Heidi Solomon-Orlick is the VP of Global Sales for VXL Solutions, and Deb's guest today. Heidi is an award-winning sales executive, CEO of Women’s Impact Network, and the founder of GirlzWhoSell. Heidi launched GirlzWhoSell as a result of her membership in Deb’s Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs. It happened very quickly with Deb’s guidance. Heidi is an amazing force for good, as she is teaching girls that sales is a path to the C suite.

 💡 After 30 years working in sales, Heidi decided to combine her B2B experience with her passion for coaching young women, and Deb helped Heidi to formalize that plan. 02:27😇 In 2019 Heidi went through a very transformational time in her life that made her rethink how to contribute more to the world. 04:26💪🏻 Heidi needed to find a coach and a program to bring her idea into reality and she discovered the Launch Lab for women entrepreneurs. 07:09🙏🏻 Deb’s decision to launch her own business also came from a challenging time in her life. 09:31💥 Heidi now has the confidence that she can be a full-time entrepreneur. 11:25👩‍💼 Statistics show that women are better at sales because women are solution and relationship-oriented. 14:45🤷‍♀️ Three main issues: There are not enough sales programs in colleges, women have a very negative perception of sales, and sales are advertised as a male-oriented role. 17:28🔨 Breaking down the myths about sales is essential so we can have more women in sales. 20:33 🌷 Remember there is an authentic way to sell and if you can sell, you can do almost everything. 21:42🤔 Sales is often seen as a dirty word that needs to be replaced and repositioned. 23:43📌 Sales is the gateway to the C-suite. 25:52🚧 Challenges Heidi encountered along her path of launching GirlzWhoSell. 27:13🏢 Companies should connect with Heidi and GirlzWhoSell! 30:05🐣 Heidi is working on new, exciting training programs. 31:07🌟 Heidi’s advice:  follow your passion and bring your idea into the world! 34:46
Connect with Heidi:https://girlzwhosell.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/heidisolomon1/https://www.facebook.com/Women4WIN/
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