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Inside LaunchStreet is the leading business innovation podcast. Tamara interviews top innovation leaders and everyday innovators out there shaking things up so that you can tap the power of your greatest personal advantage - your innovative mind. Join thousands of other innovators who have sharpened their edge by listening to this incredible innovation podcast.

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Having a Vision Beyond Yourself

February 16, 2021 22:13 - 38 minutes - 35.3 MB

When it comes to innovation and creativity, sometimes having a vision bigger than yourself and your self-interest can be the driving force that pushes you to take your ideas to the next level. Kate Sullivan, powerhouse of experience, insight, and personality, joins me in this episode to dig into what makes people innovative and successful.Kate Sullivan is the creator ofTo Dine For, a program on PBS that is currently in its third season. On her show, Kate brings together her personal passion ...

3 Keys To Get Your Team Over Decision-Fatigue

February 12, 2021 14:23 - 7 minutes - 6.5 MB

If you type in “decision maker” into google the first 4 results that come up are random decision generators. You put in the question or your options and the decision makers decide for you. It’s on the top of the page because people are searching for it. Why? Because many people are dealing with massive decision fatigue. Rapid changes produces decision fatigue. In this episode I'm going to dive into how decision fatigue shows up (paralysis, stagnation, aimlessness)and 3 keys for flipping it i...

Building a Culture of Experimentation

February 09, 2021 10:00 - 53 minutes - 50.1 MB

Whether you are operating in a startup space or a part of a huge company, something that has a huge impact on innovation is the culture of experimentation. Yet, this is not easy to cultivate in a company and requires careful and thoughtful actions from everyone. Brian Ardinger has some insights about how best to build cultures of experimentation, and the methods to do it. Brian Ardinger is the Director of Innovation at Nelnet, most commonly known for being a student loan service, but which...

Speak Less, To Innovate More

February 05, 2021 18:29 - 10 minutes - 10 MB

The key to being a real innovator is simple: speak less. In this episode I share how "shutting up" is the key to uncovering innovative ideas.  Mentioned In This Episode: Facebook group Everyday Innovators Online Academy Inside LaunchStreet Podcast

Getting People to Listen to Your Ideas

February 02, 2021 10:00 - 23 minutes - 22.7 MB

One question I keep getting from a lot of people is, How do I get people to listen to my ideas? And the interesting thing is that these people are coming from two very different ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, I have people who are struggling with being seen as too young or inexperienced, and so their ideas aren’t being taken seriously. On the other hand, I have people who are “overly experienced” and who have been on the job for a long time and are perceived as being stuck in their w...

Healthy Versus Unhealthy Mindset From The View of a 12 Year Old

January 29, 2021 08:00 - 14 minutes - 10.8 MB

Somehow, kids just have a way of being blunt, direct and insightful without even trying. This podcast is a treat and full of value bombs. My sons and I often sit on the couch and chat before they go off to school. Sometimes what they say is so wise beyond their years that I started recording them. I don't often share or bring my kiddos into my work but this conversation with my 12 year old was too good to keep to myself. So, here's Ari in a moment we call, "you got me monologuing," talking a...

Keeping the Magic Alive

January 26, 2021 10:00 - 26 minutes - 25.2 MB

We’ve all been there. We get started on a new project and we’re all excited and brimming with new ideas, but over time, we tend to fall back on old tricks and habits. It feels like the magic fades and it becomes so hard to keep it going, especially when the doubting and naysaying comes in. So, how can we keep our magic from getting stale as time passes? It comes down to Kelley and Conner’s Emotional Cycle of Change — that’s why we start off with magic and excitement but then it dips down, ...

What I Believe About Your Ability to Innovate

January 22, 2021 08:00 - 10 minutes - 7.8 MB

I'm often asked why I focus so heavily on human-centered innovation and why I know that's the difference between mediocrity and amazing. Well, in this quick episode I'm going to tackle that question and give you some quick but eye-opening context to how I know you have more to give too. 

