In this episode: buy and hold, macroeconomics, interest rates, bond investing, when to sell, mindset, and thinking differently.

This week we are joined once again by friend of the show Brian Feroldi to discuss the stock market and investing as we head into 2024. As most of you know by now, keeping your head down and staying the course is a pretty typical investing strategy in the FI community, but it is important to remember personal finance is personal. Depending on your situation, life may require you to mold that strategy into something else as your mindset and seasons of life change! Make sure your are not only optimizing your financial situation, but also your life in the process!

Brian Feroldi:

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0:33 - Introduction 3:42 - Buy and Hold 8:36 - "Macroeconomics" 15:17 - The Impact of Interest Rates/ Bond Investing 20:36 - High Yield Savings Accounts 27:18 - 2024 Investing 33:19 - When to Sell 38:05 - The Evolution of Your Mindset 43:40 - Thinking Differently 47:52 - VTSAX 51:21 - Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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