Well, well, well… 600 episodes!?!?!? I am so grateful for you. Without you, this day would never have happened!! Thank you!!!

In today’s first segment, I quote our old friend, Jon Kabat-Zinn, who said that life is the curriculum.

As I mention in the segment, I think this is abundantly accurate in a couple of ways:

First, like a school curriculum, it is not the teacher, but more so a vehicle by which we can apply the learning the teacher has provided. The teacher, in my opinion, is the practice itself.

But the quote is also accurate and appropriate in that life, for all its immensity, is actually quite simple when viewed moment-by-moment.

And seeing the potential curriculum as simple and small will get you to look for those simple and small opportunities to embody the learning of Mindfulness and Compassion practices.

In the second segment, I talk about how our childhood - especially if any trauma was included! - shapes our worldview.

The importance of this understanding is that when we see that we’re programmed for the behavior that may be hindering our happiness, it allows us to engage in perhaps the most powerful and healthy action available to us: Non-Identification.

I hope you enjoy the episode! Please reach out if you have any questions!!!

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