We brought joy and so many spike proteins to this episode! The main training topic was on post-UTMB reflections about lower volume, higher energy training from the incredible Leah Yingling. You don't need to hammer your body to have success! We discuss why endurance training should uplift feeling good as a proxy for adaptation over time, starting at the cellular level and going all the way up to brain function. Healthy athletes crush b*tches!

A background theme of the episode was the sickness going around our house, and what it looks like to BELIEVE when dealing with tough moments. Though maybe we should have believed in booking refundable plane flights to the Grindstone 100k.

And there were tons of other fun discussions! Topics: acute versus chronic stress, volume accumulation, ultras and health, how our inner children might be guiding some of our athletic journey, the most uplifting story from a listener about their mile race, why Deion Sanders is our favorite coach, Coco Gauff's swag, Barry Bonds' Strava profile, heart rate changes across a season, interval duration, and hot takes.

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