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Cellist Norm Adams, and pianist Barbara Pritchard converse with guests from the world of contemporary art music, exploring fascinating ideas and demystifying the wild and wonderful music.

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NMNM - 21-22 Intro

October 15, 2021 03:00 - 15 minutes - 13.9 MB

Norm and Barbara talk about suddenlyLISTEN the producer of NMNM. Their website is found here  They also talk about sL's Facebook page which is here.  Watch for Juliet Palmer in 2 weeks or so!

NMNM - John Beckwith and Season Wrap-up

June 15, 2021 19:12 - 36 minutes - 33.5 MB

Find out more about John Beckwith here. Learn about John's teacher Nadia Boulanger here There are two nice articles about John from SOCAN Magazine here And William Littler from The Toronto Star here Search out and listen to some of John's music on Youtube Finally, head to the website of The Canadian Music Centre for information on all the Canadian composers!

NMNM - Jacqueline Warwick

May 19, 2021 19:12 - 43 minutes - 39.8 MB

Learn more about Jacqueline at her Dalhousie webpage here. Read a couple of Jacqueline's very interesting articles at The Conversation  During the episode Jacqueline references Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" and Tomson Highways's "Kiss of the Fur Queen" Also Jacqueline references Dalhousie alumnus and singer/composer/activist/musicologist Jeremy Dutcher. Learn more about him here   

NMNM - Kennedy - Dionne

May 03, 2021 16:03 - 39 minutes - 36.3 MB

Learn more about Emily Kennedy at her website here. Learn more about Louis-Charles Dionne at his website here. Learn more about suddenlyLISTEN's Artist in Residence program here.  

NMNM - Episode 17 - Amy Brandon

April 21, 2021 18:59 - 42 minutes - 38.6 MB

Some links you might want to follow, to learn more about Amy, her work and influences: Amy Brandon's website The 21st Century Guitar Conference website The website for Jeffery Zeigler for whom Amy is composing. cello concerto. Amy's composition prof at U of Ottawa: Two guitarists Amy is composing for: The Acadia University's Electronic Music Studio: An example of some ...

NMNM - Episode 16 - Alex Eddington

April 06, 2021 14:44 - 51 minutes - 47.1 MB

Wow we touched on a lot of musical connections during this episode! Check out these links Alex Eddington's website. Alex's debut album, which came out Feb 19 A Present From a Small Distant World Alex's SoundCloud page The Podcast Alex hosts is Fresh Sounds, Open Ears. Odin String Quartet playing Alex's "gibbons vs Gibbons"  (scroll down a bit)  Toronto Consort - Early Music TV Viva Youth Singers Juliet Palmer The Gather Round Singers Canadian Music Centre - Ne...

NMNM - Episode 15 - Hildegard Westerkamp Part 2

March 26, 2021 18:05 - 22 minutes - 21 MB

For more information on Hildegard Westerkamp, visit her website here. See some examples of Hildegard's work on YouTube. In this episode Hildegard speaks about the work of legendary Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. You can learn more about him here. Hildegard speaks about Vancouver New Music's sound walk program. There's more information on that here. We also mention Pauline Oliveros. Watch this nice little video about Pauline where she explains her work in listening and we see the Ex...

NMNM - Episode 14 - Hildegard Westerkamp # 1

March 18, 2021 19:48 - 35 minutes - 32.6 MB

For more information on Hildegard Westerkamp visit her website here. See some examples of Hildegards work on YouTube. In this episode Hildegard speaks about the work of legendary Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. You can learn more about him here. Schafer's World Soundscape Project is also referenced. Find information on that project here. Hildegard spoke about composer Barry Truax. Information about him is here. And she spoke about composing for Vancouver pianist Rachel Iwaasa. Visi...

NMNM - Episode 13 - Dinuk Wijeratne

March 01, 2021 23:43 - 41 minutes - 37.8 MB

For more information on Dinuk Wijeratne visit his website For info on Dinuk's Creativity Consulting work and to download his brochure "Define Your Artistic Voice" visit here. During the episode Dinuk mentioned his teacher John Corigliano. You can learn more about him here Dinuk also mentioned Edward De Bono and his work in creative thinking. Learn more here We spoke about a couple of pieces: Walton's 1st Symphony and Kodaly's solo cello Sonata. Listen this recording of the Walton and the...

NMNM - Episode 12 - D. Andrew Stewart

February 09, 2021 17:27 - 54 minutes - 49.7 MB

For more information on D. Andrew Stewart, visit his website and Vimeo Page During the episode Andrew referred to the following: A performance of Working Song and the Last Dead Leftover for Karlax and string quartet. The website of Karlax manufacturer Da Fact. See images and other examples of Karlax work. Articulation by Gyorgy Ligeti, with visual score! Music for Solo Performer by Alvin Lucier. Be patient with this one. Sound seems to start around 6 minutes! And how about our new them...

