In this episode: FI in your 20s, the boring middle, compounding, fat FI, compounding, checkpoints, and building a life.

This week we are joined by Doug and Carl from the Mile High FI podcast to talk about their respective FI journeys and answer a listener question about pursuing FI in your 20s; as well share some tips for enjoying the experience and navigating times in the journey that can feel a bit slow. While figuring out your FI goal requires you to do some work to figure out your FI number, that number and the steps you take to reach that goal are all unique to the individual. That being said, it can be tricky at times to know if you are on the right track when the journey to FI is different for everyone. Remember, although this journey is about reaching financial independence, it’s also about changing and creating the life you want and joining a community that will always inspire you when times feel slow. 

Mile High FI:

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1:13 - Introduction 2:41 - Analyzing Finances In Your 20s 9:31 - Compounding Power 13:25 - The Boring Middle 21:01 - FI Role Models 26:41 - Building A Life On The Journey 35:01 - Fat FI 45:37 - Saving Versus Life Enhancement 54:21 - FI Checkpoints 57:52 - Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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