Do you remember when you graduated from high school? Hello, I'm Dan Clark and welcome. I do in in my family, it was always a really big deal. I don't think I recognize the significance when I graduated. As much as I did the significance when my children graduated from high school. The impact that's happening in both the lives of the parent and the young adult that's graduating can only be understood as we get older. I'm working with a young adult, when she graduated from high school, there was no party, no celebration, and no one at our home to say congratulations, how sad. If you know someone that's graduating, please pay attention to what's happening in their life. And if you can make it as wonderful for them as you can, because we don't really know what's going on in other's lives either. So celebrate every single one that you know that's graduating this year. I love you. I'm Dan Clark.


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