NMNM - Episode 11 - Norm and Barbara Check-in

December 30, 2020 17:41 - 28 minutes - 26.4 MB

In this Episode Barbara and Norm bring 2020 to a close with a conversation on what they're up to, their favourite episodes, and what they have learned so far! Stay tuned for new NMNM episodes in 2021. During the episode the work of Francois Houle was referenced. Check out Francois' work at AND if you'd like to write us and make comments or suggestions for future guests, lease write Norm at [email protected]  

NMNM - Episode 10 - Helen Pridmore

December 14, 2020 13:00 - 50 minutes - 45.8 MB

Learn more about Helen Pridmore at: You can hear some of Helen's performances on Youtube: A Pandemic Opera and excerpts from Helen's Centrediscs release Janet. There's more great listening at Helen's Soundcloud page as well! You can learn more about Helen's work with Regina's Voice Lab here During the podcast Helen referenced the multiPLAY projects, including the regular online music making. The multiPLAY site is here.

NMNM - Episode 9 - Gabriel Dharmoo

November 18, 2020 15:33 - 45 minutes - 41.5 MB

Learn more about Gabriel Dharmoo at: You can hear some of Gabriel's music at his Soundcloud stream During the episode Gabriel spoke about Anthropologies Imaginaire. There's a trailer video here. He also referenced his new work Portraits, which you can (and should!) watch here You can watch some more of Gabriel's videos here on YouTube  Follow Bijuriya on Instagram     

NMNM- Episode 8 - Monica Pearce

November 03, 2020 18:41 - 43 minutes - 39.4 MB

Learn more about Monica Pearce at You can hear some of Monica's music at Soundcloud Other organizations Monica spoke about during the episode included Toy Piano Composers and Essential Opera Monica has written several articles for Musicwork Magazine. There's lots of good reading there. And check out where McAllen Texas is. It's sunny and 26 C there, right now!  

NMNM-Episode 7 - James Rolfe

October 05, 2020 22:52 - 37 minutes - 34.3 MB

James Rolfe's website: James' music on Soundcloud James' piece "Raw" - performed by Continuum on Youtube During Episode 7 James referenced the Stravinsky Piano Sonata - on Youtube James' teacher John Beckwith - The Canadian Music Centre, which is a great resource for people curious about Canadian composers and their music - An excerpt from Beatrice Chancy, by James and George Eliot Clarke Information...

NMNM-Episode 6 - Linda Catlin Smith- part 2

September 10, 2020 14:50 - 22 minutes - 20.5 MB

For more information on Linda Catlin Smith please visit her website. During the talk, Linda reference Faure's Piano Quintet it can be heard on Youtube  Linda mentioned Morton Feldman's works For Philip Guston and String Quartet #2. They can be heard on Apple Music here and here Norm and Barbara made a concert recording of Linda's piece Ballad which you can listen to on Soundcloud

NMNM-Episode 5-Linda Catlin Smith- part 1

September 03, 2020 20:41 - 31 minutes - 28.5 MB

Learn more about Linda Catlin Smith Listen to Linda's music at Apple Music and go out and buy her CDs! During this episode Linda referenced:  American composer Elliot Carter Canadian composer Rudolph Komorous  American composer Morton Feldman  and Italian painter Giorgio Morandi  We encourage you to dig deeper into the work of these artists! Please note: Our production techniques are still a work in progress! In this episode Barbara sounds like she's reporting from the Sistine Chapel...

NMNM-Episode 4-Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser

August 11, 2020 18:45 - 29 minutes - 26.6 MB

Learn more about Daniel at Watch the CBC documentary about Daniel: Disruptor Conductor, here. Daniel also mentioned an article he wrote for Orchestras Canada entitled Perfect Fifth of Diversity. it is here  And he mentioned a book by Brene Brown entitled Rising Strong which can be purchased here  

NMNM - Episode 3 - Simon Docking

July 27, 2020 19:27 - 35 minutes - 32.3 MB

Listen to some of Simon's collaborative work on Apple Music: and

NMNM - Introduction Part 2

July 27, 2020 18:29 - 39 minutes - 35.8 MB

See Introduction Part 1 Notes for examples of the work of Norm Adams and Barbara Pritchard.

NMNM Introduction Part 1

July 27, 2020 17:18 - 20 minutes - 18.4 MB

Check out some of your host's recorded music:  Barbara Pritchard - Norman Adams - and