Neurodiversity can help children develop
self-esteem by regarding their differences as unique expressions of themselves
instead of obstacles. By fostering such attitudes in children, they can be
better equipped to handle their neurodivergence in college, work, and
throughout their lives. Dr.

Matthew Zakreski, also known as Dr.
Matt, is a clinician who uses a diverse approach to meet his clients' specific
needs. He is passionate about helping young people understand, develop, and
appreciate their unique brains while also finding ways to operate optimally in
their world.

 He is especially well-known for his advocacy
for gifted individuals and his use of accessible understanding of
neurodivergent needs to provide high-level support. The Neurodiversity
Collective has been a long-time aspiration of his.

Under Dr. Matt's guidance, the NDC is a
group of knowledgeable, compassionate, and skilled specialists who are ready to
cater to your individual needs.

He spoke with me this week to share more
information. For more details, check out or visit their Facebook page at