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This is an in the moment share. I was deeply moved to be touched by such love. The pure essence of Infinite Love through this little girl. She touched every aspect of the true essence, purity and innocence we come into this world with. How along the way it gets dampened. And for me, I am jumping up and down, waving my hands saying "it doesn't have to be that way!" our child don't have to endure the suffering we have. All self imposed. 

Also, an example of H.A.L.T = Each one equals 25% of your wellbeing going out of wack. So for example I was 3 out of the 4 so my state of being was impacted and that is why I was being upset, reactive and so forth. Use it to provide you a guideline for who you are being to others and yourself. It definitely supports you on this road. 

Our world would be impacted in a beautiful way. Peace would actually be a possibility. IF ONLY, we all begin to take notice of our reactiveness, beingness. Wow! you would have that kind of impact simply by noticing how reactive you are! Hmmmmm... Amazing


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