Would you love to live more in your heart and really heal from traumas and limiting beliefs? Then you will love this episode with our very special guest, Dr. Skye Zimmermann. Listen along as she shares her journey and experiences that lead her to becoming a transformational coach and so much more!

In this episode you will learn to:

Surrender - opportunities lie in what we resist
Live in your heart - to feel and be present allows us to open up
Connection - why your relationship with yourself is so important
Implementation - how to implement this work into your life
Release - why it’s important to heal from trauma

Skye reminds us that we don’t need anything we don’t already have. It’s all within you. The process is an undoing. You don’t need new things, you simply need to let go of the old things. We are perfect beings, we just forget that we are.

Also, Dr. Skye Zimmermann has a special gift. She is offering a free 60-minute consultation with her (valued at $250) for anybody who is truly ready to invest into doing the deeper transformational work it takes to get to know themselves enough to create real and lasting change in their personal and professional lives. Also, anyone who ends up enrolling into any of her programs will receive a 10% discount off the regular investment. Just click on the link to book your free consultation. https://www.skyevizioncoaching.com/programs

Please see Dr. Skye Zimmermann’s bio below and happy listening :)

Dr. Skye Zimmermann

Bridge between Science and Spirituality

Mentor, Modern Medicine Woman, Mystic, Visionary

Skye has trained and worked in different fields of Medicine since 1994, working with thousands of clients.

Her experience ranges from the very physical approach of Western Medicine (research, Pediatric MD) to Energy Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Qi Gong Healing), to emotional & spiritual healing (somatic work, Shamanic Healing) to quantum healing and harnessing the power of the mind & Consciousness (life coach & mentor) to create a desired outcome.

After experiencing a life-changing spiritual shift in 2020, she is now primarily assisting those who are committed to their journey of deep healing and awakening, creating their purpose and living a difference making life.