + A Sneak Peek of the Arrive Membership!

August 06, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 46.3 MB

How do you find the courage to keep showing up and grow your audience? Today's episode features some highlights from our Arrive Summit, including amazing advice from Amy Tangerine, Patrice Washington, Hala Taha and Steve Mellor. You'll learn how to build your network on LinkedIn, create Instagram content that will speak to your audience, show up even when you're scared, and open yourself up to opportunities. - Join the Arrive Community Membership! - Patrice Wa...

How to Run a Successful Online Challenge, Reinvent Your Business & Make the Shift to 6 Figures - Jill Stanton

August 03, 2020 07:00 - 53 minutes - 37 MB

When your business no longer excites you, how can you walk away and start over? Jill Stanton, cofounder of Screw the Nine to Five, serial entrepreneur and podcaster is back on the podcast! She shares why she and her husband Josh decided to reinvent their flagship offer, how to create an effective online challenge that gets results, how to stop worrying about other people's judgment of you, and why this is your time to sell with confidence. - Get updates on Jill's next challenge https://www.d...

How to Have a 6 Figure Launch with a Small But Mighty Email List - Tarzan Kay

July 30, 2020 07:00 - 45 minutes - 31.5 MB

How can you grow a successful online business with a powerful, small audience? Tarzan Kay, email copy expert and launch whiz took many pivots before finding her zone of genius in the online community. She shares how to own up to your worth, write subject lines that get people to open your emails, put a price on what you do, and have a  6 figure launch by swapping the fancy funnels and sales page with personable, real connections with your community. - Join us at the Arrive Summit, August 3-4...

How to Pivot Your Business Online, Build an Email List & Get Through These Times with Noah Kagan

July 27, 2020 07:00 - 59 minutes - 41.1 MB

How do you jumpstart an online business and find your audience? Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo and, entrepreneur, and podcaster left the early teams at Facebook and to start his own companies and become a master in the internet marketing landscape. He shares the most effective strategies to build momentum for your business, how to execute process and progress goals, what marketing and selling really mean, how to grow your email list, and how to use limitations to fuel your c...

Rob Lowe on Auditioning for The Outsiders, the Magic of Parks & Recreation and Following His Curiosity with His Podcast

July 23, 2020 07:00 - 54 minutes - 37.3 MB

How can you set your ego aside and stay right sized after decades of ups and downs? Rob Lowe, actor, bestselling author, and podcast host of Literally! with Rob Lowe has starred in iconic movies and TV shows like The Outsiders, Parks & Recreation, The West Wing, St. Elmo's Fire and many more - but he is constantly looking for ways to keep growing and reinventing himself. He shares how to embrace your nerves, turn moments that have gone wrong into opportunities, deal with rejection and disappo...

Malcolm Gladwell Talks About Making Big Decisions, the Tipping Point the World is Seeing Now & How Much He Loves Podcasting

July 20, 2020 07:00 - 56 minutes - 39 MB

How can you embrace the adventure of creating what you love without worrying about the outcome? Malcolm Gladwell, NYT bestselling author and host of the Revisionist History Podcast has always had a fascination and curiosity for the world around him, and he's made an incredible legacy by taking his audience on the journey of this exploration. He shares how your flaws and weaknesses can become your advantage, how to use the 80/20 rule to make the scary decisions, why Hamlet was wrong, how to ha...

Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala on Producing the Oprah Winfrey Show & Starting a Top Podcast

July 16, 2020 07:00 - 49 minutes - 34.5 MB

How can you uplevel your business and your wellbeing? Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala, cofounders of The Pillar Life and cohosts of the hit podcast The Sheri + Nancy Show were in their mid 50s with dream careers, but they realized there was a bigger purpose for them and bigger healing to be done. They share what it was like to be the executive producer on the Oprah Winfrey Show, how they run their lifestyle brand, how to prioritize your health and self care, and how to turn no's into the next gra...

How to Grow Your Instagram Audience with Organic Marketing & Use DMs to Make Every Sale a Win Win - Angie Lee

July 13, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 43 MB

How can authenticity, vulnerability, and relatability scale your following on Instagram? Angie Lee, organic marketing expert, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker is obsessed with helping and empowering others to expand their online business through deep, honest engagement. She teaches you how to speak your audience's language, why you make more money when you talk to less people, why DMs are more effective than any hashtag or ad, and how to build quality relationships so that every sale beco...

Listen in on 2 Coaching Sessions to Hear My Students Have a Breakthrough

July 09, 2020 07:00 - 58 minutes - 40.3 MB

What possibilities are really available to you? Today's episode features 2 special coaching sessions with Cathy and students Sadie Simper and Oswald Perez, who were struggling with feeling depleted and stagnant. This will open your eyes to how words can be turned into art, raise your rates, attract the clients who will pay for what your work is worth, and step into a new awakening. - Apply to join the 7 Figure Sisterhood and learn Cathy's 7 Figure Launch Formula! Applications due July 17th h...

