In this episode of Thinking Critically, I'm talking with Patrick who is just about to graduate with his PhD in Epidemiology. This was recorded a few months ago, which is why we didn't discuss the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but I'm hoping to have him on again sometime soon to do just that. That being said, we first discuss his background and how he became passionate for this area of science. Then we move on to discuss various infectious diseases that he's interested in and how vaccinations are an epidemiologist's most valuable weapon for mitigation with the ultimate goal of elimination. Last, we address vaccine hesitancy, the anti-science movements which spread anti-vaccine propaganda, and finish up discussing the importance of thinking critically in today's information laden world.

Patrick Maloney will be defending his PhD from Louisiana State University's Department of Public Health in the next week. Beyond his studies at LSU, he holds an MPH (Master's of Public Health) from University of Illinois at Chicago, has authored a number of publications, and has even designed and taught courses in public health. He also happens to be my cousin and a good friend.

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