My Hijacked American Lie-fe Part 2 artwork

Fatty and Lard Ass....

My Hijacked American Lie-fe Part 2

English - November 25, 2022 08:32 - 50 minutes - 4.6 MB - ★★★★★ - 1 rating
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Well this one should fuck some shit up. So, from what I have been witness to....this world that we inhabit is full of the most corrupt, evil, self fulfilling, egotistical, well shit ego maniacal assholes that this planet has to offer. My goal is to set myself as well as all the others that have been fucked in the ass by the falsely and incorrect powers that think they may be, from the shackles of these fuckin assholes. So, if I end up dead in the next week or some how go missing I would look to the Partners at Foley and Larder LLP. They have hundreds of milions of motives to want me not alive or around at all to fuck up their corrupt and self serving agenda. The attorney that I know not so well, my mother's boyfriend that has since passed away, his son, Adam Merkin Partner at Foley and Lardner, LLP. He is the son of the aforementioned family friend of almost 25 years or so. I guess since I was adopted he wasn't a friend to me as I was never truly part of the family. Oh well..burn the boats. Burn them to the fuckin ground. I understand the burn the boats reference is an Maritime war statement and burn them to the ground is totally unrelated but I wanted to use both knowing I had to make this follow up declaration seeing as how some or many assholes would call me and idiot for using those comments together even though they are not necessarily related.