Jared Fuller joins the 30 minutes to President's Club Podcast with Armand Farrokh and Nick Cegeleski, live at the Nearbound Summit. 

Jared shares strategies for salespeople to close more deals by working with partners and running nearbound plays. He emphasizes the importance of tapping into your ecosystem and partner networks to win more deals. 

Jared discusses three nearbound plays: the Intel Play, the Influence Play, and the Intro Play. He explains how to leverage relationships with vendors and partners to gain insights, influence decision-makers, and secure high-performing leads. 

Jared also highlights the power of multi-threading and the importance of making yourself helpable.

**Key Takeaways:**

- Implement nearbound plays to tap into your ecosystem and partner networks for more deal opportunities.
- Use the Intel Play to gather insights from vendors who have already closed deals with your target accounts.
- Leverage the Influence Play to get endorsements and support from influential decision-makers in your target accounts.
- Use the Intro Play to request specific introductions from partners and make yourself the most helpable person in the room.
- Multi-threading is crucial for building strong relationships and gaining buy-in from multiple stakeholders.

00:05 Introduction and Welcome
00:18 The Importance of Sales Partnerships
02:25 Top Three Actionable Takeaways
02:32 Deep Dive into the Intel Play
03:29 Exploring the Influence Play
04:26 Unveiling the Intro Play
08:59 How to Start Leveraging Relationships
12:50 Using Partner Channels to Influence Active Deals
13:35 Validating and Testing Your Champions
15:40 The Power of Resonance in Nearbound Plays
16:09 The Art of Convincing People to Advocate for You
16:37 The Importance of Building Relationships with Partners
16:56 The Art of Writing Effective Introduction Emails
17:45 The Power of Context in Communication
18:29 The Importance of Making Yourself Helpable
18:36 The Art of Ghost Writing Notes
22:19 The Power of Multi-Threading in Sales
22:53 The Importance of Transparency in Sales Processes
28:47 The Power of Curiosity in Sales