This very special episode is coming to you from Chamonix, right after the finish of the UTMB races! We were all around the courses, screaming until our voices gave out, gathering up all the inspiration from the incredible athletes. Our goal is to transport you to France with us for the most historic year ever! For the optimal listening experience, consume this podcast with a warm baguette.

The main stories were Courtney Dauwalter and Jim Walmsley at UTMB. Courtney redefined what is humanly possible this summer, and we discuss whether she is the best athlete ever across sports. Jim went all-in for his victory, moving to France to train on these trails. That course record is the payoff after years of hard work and belief. We are living in a moment of running history that will be talked about 100 years from now, and part of that future discussion will revolve around this year's race. How cool is it to be living history in real time?!

And there were so many other awe-inspiring things to talk about! Topics: Zach Miller's ability to dig deep, the importance of confidence, the power of being a hype squad, our European experience, France hot takes, training thoughts, why we are attending the CHURCH OF THE BIG QUADS, how age may not be the limiter that some previously thought, the benefit of cross training, and so much more.

We are extremely sleep-deprived, but more full of life than we have ever been before. The highs and lows of UTMB are metaphors for life, and this episode aims to bring you a steaming baguette of existence. We love you all! HUZZAH!

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