Pushing Through the Bottom of the J-Curve

January 19, 2021 10:00 - 20 minutes - 20.1 MB

Most of us start off the new year with some ideas or resolutions of things we want to achieve, improve, or change from the previous year. However, not a lot of us make it to the end of seeing our resolutions through an entire year. What’s stopping us? The reason for this — and the reason why most innovation efforts and behavior change efforts fail is that we reach the bottom of the J-curve and give up when faced with negativity, doubt, and frustration. We often think that change and innova...

How Steve Taught Me He's Not The Only One That Can Innovate

January 16, 2021 00:34 - 50 minutes - 38.6 MB

I used to believe that being innovative or considered an innovator was only for the select few. You know the ones with the blue streaks in their hair, the funky glasses and cool shoes. Turns out, I was totally wrong. Steve showed me the hard way that innovation is for everyone, even me (and you).  This is actually a flip interview where one of my IQE partners, Chris Chopyak is interviewing me for a Client she is working with.    Mentioned in this episode: Chris Chopyak's company - Ar...

Three Keys To Human Performance

January 12, 2021 10:00 - 23 minutes - 22.5 MB

Why do some people elevate to their highest level, and some people don’t? How can we all tap into our incredible ability to innovate and put it to work to perform at our maximum potential? In reading and researching the topic of human performance, I realized that the foundation to elevating human performance lies in our ability to innovate, and there are three keys to unlocking it. Find a story that works for you and stick to it: What’s the story you tell yourself to keep you hungry and f...

How To Unleash Your Innovative Mind and Break Down Silos

January 08, 2021 08:00 - 8 minutes - 7.21 MB

Have you ever worked with or met someone that is clearly on top of their game? They have the energy, the ideas and the voice to make things happen? That would describe today's Everyday Innovator Spotlight, Kelly Foster. I write about her in depth in my book, Innovation Is Everybody's Business, and I'm excited to share what she's up to in my podcast as well. I think we can all learn something from how Kelly understands and aligns with her Everyday Innovator strengths ( Collaborative Tweaker) ...

Play To Your Potential

January 05, 2021 10:00 - 12 minutes - 12.7 MB

Are you playing to your highest potential or are you just playing to the level of those around you? I was watching my football team the other day and had this startling realization: When my team plays a good team, they're on fire. But when they play a weaker team, they make mistakes and mess up. What was happening? I realized they were playing to the level of the ability of their opponent, not their own. And what’s more - I realized that this is something we all do. We have all enormous ...

Make 2021 The Year YOU Jump on 2

January 01, 2021 08:00 - 8 minutes - 5.85 MB

Every year people make New Year's resolutions and every year studies show that 85% or more of them never make it past February 15th. 95% never make it past March. So how about this year instead of making a list of resolutions you won't keep, you join me in a challenge?! A challenge to Jump on 2 (you'll have to listen in to know what I mean).  It was a moment where I experienced a lot of fear that has become a life lesson and mantra for myself and so many others across the globe. It has hel...

Mindset, Belief, and Exposure

December 29, 2020 10:00 - 27 minutes - 25.5 MB

Life is really about what we choose to think of as the possibilities for ourselves, and unfortunately, a lot of us are hindered by what we think we can see for ourselves. However, just by changing three things: mindset, belief, and exposure, we can open ourselves up to an ocean of possibilities. Mindset, belief, and exposure all feed each other and exist in a virtuous cycle with each other. Each one helps to expand and open the other, and together, they drive our ability to unlock the powe...

1932: Get Out of the Patterns, Behaviors, and Rules that are Holding You Back

December 22, 2020 10:00 - 16 minutes - 15.7 MB

We all know that I am a big fan of using the rules to drive innovation because they force people to think differently about what’s right in front of them. There are so many examples, especially in recent times, where companies have innovated and taken their businesses to the next level by innovating around restrictions, limitations, and constraints. But how do you really know which are the rules and which are merely conventions, patterns, or habits in your personal life or work that are no...

Get Out of the Patterns, Behaviors, and Rules that are Holding You Back

December 22, 2020 10:00 - 16 minutes - 16.3 MB

We all know that I am a big fan of using the rules to drive innovation because they force people to think differently about what’s right in front of them. There are so many examples, especially in recent times, where companies have innovated and taken their businesses to the next level by innovating around restrictions, limitations, and constraints. But how do you really know which are the rules and which are merely conventions, patterns, or habits in your personal life or work that are no...

