“Content creators and influencers have essentially become new media – new points of attention for brands that are more effective than broadcast.” 

(Daryl Evans, Rocket Yard Sports)

In the second of our three-part series with Rocket Yard Sports, we welcome back Daryl Evans, joined by special guest Trottie Golf. We delve deeper into the realm of golf marketing; exploring the impact of creator and influencer marketing on golf.

With over 11.8M views on YouTube, Trottie speaks with deep experience about influencer marketing during this podcast.

In this conversation, we talked about:

How the creator space is changingHow talent agencies work with content creators to develop storylines for brands. And how those stories are told by the content creators. Trends in the golf creator space

Key discussion areas to listen out for:

3:54 mins. Trottie loved working with the world’s best players. But his audience reach is bigger by engaging fans through social media.  8:28 mins. “Content creators and influencers have essentially become new media – new points of attention for brands that are more effective than broadcast. Their audiences never really decline.”12:18 mins. How big is the opportunity for golf brands to have greater impact through relationships with content creators?16:44 mins. The critical importance for content creators to have a brand building strategy.22:05 mins. Who moves the needle when it comes to content creation in the golf industry?25:53 mins. How content creators and brands can leverage relationships with elite tour professionals.27:39 mins. Aligning brand and content creator values. 30:07 mins. “Building brand equity is the equity that matters.” Why brands still need guidance on working with content creators.35:22 mins. Content creators represent both the agency (Rocket Yard Sports) and the partner brands.37:14 mins. How did the Trottie Golf brand come about?39:36 mins. When did Trottie know it was time to double down on building his brand?43:35 mins. How does Rocket Yard Sports help content creators like Trottie build a legacy plan?45:31 mins. Where does Daryl and Rocket Yard Sports believe golf’s content creator space is heading in 5-10 years?48:36 mins. Which Marvel superhero would Trottie Golf be in this future golf content creator universe?49:48 mins. In Trottie’s opinion, what areas will golf content creation move into next?52:18 mins. What are the white space opportunities for the men’s and women’s professional tours? How could they be addressed by working with content creators, influencers and brands?57:21 mins. What happens if you don’t innovate as a brand?

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