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The Nourishing Women Podcast is a women’s health podcast on all things intuitive eating, body image, holistic healing, wellness and so much more. The Nourishing Women Podcast is hosted by Victoria Myers, the dietitian, co-founder and owner of Nourishing Minds Nutrition, a virtual private practice and online education resource that specializes in empowering women to ditch the diets, heal their digestion, regulate their hormones and learn to practice wellness without obsession. This podcast is meant to help educate, inspire and empower you to live your life to the fullest.

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368: What Does the Weight Gain Really Mean to You in HA Recovery with Dani Sheriff

June 10, 2022 10:00 - 43 minutes - 39.6 MB

Our guest today is HA society founder, Dani Sheriff, and in this episode we focus on the challenging parts of HA recovery. So often when getting your period back, we focus on the logistics of how to recover. However, eating more and exercising less and potentially gaining weight to get your period back is anything but simple. I love today’s episode with Dani because we focused on talking you through those challenging aspects of recovery, including your fear of weight gain.   At the end o...

367: This One is for Alumni of Nourishing Minds Nutrition & Food and Body Peace Playbook

June 07, 2022 10:00 - 9 minutes - 8.59 MB

Today’s episode is for alumni of our practice and of our program, Food & Body Peace Playbook. Nourishing Minds Academy is officially ready for you!   Not only did we create the Academy to keep your support strong in a time when you need it most, we also created it so that intuitive eating becomes a reflex for you.   Our goal is that by continuing in Academy that you can move from having to THINK about how to be an intuitive eater, to being able to FEEL how to be an intuitive eater. ...

366: How to Spot Fake Intuitive Eating with Jenna of The Body Love Society

June 03, 2022 10:00 - 38 minutes - 34.9 MB

Welcome Jenna of the Body Love Society to today’s episode! In today’s episode we talk all about the Undiet Your Mind app, as well as how to spot fake intuitive eating. In this episode we discuss: Jenna’s history of healing her relationship with food, and then becoming an intuitive eating counselor. The reality of pseudo non diet messaging and how to spot fake intuitive eating. The purpose of Undiet app and what you can expect to learn on the app! How Jenna lives wellness without obs...

365: The Connection Between the Autonomic Nervous System, Disordered Eating and Digestion with Kelsey Pukala RD/N

June 01, 2022 16:37 - 19 minutes - 17.7 MB

Today’s episode is a bittersweet one! It’s Kelsey’s last episode on the show and her final week working for Nourishing Minds Nutrition. It has been the biggest HONOR to have Kelsey as part of the practice for over three years, and we are so excited for her to focus on being a momma in this season of her life. Kelsey, you will always be part of the NMN family!   In Kelsey’s final episode you’ll learn all about the autonomic nervous system and how disordered eating and even your digestive ...

364: How Meal Planning Can Fit Into the Intuitive Eating Lifestyle with Claire Chewning RD/N

May 27, 2022 10:00 - 45 minutes - 41.3 MB

Today on the podcast I am so excited to have my friend, Claire Chewning, on the show. Claire Chewning is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who is NOT on board with dieting. Her goal is to help you recover from the negative mental + physical effects of chronic dieting so that you’ll never again have to track another calorie, cut out foods you love, or feel stressed and guilty about eating. Claire wants to support you throughout this healing process so that you ca...

363: Connecting to Pleasure in Food & In Your Body

May 24, 2022 10:00 - 16 minutes - 15.1 MB

Did you know that it is common in many cultures to believe pleasure is a part of taking care of your health?   Yet in our society that promotes thinness as the only way to pursue health, we have forgotten this important component of enjoying and living life, and also taking care of ourselves...and that’s eating and living for pleasure and satisfaction!   At our practice, Nourishing Minds Nutrition, we have a belief that food should be chosen for flavor first and foremost. What’s real...