How Questionable Leadership Helps You build A Team of High-Performing Innovators

December 18, 2020 08:00 - 13 minutes - 9.85 MB

We both know you can't innovate and win alone. You also can't win, especially in complex times, with a team of mediocre players. In this Everyday Innovator spotlight episode I'm going to share how Jeff uses "questionable leadership" to develop a team of high-performing innovators that have the tools and confidence to tackle anything that comes their way. As you will hear in this episode, it all has to do with giving his team the gift of questions.  Mentioned in this episode: Innovation ...

1930: Why Your Brainstorms Don't Work And What To Do About Them

December 15, 2020 08:00 - 17 minutes - 13.1 MB

Brainstorms, ideation sessions, strategy meetings (whatever you call them)...Brainstorms can be a powerful tool in your innovation toolbox, if done right. Sadly, most are ineffective and produce subpar results. Most feel like a waste of people'e time. In this episode I'm going to break down why your brainstorms suck and three simple (and a bonus) steps to make them flowing with innovation.   Mentioned In This Episode: Everyday Innovators Tribe

1929: How To Stop Letting The Days Slip Away

December 11, 2020 08:00 - 6 minutes - 5.42 MB

With the combination of working from home, days blending together and this weird combo of living in Ground Hog day and warp speed, it's easy to see why most of feel as if the days just slip away from us.  It's Monday, and before you know it, it's Friday. It's March and before you know it, it's December. Without our usual benchmarks, keeping track of the days can be tough.  Everyday Innovator, Maureen Berkner Boyt, has a wonderful story about Brie cheese and a great tip for staying ground...

1928: Indifference is the Enemy of Innovation

December 08, 2020 10:00 - 17 minutes - 16.9 MB

We’ve all heard different things being accused of being the enemy of innovation — perfection, consensus, analysis-paralysis, etc. However, one big enemy of innovation that often gets overlooked and forgotten is indifference. We are living in times when there is a lot of indifference in the marketplace and the world. Suboptimal work environments, and uncertain global climate, being overstimulated because of the constant updates from the media all contribute to pushing us toward indifference. ...

1927: Being Persuasive — The Art of Asking Good Questions with Merit Kahn

December 01, 2020 10:00 - 57 minutes - 53.4 MB

It’s one thing to have a great and innovative idea, but it’s a completely different ballgame to be able to communicate it and get buy-in for the idea. Whether you call it persuasion, getting buy-in, or plain old sales, this is something we’re all doing in one way or the other, and we could all do with some tips and tricks to make this process more effective. Merit Kahn is the Founder of Merit-Based Business, one of the best salespeople I have ever met, and someone I really admire. She has ...

1926: Transforming Obstacles and Uncertainty into a Competitive Advantage and New Opportunities

November 24, 2020 10:00 - 12 minutes - 12.1 MB

Change creates new problems to solve and new opportunities to go after. In fact, the businesses that are surviving and thriving in this pandemic landscape are the ones that have turned the obstacles and uncertainty they have faced into a competitive advantage and new opportunities. Here are two ways you can use this to your advantage. 1) Jump the curve: Every business has a business life cycle curve and it typically moves from start to acceleration to success to decline. 2020 has thrown mo...

1925: Get Out of Meeting Overwhelm

November 17, 2020 10:00 - 26 minutes - 24.8 MB

Is your team disengaging now more than ever? Are they leaving their video turned off on Zoom meetings, or not responding as quickly to emails? Are they exhausted and struggling? Chances are, you’ve answered yes — so the real question is, as a leader, what can you do to get your team engaged, motivated, and collaborating again? This situation of heightened uncertainty and change has worn on for so long that people are now depleted and spent. Additionally, in an effort to stay connected and ...

1924: Starting with a positive mindset to get better outcomes

November 10, 2020 10:00 - 25 minutes - 24.1 MB

Stability breeds efficiency and complacency but instability breeds resilience and innovation. The world we're in right now is all about instability, and let’s not kid ourselves that things are going to be different on January 1st, 2021. Yet, after dealing with all the uncertainty, disruption, and new challenges and problems that keep coming up, it’s no surprise that we are all burned out, exhausted, and having a hard time engaging, collaborating, and innovating. That’s where appreciative i...

