The other day, I posted this to Facebook:

Almost 10 years ago I gave up drinking alcohol and I had this feeling that “Yes! Finally! This is the answer!!”

A few years later, I went 100% vegan and lost 100 lbs and I thought: “This! This is what I’ve needed all along!”

A few years later, I discovered mindfulness and compassion practices, and I knew “This is it! NOW it all makes sense!”

A few months ago, for the first time, I recognized my trauma. And I sat down and said “Hoo Boy.”

In today’s episode, I unpack these statements and talk about the deeper meanings:

If you believe you can’t accomplish any of these things; if you believe what you might have gone through as a child wasn’t ‘really’ traumatizing or abusive, I beg for the opportunity to help you arrive at a deeper understanding.

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