This episode is one of the coolest moments of our lives: interviewing Jim Walmsley! We met Jim way back in 2016, and since then, we have been two of his biggest fans. Reconnecting more than 7 years later after his course record triumph at UTMB was such a joy.

Jim opened up about everything around UTMB, from his specific training approach to the emotional side of getting vulnerable, "failure," and finally achieving his big goal. Jim moved to France with his partner Jess, with everything pointed at this one event. How do you respond to adversity when so much is on the line in a very public way? He stepped into the fire with vulnerability and courage, and there are tons of lessons for anything you care about in life.

Topics: the emotional side of achieving his goal, overcoming low points and failures, pressure, training volume, his approach to workouts, going dark on Strava before UTMB, how his training has changed over time, nutrition during and after runs, his next big scary goal, and his legacy in the sport.

We can't wait for you to hear this one! We love you all! HUZZAH!

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