1923: Your Team Doesn't Lack New Ideas

November 03, 2020 10:00 - 14 minutes - 13.8 MB

What do I do if my team doesn’t have any ideas? Why is my team lacking ideas? — Sound familiar? We live in a time of incredible opportunity to innovate, but your team just isn’t stepping up to innovate, and are rehashing old ideas or just drawing blanks when called to innovate. What’s happening? There is immense pressure to innovate right now, in these unprecedented times where everything we know has been wiped clean — giving us an amazing opportunity to innovate, but our teams are failing...

1922: What if Uncertainty is Opportunity in Disguise?

October 27, 2020 09:00 - 15 minutes - 14.9 MB

We can all agree that we are living in very uncertain times. Uncertainty is one of those things that has always been around, but it has been amplified in a big way right now. We don’t know where things are headed, or what’s coming next, and everything just feels uncertain. However, instead of complaining about the uncertainty, if we start thinking about uncertainty as opportunity in disguise, we can set ourselves up for greater growth, success, and impact than ever before. Once certainty i...

1921: Change at the Personal level

October 20, 2020 09:00 - 25 minutes - 24 MB

We often talk about change at the grand scale of change, but equally if not more important, is change at the personal level. We’ve all encountered this in our teams and organizations — people are resistant to change and the struggle to get them on board for change. The key to unlocking this lies in recognizing that people don’t fear change, they fear being changed. If we can take the “being” out of it, we can get them on board with change.   I share the four main reasons why people resis...

1920: A Simple Exercise to Unlock New Innovation

October 13, 2020 09:00 - 14 minutes - 13.8 MB

Many people have approached me expressing frustration in this time — with themselves, and their teams. They feel stuck and unable to unlock new paths of innovation, but the problem is we tend to fall into the trap of asking one question in one way, but expecting a plethora of different types of answers. The trick to overcoming this is to ask different questions to get to new innovations and solutions, but what questions do we ask? How can we ask better and different questions to lead us to n...

1919: How Innovation Exhausts and Energizes

October 06, 2020 09:00 - 13 minutes - 13 MB

With all my work in the area of innovation, I’ve had the realization that innovation can be energizing, but at the same time, exhausting. Being exhausted and being energized by innovation are just two sides of the same coin — we just need to know how to manage and minimize the exhaustion that comes with innovation, and how to tap into what energizes us about it. Innovation is an incredibly positive thing that helps us solve sticky challenges and unearth opportunities that are hiding in pla...

1918: Q&A — Everyday Innovators Tribe

September 29, 2020 09:00 - 13 minutes - 13 MB

I’ve been getting some questions from people in the Free Innovation Workshop about the Everyday Innovators Tribe membership program, designed to unlock your innovation potential, create massive impact, and help you lead strong in your team or organization. I wanted to tackle these questions and give you some insights about what the program is all about, and how you stand to benefit from it.   I dig into these five questions: I’m not on FB much. Will I get value if I’m not on it? How do...

1917: Why You Need to Join the Everyday Innovator’s Tribe

September 22, 2020 09:00 - 23 minutes - 22.4 MB

2020 has been a year like no other, and we only have just over a quarter of the year left. So much that is happening is out of our control — the pandemic, the economy, working from home, the elections — but despite everything that has happened so far, we can still finish the year strong. What’s more, we can start 2021 strong. What we need to do is to focus on our own abilities to innovate, influence, and make an impact. To help you do that, I’ve launched the Everyday Innovator’s Tribe and ...

1916: CEO’s Time Machine with Geoff Thatcher

September 15, 2020 09:00 - 40 minutes - 37.2 MB

Would you like to know what the future holds? You already have the answers within your organization — you just have to know where to look, and how to listen. Geoff Thatcher explains how we can all get into the CEO’s Time Machine to start innovating the future. Geoff Thatcher is Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Creative Principals, and an experienced designer. Since the age of 14, he has worked at theme parks, museums, and visitors centers and focuses on experiences. When the pandemic ...