362: Best of: All Foods Fit Mentality and HAES on the Internet with Shana Spence RD/N

May 20, 2022 11:07 - 46 minutes - 42.7 MB

Today on the podcast I have guest and fellow anti-diet dietitian, Shana Spence, on the show. Shana labels herself as an "eat anything" dietitian. Shana believes since life is already complicated, why restrict yourself? She created a wonderful platform on Instagram to allow for an open discussion on all things health and nutrition, and also provides virtual counseling worldwide.    In this episode we discuss:  Shana’s journey going back to school to become a dietitian and how she became ...

361: Best of: Allowing Yourself to Grieve Your Here and Now Body with Bri Campos

May 13, 2022 13:30 - 46 minutes - 42.5 MB

Brianna (or Bri) Campos is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of NJ. She has experience working with Eating Disorders and has a special interest in body image. She also teaches Introduction To Eating Disorders at St. Thomas Aquinas. She currently works as a body image coach & is passionate about teaching women about Health at Every Size (HAES) and taking an all foods fit approach to finding freedom with food and learning to make peace with your current body.    You can find o...

360: How to Cope with Stress and Boredom Eating

May 10, 2022 12:05 - 12 minutes - 17.7 MB

Do you ever feel the need for deep relief at the end of the day? And that desire to unwind leads to stress, emotional and/or boredom eating?   In today’s episode we walk you through specific strategies to help you better cope with emotional eating, especially at the end of the day.   Looking for more support? Download our free mini-course, the Summer Reset, and click here to learn more about our individual counseling services.   Products referenced in this episode: the gua sha s...

359: Best of: Break the Good Girl Myth with Majo Molfino

May 06, 2022 10:00 - 39 minutes - 35.9 MB

Today on the podcast we have: Majo Molfino, the Latinx author of Break The Good Girl Myth (HarperOne), host of the HEROINE Podcast designer, and women’s leadership expert.   Majo Molfino guides women toward more power and meaning through her unique blend of storytelling, design, psychology, and mindfulness. She has a book, Break the Good Girl Myth that we dive into deep in this episode and a r leadership program IGNITE. She also has a Master’s in learning, design, and technology from Sta...

358: Clean Eating Offers an Escape from Dieting

May 03, 2022 12:04 - 13 minutes - 12.7 MB

Keep listening this episode is NOT going where you think it is, I promise you. In today’s episode we talk about the appeal of clean eating, the focus on whole foods, as you begin to leave dieting and the numbers behind. We talk about why this happens, why it’s not complete freedom and examples of orthorexia in detail.   If this episode resonates with you, I want you to know your body is not a math equation, not a robot and not a biology project to biohack. You are capable of making peace...

357: Environmental Perfectionism in Sustainability and the Similarities to Diet Culture with Emilie Hebert RD/N

April 29, 2022 10:00 - 44 minutes - 41.2 MB

This is a juicy episode today! I have dietitian at NMN, Emilie Hebert, on the show today to discuss her own journey with sustainability, what is environmental perfectionism and some of the similarities that exist between sustainability and diet culture.   The 3 Unexpected Ways to Let Go of Food Guilt Training will help you understand why you are currently experiencing food guilt, and how to let go of the food guilt, once and for all. This training has already happened BUT you can now wat...

3 Unexpected Ways to Let Go of Food Guilt (Next Free Training!)

April 26, 2022 15:47 - 2 minutes - 3.71 MB

The 3 Unexpected Ways to Let Go of Food Guilt Training will help you understand why you are currently experiencing food guilt, and how to let go of the food guilt, once and for all. This training is happening THIS Thursday, April 28th at 7pm ET. Click here to sign up!

356: Q&A on Protein, Gut Health, and the Desire to Lose Weight While Honoring Hunger Cues with Emilie Hebert RD/N

April 26, 2022 10:00 - 27 minutes - 25.3 MB

The 3 Unexpected Ways to Let Go of Food Guilt Training will help you understand why you are currently experiencing food guilt, and how to let go of the food guilt, once and for all. This training is happening THIS Thursday, April 28th at 7pm ET. Click here to sign up!   Questions we answer in today’s episode:   How important is protein, really? There's a lot of weird info about gut health on social media - what's important to know? I work overnight, what snacks can I make/take to wo...

