In this episode: optimized exercise, recovering, machine use, increasing your healthspan, and long-term thinking.

This week we are joined by Brad’s friend and personal trainer, Dean Turner, to discuss the changing landscape of strength training, and how principles such as consistency and adherence coupled with rest and recovery can also be applied to both your fitness and FI journey. We often talk about how the path to FI is not just about working towards a monetary goal, but rather creating a better life for yourself. For some this can mean taking a personal account of your health, and taking actionable steps to improve it. Just as making financial changes requires consistency, making physical changes requires the same. While these changes don’t happen overnight, these actions continuously build off of one another and make you stronger!

Dean Turner:

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2:30 - Introduction 3:41 - Optimized Exercise 9:13 - Recovering and Machine Use 20:51 - Increasing Your Healthspan 27:44 - Long-Term Thinking 29:48 - Conclusion Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode: Your Bold Move for 2023 | Dominick Quartuccio | ChooseFI Ep 419 The New Science of Muscle James Clear, Atomic Habits — Simple Strategies for Building (and Breaking) Habits, Questions for Personal Mastery and Growth, Tactics for Writing and Launching a Mega-Bestseller, Finding Leverage, and More (#648) Subscribe to The FI Weekly! More Helpful Links and FI Resources: Top 10 Recommended Travel Rewards Credit Cards Empower: Free Dashboard to Track Your Finances CIT Bank Platinum Savings Account M1 Finance: Commission-Free Investing, 1-click rebalancing CashFreely: Maximize Your Cash Back Rewards Travel Freely: Track all your rewards cards and points Emergency Binder: For Your Family’s Essential Info (code ‘CHOOSEFI’ for 20% off) Student Loan Planner: Custom Consult (with $100 Discount)

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