My guest today is Ann Barnhardt. I first became aware of Ann in late 2011 after she published a letter detailing the closure of her firm, Barnhardt Capital Management.

At the time, this letter troubled me. Many people make strong statements and publish strongly worded essays. But when someone follows through on their word to the point of closing a functioning firm, I pay attention.

I never could quite wrap my head around what happened at MF Global in 2011. Frankly, I still can't.

But I thought it would be awesome to invite Ann on the show to hear her first-hand experience.

She obliged.

During the course of our interview we discussed:

her professional background in the trading and commodities business
what actually happened in 2011 in the markets
what has happened since then
her predictions for future world events
what led her to become a tax protester

Enjoy the show!


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