A Must Listen Talk with Bob Goff About His Dream Big Framework to Clarify & Achieve Your Dreams

July 06, 2020 07:00 - 54 minutes - 37.5 MB

How can you conjure up 20 seconds of insane courage that could change your life? Bob Goff, founder of Love Does, bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and coach was a lawyer who realized he had a bigger purpose to help millions dream big, make life more awesome, and unlock their potential to love and be loved greater. He shares how much power there can be in making yourself available, how to stop getting distracted from the things that you're still hanging onto, and how to use his Dream Big...

Share Your Story: My Vulnerable Share About What Just Happened

July 02, 2020 07:00 - 29 minutes - 20.2 MB

Cathy shares her recent experience of loss, legacy, and unconditional love.

How Jamie Kern Lima Created IT Cosmetics & Turned it Into a Billion Dollars

June 29, 2020 07:00 - 49 minutes - 33.9 MB

How can telling your authentic story completely alter your destiny? Jamie Kern Lima, cofounder of IT Cosmetics, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker was getting rejections for 3 years and really struggled to get her business off the ground. But her persistence and belief in her mission led to a 10 minute opportunity on QVC that would ultimately fuel her calling to empower women, and lead to a billion dollar success story. She shares why it's important to know your Why, how to stay focuse...

Tricia Huffman on Becoming a Joyologist for Jason Mraz, Finding Fulfillment & Joy, and Letting Go of "I Should"

June 25, 2020 07:00 - 54 minutes - 37.8 MB

How can you let go of the should's that have kept you stuck your whole life? Tricia Huffman, better known as Your Joyologist, is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and podcaster who was touring as a sound engineer when she realized she could invent a new role and help successful musicians on a deeper level to claim more joy and purpose in their life. She shares how to choose what makes you come alive, stop letting other people's judgment keep you from living your dream, and discover the key to be...

A Beautiful Conversation with Jason Mraz on Spreading Kindness, Staying Grounded After Decades of Musical Success & How to Look for the Good

June 22, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 43.1 MB

How do you look for the good when the world can feel like a dark and challenging place? Jason Mraz, Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum artist, singer songwriter, and musician has sold millions of albums and performed all around the world - but he has always stayed grounded in being a vessel for goodness and kindness. He shares how to stop worrying about what other people think of you, how to live in alignment through your words, actions, beliefs, thoughts, and attitude, and how to enjoy the...

Alli Webb's Incredible Journey of Turning Her Mobile Hair Blowout Side Hustle into the Drybar Empire

June 18, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 43.4 MB

How can your excitement and passion for making other people feel good become a multimillion dollar brand? Alli Webb, cofounder of Drybar and Squeeze is one of the nation's most celebrated entrepreneurs, and everything she's built has been done without a college degree. She shares how to create an unforgettable experience for your customers, how to raise the bar among the competition, and why self care is an essential ingredient so you can show up as the best version of yourself. - Follow All...

Byron Katie Talks About How to Free Yourself from Suffering By Changing the Narrative with Her Incredible 4 Step Process

June 15, 2020 07:00 - 51 minutes - 35.6 MB

How can you change your beliefs that keep you stuck? Byron Katie, bestselling author and founder of The Work had to hit rock bottom before discovering the power of The Work and helping millions of others around the world. She shares how to use her 4 questions + the turnaround to revolutionize your life, how to build awareness around the self induced lies that no longer serve you, and how to take responsibility for your freedom and happiness. - More of Byron Katie at - Get the Jud...

Success Stories from Artists, Writers & Mentors I Coached and How They Transformed Their Life

June 11, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 41.6 MB

How do you stop playing small and step into the role you're meant to be? Today's episode celebrates the journeys of 4 more Made to Do This students! Find out how Jayati Vora, Bree-Anna Vincent, Laura McNeice, and Angie Bailey discovered their voice, pivoted towards where they could serve, and began growing online businesses that have taken flight. Support our amazing students! Jayati Vora - Website Use code Cathy for $40 off the adult writing works...

John O'Leary's Heroic Story of Surviving Third Degree Burns, Losing His Fingers & Choosing to Live in Awe

June 08, 2020 07:00 - 55 minutes - 38.2 MB

How can you stop making excuses and choose to move forward? John O'Leary, bestselling author, world renowned speaker, and podcaster uses his story of surviving a traumatic fire to inspire others to get out of their own way and make the most of their life. He shares a morning routine you can practice to find gratitude, the 5 senses to reawaken your childlike awe, and the ways you can free yourself from your own limitations. - Get your copy of In Awe by John O'Leary! - Thanks Bom...