1915: Three Keys to Your Success

September 08, 2020 09:00 - 16 minutes - 15.7 MB

How can you become a better leader and innovator? The three keys to your success are in focusing on innovation, influence, and impact. By focusing on bringing these three things to life, you can ensure that you will go further, faster. Innovation is all about thinking differently about what’s right in front of you to create an advantage. It’s something we talk about very often on LaunchStreet, and I share some of my strategies to unlock your innovation. Innovative ideas are nothing if yo...

1914: The Unintended Consequences of Siloing Innovation

September 01, 2020 09:00 - 21 minutes - 20.6 MB

In an effort to drive innovation and create accountability for innovation, many companies have established a dedicated innovation team that is solely responsible for innovation. The unintended consequence of that is that everybody else in the team or organization gets the message that they're not innovative and their ideas don't matter. The unintended consequences of siloing innovation are not only that people become discouraged and disengaged, but we’re also leaving a lot of human potential...

1913: Innovation in Sports with Fielding Jamieson

August 25, 2020 09:00 - 42 minutes - 39.9 MB

One of the fields that drive innovation, customer experience, and new ways of thinking is the sports world. As an industry that is always looking to outdo the previous year’s “performance,” the sports industry gives rise to a lot of innovation that can be applied to other industries. To share some insights about this, Fielding Jamieson, Strategy Director at Global Sport Venture Studio (GSVS), an initiative that's looking to bring together the world's leading sports organizations to collabora...

1912: Clearing Up The Difference Between Innovation and Creativity

August 18, 2020 09:00 - 19 minutes - 18.7 MB

We all think about creativity and innovation differently, and we often use them interchangeably without even thinking about it. Unfortunately, not having a clear definition makes being innovative feel out of reach for everyday people, creates misunderstandings around expectations and outcomes, and makes it difficult to communicate and collaborate. I want to clear up the confusion between creativity and innovation, and about innovation itself. This definition of innovation will change the g...

1911: Why Understanding Differences Leads to More Innovation

August 11, 2020 09:00 - 23 minutes - 22.4 MB

Each and every one of us is different. We have different perspectives, different styles of innovation, and different approaches to tackling problems. Yet, it is often the case that these differences are a cause of friction because we are so focused on being harmonious and avoiding conflict. We fail to leverage and get value out of the differences that each of us brings to the table. When we don’t take the time to understand this friction that exists and our unique perspectives, it can bog ...

1910: Time Management Isn’t Task Management

August 04, 2020 09:00 - 10 minutes - 10.2 MB

Are you struggling with time management? Do you feel like you never have enough time to cross off all the things on your ‘to-do’ list, and start being innovative? Trust me, you’re not alone, and I have some tips for you to start managing your time better. Time management is internally driven. Particularly when it feels like others are sucking our time, the responsibility lies on us to manage our own time to make things easier and less stressful by allowing more time and mental space back i...

1909: When and How to Collaborate

July 28, 2020 09:00 - 17 minutes - 16.9 MB

A question I often get is, “How do I know when I should collaborate and when I shouldn’t?” In our current work-from-home situations, a lot of us may be suffering from collaboration fatigue from being on virtual meetings all the time, which makes us feel like we’re “collaborating” all day long without seeing any real benefit of these meetings. That’s why it is important for us to consider not just when, but how we should be collaborating.   The thing is, we tend to confuse meetings with a...

1908: Getting rid of THEY

July 21, 2020 09:00 - 27 minutes - 25.3 MB

How many of us have used the convenient excuse of “they” for our mistakes or failures? “They” didn’t get it, “they” rejected the plan, “they” didn’t give me the tools I needed to succeed. We’ve all done it, but it is so counterproductive to innovation and creates a toxic culture of blame, and this is bad for not just innovation but also company culture. In the last of a four-part interview series where amazing business leaders interview me about innovation, Kris Boesch, the CEO and Founder...

1907: Our Gendered Brains

July 14, 2020 09:00 - 47 minutes - 43.9 MB

We all know that everyone thinks differently, but did you know that male and female brains are actually wired differently from a neurological perspective? That’s why men and women think differently and it can have very significant impacts on how we relate to one another in the workplace. Kate Lanz joins us on this episode to dive into the science behind our gendered brains, and how we can tap into that to drive innovation. Kate Lanz is the founder and CEO of Mindbridge, a UK-based global l...

