Lex Daddio is back on the show today! Lex Daddio is the primary content creator and inspiring influencer behind @restoringradiance and Restore Your Radiance. She is such a bright light, and gives tips on intuitive eating and shares tons of ideas, recipes and resources for cooking and enjoying food.


The last time she came on she was pregnant and we chatted intuitive eating during pregnancy. Since then, she had a baby and is now pregnant with a second baby, and I’ve also had a baby! So we used the opportunity to answer your listener questions on intuitive eating and motherhood. We discussed:


How to talk to children about gluten when one of the parents has Celiac disease How to show kids health and wellness without being obsessive and whether or not it is okay to want your children to eat healthy foods Baby led weaning and how this has allowed Lex to introduce foods into her child’s diet in a fun way Body acceptance in the postpartum stage And so much more!


Lex’s first episode on NWP: Episode 29 Binge Eating Recovery and Wellness without Obsession with Lex Daddio




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