The Most Empowering Stories & Advice from Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs

June 04, 2020 07:00 - 55 minutes - 38.1 MB

In support of the black community, we're shining a light on the inspiring stories and wisdom from these brilliant black female entrepreneurs. You'll hear from amazing guests like Morgan Harper Nichols, Jenné Claiborne, Jamila Souffrant, Ahyiana Angel, Tomi Makanjuola, Gail Keyes Allen, Patrice Washington, Jessica Huie, and Jadah Sellner on how they've paved their own entrepreneurial path, found the courage to make their voices heard, and how you can follow in their footsteps to create a life ...

7 Ways to Make Money Online & Grow a Lucrative Business - Jennifer Allwood

June 01, 2020 07:00 - 56 minutes - 39.1 MB

How can you monetize your creative gifts? Jennifer Allwood, business coach, entrepreneur, podcaster and author took many turns in her career, and ultimately found her calling by helping women build a lucrative business using their talents. She shares the 7 ways you can make money online, how to grow your following on social media, and how to get unstuck from your fear so you can show up in the world and live the life you desire. - Read Jennifer's book Fear is Not The Boss of You https://jenn...

Gaby Dalkin's Best Advice on How to Engage Your Audience on Social Media & Grow a Food Blog

May 28, 2020 07:00 - 48 minutes - 33.4 MB

How do you create deep relationships with your audience and figure out what they want? Gaby Dalkin was a picky eater who challenged the doubters and became a 3x cookbook author, trained chef, recipe developer, entrepreneur, and food & lifestyle blogger with a product line in Williams Sonoma. She shares how to poll and engage your audience on social media, how to stand out by telling your story, how revealing the painful times in her life expanded her community, and how to become a person who ...

The Essential Pieces to Build & Launch a Successful Online Course - Thinkific's Greg Smith

May 25, 2020 07:00 - 52 minutes - 36.1 MB

What are the steps to create, sell, and deliver an online course that will get people results? Greg Smith, cofounder of Thinkific, built the online platform to allow entrepreneurs to teach what they love and expand their business. He shares how to develop trust with your new students, how to get clarity on the result and the steps you want to take them through, why you need a community around your course, and how to make the best experience for the people you're going to impact. - Grab Greg'...

How My Students Broke Through Their Upper Limit, Charged What They Deserve & Built a Business That They Love 

May 21, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 42.1 MB

When you have the courage to serve and put your offer in the world, what possibilities could arise? We feature 4 more stories from our Made to Do This students - Nadine Kenney Johnstone, Maddie Cartwright, Hannah Blunk, and Gail Keyes Allen - who showed up to do the work, served their audience through generosity, broke through their upper ceiling and took the scary step to make a paid offer. You'll hear how they've now been able to leave the day job behind, triple their income, and sustain th...

The 3 Steps to Great Copy - Laura Belgray

May 18, 2020 07:00 - 56 minutes - 38.8 MB

How can you make a living by showing up and being the true version of yourself? Laura Belgray, copy expert and co-creator of The Copy Cure returns (for a third time!) to share her best tips on how to be prolific and rise above average, how to make the most of this time and make your pivot, how to authentically connect with your email list when you have something to sell, and how to get paid to be you. - Watch the replay videos from our free 5 day challenge - Take our li...

How to Make the Money You Deserve & Know Your Worth

May 17, 2020 07:00 - 58 minutes - 40.4 MB

What money beliefs are keeping you stuck from making the money you deserve? In this bonus episode, Cathy shares a powerful session from our challenge about how to let go of the lies you tell yourself, raise your prices and your worth, and give yourself permission to have more money so you can spread your generosity to the world. - Watch all the replays from the free Here for This Challenge! - Doors are open to Made to Do This until Friday!

4 Incredible Stories of How People I've Coached Turned Their Passion into Profit

May 14, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 48.4 MB

How do you figure out what you're made to do? Today we're celebrating 4 amazing journeys from our awesome Made to Do This graduates! You'll hear from Sadie Simper, Katie Morland, Adrienne Mitford, and Jillian Soprano about how they entered Cathy's program seeking clarity and direction, then gathered the courage to take messy action and ask their audience what they need, pivoted in a pandemic, and began generating thousands of dollars to build an income and a life that allows them to do the wo...

Patrice Washington Tells Us How to Earn More Money & Have More Wellbeing

May 11, 2020 07:00 - 1 hour - 42 MB

When you stop chasing money, how can that lead to more wealth, prosperity and purpose? Patrice Washington, transformational speaker, coach, bestselling author, and podcaster had bounced back after the recession and thought she was doing great as "America's Money Maven." But she realized her bigger purpose was to help people redefine wealth and serve through their purpose. She shares how to give yourself permission to embrace the gift you already have, how to work on your inner trauma so your ...


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A Beautiful Mind
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