355: Best of: The BMI Scale is Bogus

April 22, 2022 10:00 - 17 minutes - 15.9 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by our starter self-paced online course, The Beginner’s Guide to Food & Body Peace. If you aren’t ready yet for group coaching or individual counseling, if you need help to begin your journey to food and body peace playbook, this Beginner’s Guide is perfect for you!   Click here for the original shownotes to this episode!   Announcements: Food & Body Peace Playbook will re-open again in late summer if you missed this Spring enrollment. We are cur...

354: Best of: 7 Ways to Help Your Children Have Better Body Image

April 19, 2022 10:00 - 19 minutes - 17.5 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by our starter self-paced online course, The Beginner’s Guide to Food & Body Peace. If you aren’t ready yet for group coaching or individual counseling, if you need help to begin your journey to food and body peace playbook, this Beginner’s Guide is perfect for you!   Click here for the original shownotes to this episode!   Click here if you want to purchase the Momma Body Love Workshop.   Announcements: Food & Body Peace Playbook will re-open ...

353: Eating Disorder to Founder and CEO of Oat Haus, The World’s First Granola Butter with Ali Bonar

April 15, 2022 10:00 - 50 minutes - 45.9 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by Food & Body Peace Playbook. Food & Body Peace Playbook (FBPP) is our signature program here at NMN, and part of what makes this program so incredibly transformational and unique is that we walk you through how to improve your body image as you’re learning how to practice the principles of intuitive eating.   FBPP is currently open for our April cohort which means you can spend these next 8 weeks over the spring preparing for a summer that will be ENJO...

352: Answering Your Burning Questions About Food & Body Peace Playbook

April 12, 2022 10:00 - 16 minutes - 14.8 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by Food & Body Peace Playbook. Food & Body Peace Playbook (FBPP) is our signature program here at NMN, and part of what makes this program so incredibly transformational and unique is that we walk you through how to improve your body image as you’re learning how to practice the principles of intuitive eating.   FBPP is currently open for our April cohort (but closes this weekend!) which means you can spend these next 8 weeks over the spring preparing for...

351: How Food Blogging Contributed to Orthorexia with Hummusapien Blogger, Alexis Joseph RD/N

April 08, 2022 10:00 - 50 minutes - 69.4 MB

Y’all! I have followed Alexis for YEARS so I could not be more excited to share that today she is on the show! In this episode we discuss Alexis journey as a food blogger, how food blogging contributed to orthorexia, her journey to intuitive eating and her life now as a momma.   Alexis Joseph is the nationally recognized Registered Dietitian behind Hummusapien™, a food, wellness, and lifestyle brand that inspires others to foster a more nourishing relationship with food.  Alexis co-owns ...

350: Signs Your Relationship with Your Body Needs Repair

April 05, 2022 11:54 - 11 minutes - 10.5 MB

Have you ever wondered, how do I know if my relationship with my body needs repair? What does it actually look like to have a stressful body relationship or negative body image? In today’s episode we go through specific examples, including that you may have learned these behaviors from your parents, especially your mother.    Because 99% of our clients come to us sharing that their relationship with their mother, and specifically their mothers relationship with their body, impacted how t...

349: The Connection Between Binge Eating and PCOS with Megan Perez RD/N

April 01, 2022 10:00 - 35 minutes - 32.9 MB

Megan Perez, lead dietitian at NMN, is back on the how today to discuss why we use an intuitive eating approach with our clients that have PCOS, and why disordered eating and binge eating is more prevalent in those that experience PCOS.   In this episode we discuss: Megan’s own diagnosis of PCOS during her infertility journey How common it is for women with PCOS to have eating disorders and why this is Why binge eating can be a common experience for PCOSers What to do if you are e...

