This was an episode guest dream-come-true! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to sit down with the lovely Georgie Morley host of The Chasing Joy Podcast and the girl behind In It 4 The Long Run Blog. Her podcast has made such a positive impact on my life and was part of the inspiration for this second season of the podcast! IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: Why doing LESS goes against society’s usual narrative, and why it can also be more challenging to do less Shifting our mindset away from measuring our value by how productive we are The experience she had that showed her she could do less and still have an enriching growth filled experience You don’t need to fill up your schedule in order to actually BE productive Georgie shares her recovery story from anorexia  and orthorexia We talk about pseudo (eating disorder) recovery How our emotional health and stress management is more important than specifically what you’re eating She underscores that there is no specific “look” required to suffer from and disordered eating The reason we binge is only a result of restriction. Restriction can be not eating certain food(s) or mentally not […]

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