#emilyatack #podcast   Talking today about Emily Atacks new documentary on BBC 2 Am I asking for it discussing online hate and the sexualization and harassment of woman online.   Credit for interview used to  @UNILAD   - https://youtu.be/MvQKoYuXuV0

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Time stamps

00:00 - Intro

00:40 - How to get diagnosed with adult autism

04:50 - Symptoms of adult autism

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*Disclaimers  I am not a medical professional any comments made in this video are my own opinion and based upon my experiences and this video is not intended as medical advice or treatment you should always contact a medical professional if you are worried about your health and symptoms.  I do not condone any threats, negative comments or harassments being sent towards anybody I talk about on this channel.  I receive commission for some links within this description box   This video is not sponsored


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