A recent survey by Standard
& Poor’s found that 43% of American small business owners consider
themselves financially illiterate. Colin Sanburg, the Founder of FinElevate, is
a multi-business owner who helps entrepreneurs use their numbers to make money.
He became passionate about demystifying small business finance after struggling
with profitability and cash flow problems in his own family business. He
realized that while larger businesses have to master their finances, many small
business owners are not financially focused. As a result, he started his own
company, run by MBAs, to help small businesses improve their financial health.
His company connects the dots for clients' data and utilizes a playbook of over
450 best practices to improve their financial story. Outside of work, Colin
loves talking about business opportunities and challenges, developing strategy,
and sharing lessons learned. If you want to learn more about Colin and
FinElevate, visit https://finelevate.com/ or connect with him on LinkedIn