348: Megan Perez RD/N is Back from Maternity Leave and Sharing All Things About Her Postpartum Experience!

March 29, 2022 10:00 - 29 minutes - 26.9 MB

In today’s podcast episode we have lead dietitian at NMN back on the show, Megan Perez, to share all about what’s she has been up to since she was last on the show including her maternity leave and what life is like now that she is in the postpartum. You can learn more about Megan here and her services here.   Today’s episode is brought to you by Food & Body Peace Playbook is our signature 8 week online group coaching program that will help you stop dieting forever and make peace with ...

347: Signs Your Relationship with Food Needs Repair

March 25, 2022 10:00 - 13 minutes - 18.2 MB

It can be hard to come to terms with the fact you may have a broken relationship with food and your body. Especially since it's completely normalized, and oftentimes praised in our diet obsessed world.   In today’s episode I help you understand what are specific signs that your relationship with food (and your body) needs some repair. And if you listen to today’s episode and you resonate, I want you to know: there is a way to have total trust in your body, confidence in yourself, and tak...

346: When it Comes to Nutrition Be Gentle in Mindset, Flexible in Action

March 22, 2022 10:00 - 10 minutes - 9.82 MB

I know for so many of you podcast listeners, your relationship with nutrition is controlling. And it's absolute in thinking, like "I HAVE to eat (fill in the blank) amount of vegetables per day" or "I can only eat carbs at one meal a day" or "I can only eat sweets on the weekend."   Or maybe for you it's that nutrition reminds you SO much of your days of dieting that you have completely avoided nutrition because it reminds you too much of restrictions and rules.   And in order to mak...

345: Body Autonomy, Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss (An Honest Conversation on Why This is Misguided)

March 18, 2022 10:00 - 19 minutes - 17.9 MB

Today is a random conversation podcast kind-of-episode for you! In this episode we talk about using body autonomy as a scapegoat for promoting weight loss as an intuitive eating provider, and my disappointment in seeing providers marketing weight loss when they also say they help people heal from disordered eating.   In this episode I also wanted to share that I stand in solidarity with Mickey, Lindley and ASDAH in the harm caused by Lindo Bacon. We are working to make changes in how we ap...

344: What is Wellness Without Obsession

March 15, 2022 10:00 - 12 minutes - 11.2 MB

We have had a podcast episode on the mindset shift of wellness without obsession before. But at the time I record this, my thoughts, experiences and expertise have continued to change and grow. So I thought it was time for an updated episode on this concept!   As a podcast listener, I have asked you to consider engaging in health habits without restriction, obsession, and rules. THIS is what wellness without obsession is all about.   A term created in our very first e-book in 2017, w...

343: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy to Support Management of IBS and PCOS with Jenna Sires, PT/DPT

March 11, 2022 11:00 - 47 minutes - 43.1 MB

The Gentle Nutrition Masterclass is coming this month! Join this 60 minute masterclass on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7pm EST (replay available if you cannot attend live) to learn how to navigate your nutrition from an intuitive eating approach.   Have you ever considered pelvic floor physical therapy to support your IBS or PCOS? We’ve talked about pelvic floor PT to support postpartum management on the show before, but today we are focusing on how it can help manage conditions. Today on th...

342: Choosing the Mindset of Fitness Flexibility

March 08, 2022 11:00 - 9 minutes - 9.1 MB

Last week we talked about why we lose our periods from excessive exercise. This week I want to talk about exercise from an intuitive eating lens, specifically how to be flexible with your fitness.   One of the reasons I believe it’s so important to be flexible with your fitness is that there are going to be times in your life where exercise should and will need to be modified, or potentially even completely eliminated for a period of time.   Inevitably, our lives change. Maybe you move...