1906: Debate ideas, not people

July 07, 2020 09:00 - 40 minutes - 37.9 MB

Many of us fear debate and conflict within our teams but when it comes to being innovative, it is absolutely critical. The thing is, we don’t always have the right or best idea right out the gate, so questioning and debating help strengthen ideas. Yet, it needs to be constructive conflict to be effective. How can we encourage that in our teams?   In the third of a four-part interview series where amazing business leaders interview me about innovation, Kris Boesch, the CEO and Founder of ...

1905: Adopting an Innovation Mindset

June 30, 2020 09:00 - 54 minutes - 50.4 MB

When we think of driving innovation, we often go straight to changing processes to push innovation, but in reality, what we need to be changing is people’s mindsets around how they view innovation. Chuck Swoboda is a strong believer that to get different behaviors, you have to start with different beliefs, and he joins me on this episode to explore how we can help people adopt an innovation mindset.   Chuck Swoboda is Innovator-in-Residence at Marquette University, President of Cape Poin...

1904: Deeper Questions

June 23, 2020 09:00 - 28 minutes - 26.7 MB

When we think about innovation, we’re often thinking about coming up with the best solutions and creative ways to problem-solve. However, spending some time thinking about the questions we’re asking and the problem we’re trying to solve can help create better solutions. So why do we spend too much time on the solutions and not enough on the questions, and how can we start questioning our questions? In the second of a four-part interview series where amazing business leaders interview me ab...

1903: Keys to Making Change Work

June 16, 2020 09:00 - 53 minutes - 49.8 MB

When it comes to change and getting people to change, as leaders we recognize that it can often feel really hard to implement, and pushing for change can lead to failed efforts. So what are we doing wrong that keeps up from making change work? Greg Shea and Cassie Solomon join me to dig into how we can lead successful change in our organizations and teams.   Gregory P. Shea is adjunct professor of management at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and Cassie Solomon is t...

1902: Innovate First, Analyze Later

June 09, 2020 09:00 - 25 minutes - 23.7 MB

Have you ever had an idea and automatically shut it immediately down thinking, “No, that won’t work at all,” and then found that you couldn’t come up with any groundbreaking solutions? That’s because it’s next to impossible to innovate and analyze at the same time. So, why is it so difficult to innovate and analyze at the same time, to the point that you can’t do it at all, and it shuts down all innovation?   In this episode, where Kris Boesch, the CEO and Founder of Choose People dons t...

1901: Changing the Questions and Challenging the Assumptions

June 02, 2020 09:00 - 50 minutes - 46.9 MB

We’re often asking our teams to come up with better solutions and innovative ideas by “thinking outside the box,” but what if we really need to be thinking about moving to a different box entirely? Steven Shapiro is an expert in pushing people to consider alternative perspectives, changing the questions, and challenging the assumptions.   Word-renowned innovation keynote speaker and author Stephen Shapiro has presented his provocative strategies on innovation to audiences in 50 countries...

1900: Getting Your Systems to Work for You with Josh Fonger

May 26, 2020 09:00 - 1 hour - 58.7 MB

It's a common myth that systems and processes hinder innovation — but if done right, it actually removes the mundane and gives you the space to innovate. In addition, having the right systems and processes in place can help you get your business working for you, instead of the other way around. Josh Fonger joins me to show us how.   Josh Fonger is a consultant, coach, and speaker who is recognized as the leading authority in Business Performance Architecture, i.e. how to set up systems a...

1899: Tapping the power of innovation to build a high-performing team (Part 2)

May 19, 2020 09:00 - 39 minutes - 36.5 MB

How can we as leaders build a robust team that thinks through ideas and solutions from all different perspectives? To do that, we really need to tap diversity of thinking on the team at the cognitive level, and that’s where vulnerability and openness about failure can come in.   In the second installation of this two-part interview series, Maureen Berkner Boyt, founder of the Moxie Exchange, and creator of the Everyday Inclusion App, interviews me about innovation and how it can help us ...


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