Max Stossel joins Eli Nash on the In Search of More podcast to discuss the harmful impact of social media algorithms on human behavior and beliefs. Max warns against the pursuit of more views at the cost of personal values and purpose. He advocates for self-control and human metrics, such as meaningful connections and learning outcomes, on social media. Max also discusses his work with children using poetry to foster self-control and awareness of social media's impact. He delves into the negative effects of social media on empathy, misinformation, and humanity, and emphasizes the importance of seeing things from multiple perspectives. 

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(0:00) - Start

(01:00) - Who is Max Stossel?

(1:53) - Are the ‘views’ worth it?

(6:30) - Is the problem social media? Or our own ‘internal algorithm’?

(12:30) - Why Max Stossel stopped working for social media companies

(14:15) - What policies should be set for kids and social media?

(16:20) - How does a person measure success when it comes to keeping kids away from social media?

(19:30) - What people can do to stay off their phones

(26:50) - How Max & Eli worked together to expose sexual abuse within the Jewish community

(34:35) - Remembering that we are all brothers & sisters

(37:19) - Max Stossel on his new special

(41:50) - Do people have good intentions?

(56:05) - What its like to talk to people from behind a screen

(1:00:00) - How does ‘empathy’ work in politics? 

(1:11:30) - Why Max kept his special off YouTube

(1:18:25) - God is in the mirror


Produced by Scarlett Row

Executive Producer Ryan Carter

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