341: ADHD & Binge Eating and How Intuitive Eating Helps with Becca King RD/N

March 04, 2022 11:00 - 39 minutes - 35.8 MB

If you have ADHD, this episode is just for you! I asked ADHD eating expert and registered dietitian, Becca King, to share with us the link between ADHD and binge eating, and why intuitive eating is the solution, even for those with ADHD!   Becca King helps adults with ADHD struggling with disordered eating, chronic dieting and body image issues make peace with food and improve their self-esteem.   If you find yourself struggling with binge eating, forgetting to eat, or what to eat to...

340: Why We Lose Our Periods from Excessive Exercise

March 01, 2022 11:00 - 13 minutes - 12.1 MB

As part of the celebration of the new release of Get Your Period Back Playbook available as an anytime purchase, I wanted to record today’s episode on a component of hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) that we have yet to discuss, and that’s how excessive exercise contributes to HA.   The hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis or HPG axis refers to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and gonadal glands almost as if they are a single entity. This axis plays a critical role in the development and reg...

339: Client Mary on Healing From SIBO, Orthorexia and Letting Go of Health as an Identity

February 25, 2022 11:00 - 45 minutes - 42 MB

I am so honored to say today on the podcast my guest is a client I’ve worked with Mary Weis. Working with Mary was an absolute joy. She was like many of our clients, working to fully heal her relationship with food and her body. But when we started working together, I immediately noticed how intense her digestion symptoms were.    You’ll hear in this episode how we helped her work with her doctor to get antibiotics to treat SIBO, and we focused on removing the stressors in her life, heal...

338: Improving Your Digestion with Vagus Nerve Stimulation

February 22, 2022 14:20 - 12 minutes - 11.4 MB

Are you someone who regularly experiences IBS symptoms, heartburn, nausea, or indigestion? If so, you're not alone! A majority of our clients at Nourishing Minds Nutrition are suffering from some type of digestive distress in addition to disordered eating when they begin working with us.    And since the vagus nerve is associated with many different functions and brain regions, research shows the positive effects of vagal stimulation on a variety of conditions, including digestive issues...

337: How Words Shape Our Lives and How to Set Your Word of the Year with Dimple Mukherjee

February 18, 2022 11:00 - 28 minutes - 25.7 MB

Have you ever thought about the power of the words you speak to yourself? If so, you are in for a treat today! Today on the podcast we have guest and word coach, Dimple Mukherjee, on the show to discuss the power of words and how to create your word for the year.   Dimple is an occupational Therapist with more than 25 years of experience, and a graduate of Queen’s University with additional certifications in Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Applied Posi...

336: Begin Your Journey to Food & Body Peace Starting Today

February 15, 2022 14:11 - 8 minutes - 7.79 MB

If you are ready to begin your intuitive eating journey, I am SO excited to tell you about the Beginner’s Guide To Food & Body Peace.   The Beginner’s Guide is a self paced online course that will help you *officially* stop dieting and jumpstart your intuitive journey.   Created for those who need help beginning the journey, or processing through the obstacles preventing them from understanding this self-care eating framework, the Beginner’s Guide is exactly what you’re looking for ...

335: Running the NYC Marathon as an Intuitive Eater with Michelle Pillepich, RD/N

February 11, 2022 11:00 - 38 minutes - 35.2 MB

Today on the podcast I have guest, Michelle Pillepich. Michelle is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer helping people break free from food rules and learn to fuel their best lives.  She sees clients virtually in her private practice and runs a group program that teaches intuitive eating and exercise with community support. Michelle approaches health and nutrition from a holistic and intuitive perspective. She specializes in helping clients who struggle with eating disorders, disord...

334: Calories are Energy, Not the Enemy

February 08, 2022 12:15 - 13 minutes - 12.2 MB

Before we begin this episode, I am putting a call out for therapists who also own online businesses and work in the intuitive eating/body image space. We recommend therapy to every client we work with, and we’d love to set up a referral system with a select group of therapists who can work with our clients and conversely, that we can be your choice for dietitian referral for your clients. If you are interested in learning more, you can email me at [email protected]    TW:...

