We traveled halfway around the world to bring you this very special episode from Chamonix, France, the site of the UTMB races later this week! Our sleep is low, but our spirits are high. The main topic was on initial reflections on European racing and UTMB later this week. Our biggest prediction is that North American runners are going to have some major success over here in the coming decade, and we explain why. It's not just because we are extremely biased, though that plays a role. That discussion built into a new study on "physiological resilience" and how there may be a new pillar of training theory. For those scoring at home, that means there are now 4 pillars in the literature. Bonus pillar?! Huzzah!

That's not all! We chatted away the jet lag for one of our longest and most fun episodes ever. Other topics: the ubiquity of adversity, our deep thoughts on Europe, a wild new study on ultra endurance events and cognition, the evolutionary implications of the study, some breakthrough research on heat exposure and hemoglobin mass, hot takes, and an incredible listener corner.

From that listener corner: "The race showed me that strength didn’t come from doing the things I can already do, but trying the things I didn’t think I could."

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