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132: Magical Madness: The Rise and Run Bracket Finals

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English - April 04, 2024 08:00 - 94.6 MB - ★★★★★ - 174 ratings
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 Magical Madness mayhem settles and the Rise and Run podcast crowns a champion! Tag along with us, as we take you through the thrilling finale of our Attraction Bracket  Challenge.  We're still buzzing from the electric vibes and we're eager to share it all. Stick around for our special segment  with the legendary Jeff Galloway, captured live amidst an unforgettable Atlanta weekend, and join us as we recount the high spirits and camaraderie at the Crescent City Classic with some of our dearest pals.

Ever faced a hurdle that seemed insurmountable? we hear from our listener Brittany's testament to the tenacity of the human spirit. After a gut-wrenching DNF in 2022, She was all set for a roaring comeback 2023, only to be blindsided by a COVID curveball. Yet, in the face of setbacks, she discovered a deeper truth: health is the ultimate victor. Tune in for a raw, real talk on bouncing back stronger and the profound lessons learned when life throws you a wrench.

Let's shake up your exercise routine with some creative and wallet-friendly cross-training and strength training strategies! Dive into the world of aqua jogging to keep your endurance afloat, or explore home workouts that rival any gym session, all with the help of the Peloton app. From "12-ounce curls" to the simple pleasure of a good walk, this episode is jam-packed with tips to keep your fitness journey lively and diverse, no matter what your goals are.

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