333: 2022 Business Advice from Your Favorite Anti-Diet Dietitian & Biz Coach Jennifer McGurk

February 04, 2022 11:00 - 42 minutes - 39.3 MB

Sign up for our FREE 5 day New Year, No Diet Challenge running all next week here!   Today’s guest is your favorite anti-diet business coach (and fellow dietitian!) Jennifer McGurk. Not only does Jennifer run her own successful private practice, but she is also the owner of Pursuing Private Practice.   Pursuing Private Practice is on a mission to empower non-diet dietitians to start, grow, and scale a business rooted in a weight-inclusive philosophy. Their goal is to amplify the comm...

332: Come Home to Your Body with Embodiment

February 01, 2022 11:00 - 10 minutes - 9.91 MB

What does it mean to come home to your body? To practice embodiment? Today on the show I want to talk to you about one of my favorite parts of helping women heal their relationship with their bodies, and that’s being IN your body. That’s why I love the concept of coming HOME to your body so much.    Because for most of us, our bodies are not our homes. They are something separate from us, something to control, something to perfect…and I’m on a mission to help you change that. Coming home...

331: A Life and Diet Without Restriction with Julia Parzyck

January 28, 2022 11:00 - 39 minutes - 36.5 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by our free non-diet intention setting worksheet here, so that you can stay strong in your desire to not diet in 2022. Today on the show we have guest,  Julia Parzyck, aka Fit Fat and All That on Instagram. Julia is passionate about educating girls and women on how to live a life outside of the diet culture, be aware of media manipulation, and embrace their true selves.Julia believes that all bodies are beautiful, that all foods can fit into your life, and...

330: There is More Than Just Physical Hunger, Listen to the Learn the 4 Types of Hunger

January 25, 2022 11:00 - 14 minutes - 13.3 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by our free non-diet intention setting worksheet here, so that you can stay strong in your desire to not diet in 2022.   Today’s episode is also brought you to by Primally Pure. In the dead of winter, my skin gets so dry so I have personally been loving the beauty cream, the soothing serum and baby balm (I apply this directly to my eyes and dry spots). Before I apply these products I also use the facial dry brush, which has helped with reducing the o...

329: Stress, Trauma and the Autonomic Nervous System with Fiona Sutherland RD/N

January 21, 2022 14:23 - 47 minutes - 43.6 MB

Today’s episode is brought to you by our free non-diet intention setting worksheet here, so that you can stay strong in your desire to not diet in 2022. Today’s guest is eating disorder expert, Fiona Sutherland. Fiona is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of The Mindful Dietitian, based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been practising for over 20 years primarily in the areas of eating and food behaviour across the lifespan, eating disorders, body image and sports nutrition. Fio...

328: 2022 Intentions (& My Word for the Year)

January 18, 2022 13:59 - 17 minutes - 15.6 MB

Listen to today’s episode to learn my 2022 intentions and my word for the year! You can also grab your free non-diet intention setting worksheet here, so that you can stay strong in your desire to not diet in 2022.   Today’s episode is brought to you by Primally Pure. Y’all know I’m not into the idea of things we put in or on our bodies as “toxic” BUT I do believe ingredients in our skincare can help support our skin health, just like how nourishing foods can positively impact our overal...

327: How to Have More Orgasms with Sex Therapist Vanessa Marin

January 14, 2022 11:00 - 38 minutes - 35.2 MB

It’s 2022, we are here to release the shame and taboo around ALL conversations that surround women’s health, including sex education. In this episode, guest and sex expert and therapist Vanessa Marin, shares how to have more orgasms and improve your sex life.   Vanessa’s business partner is her husband, Xander Marin.  A lot of people on the internet call them “That Sex Couple.” Vanessa’s a licensed psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the sex therapy field. Xander’s a regular d...

