My Biggest Failure as an Entrepreneur

Today, I unmask the ugly truth about failure in business as an entrepreneur. I recount my biggest failure in business. The highs and lows of the journey, the emotional toll it took, and the lessons learned.

In this honest and heart-wrenching episode, I share my personal journey of running a business, hitting $100,000 in debt, and closing my gym in 2018. I reveal the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and the emotional toll it took on my personal relationships and self-worth. I discuss the brutal reality of business failure but also the immense learning and personal growth that stems from it. This video seeks to bring to light the harsh realities that don’t often make it to social media and empowers those struggling to find their path.

00:00 Introduction and Personal Journey
00:16 The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship
01:43 The Reality of Debt
02:29 The Beginning of a Business Venture
03:41 The Expansion and Success
09:09 The Downfall and Emotional Struggles
12:25 The Decision to Close the Gym
17:38 The Aftermath and Lessons Learned
21:31 The Importance of Self-Care and Identity
24:37 The Power of Resilience and Community
27:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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