326: 2021 Reflections (Things I’m Afraid To Tell You)

January 11, 2022 11:00 - 11 minutes - 10.9 MB

Welcome to my yearly reflections episode! In today’s episode I get VERY vulnerable with you, sharing my honest reflections (and things I’m afraid to tell you) on the past year. Listen to learn about what my year looked like in 2021.   We are also booking for the final spots for 2021 and early bird spots for 2022 for our virtual practice, Nourishing Minds Nutrition. Reach out now to get started with one on one coaching for intuitive eating, body image, hormone support and digestive relief...

325: Best Of: Kendra Tolbert RD/N on Enhancing Your Fertility with Yoga & Nutrition

January 07, 2022 12:36 - 36 minutes - 33 MB

Kendra Tolbert MS, RDN, CDN, LD, RYT, Cert AT is a registered dietitian nutritionist, registered yoga teacher, and certified aromatherapist specializing in PCOS, fertility, and PMS. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Howard University and her Master of Science in Nutrition and Public Health from Teachers College, Columbia University. In 2017, She was awarded the Emerging Professional Award from the Women's Health Dietetic Practice Group.   Kendra has exper...

BONUS: New Year, Non-Diet Me Training Replay

January 04, 2022 17:27 - 38 minutes - 52.2 MB

I cannot wait for you to listen to this replay of the New Year, Non-Diet Me training so that you can stop dieting and start living in 2022! Listen to learn the 3 ways to enhance your health through a non-diet lens, how body image healing supports your health, why intuition eating is the solution you've been looking for and the 5 steps to confidently become an intuitive eater.   You'll learn in this training too about Food & Body Peace Playbook, our 8 week online group coaching program. ...

324: Best of: New Year's Resolutions Are Perfectionist Fantasies with Kara Loewentheil

December 31, 2021 15:07 - 49 minutes - 45.6 MB

Are you ready for a fresh, new approach to the New Year? Don't miss out on our New Year, Non-Diet Me Training we're hosting this coming Monday, January 3rd at 7:30pm EST. If you are ready to say no to diets that you know don't work, and yes instead to intuitive eating and treating your body well, then you cannot miss this training. Click here to grab your seat, only 100 available!   Hello my fellow recovering perfectionists! You are going to love today’s conversation, with guest Kara Loe...

323: Best Of: Intuitive Eating Aligned Nutrition to Support Exercise with Cara Harbstreet RD/N

December 24, 2021 15:55 - 53 minutes - 48.6 MB

Welcome to another Best Of episode on the show today! In this episode with Cara Harbstreet, the non-dietitian behind Street Smart Nutrition, we discuss how to apply intuitive eating aligned nutrition to support exercise, how to know if you have a healthy relationship with exercise and the question everyone really wants to I need to count my macros to support my exercise?!   Cara is based in Kansas City and is a nationally-recognized food & nutrition expert, author, and consulta...

322: Best Of: Food Marketing and Social Media Influences on How We View Food with Brenna O’Malley RD/N

December 17, 2021 14:23 - 51 minutes - 47.6 MB

Have you ever wondered how the language used on the food products we purchase affect how we think and view the food? Today’s episode, with guest and fellow non-diet dietitian, Brenna O’Malley (@thewellful) explores how food marketing and social media influences our personal views of food, our eating habits and how this all ultimately impacts our own relationship with food.   This episode is brought to you by Food & Body Peace Playbook, which is officially open for enrollment for our Jan...

321: You Don’t Have  to Lose Weight To Find Love with Arielle Calderon

December 10, 2021 15:01 - 43 minutes - 60.3 MB

On the podcast today we have guest Arielle Calderon. In this candid interview we talk about her dangerous journey with dieting and Arielle’s journey out of dieting, into living life on her own terms, including finding love.   In this episode we talk about:   Arielle’s journey with dieting, and how it led to a dangerous eating disorder Getting followers on Instagram from losing weight, and what that transition with like to the account she has now, focused on empowering women to live ...


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