Isabel has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. Isabel and her troop have plans to stay together with her friends until they graduate from High School.
They are saving all their cookies and fall products proceeds for a cruise in 2027. Some of Isabel's best memories in Girl Scouting were the photo booth they had at their Bronze Award Community Pet Care Fair, doing a baking class over zoom during COVID, and going to Universal and Savannah with her troop. Scouting has given her plenty of memories to share with others like camping in the low 30’s in the treehouses at Indian Echo, attending the National Girl Scout Convention in Orlando where she met scouts from all over the World, all the fun they had renovating the Heritage Room for the Marines as part of their Silver Award, and many more. Through Girl Scouts, Isabel has been able to travel too… Last summer she went to Tallahassee, Helen, and Savannah Georgia, and Asheville North Carolina. After this spring break she'll be going to India; she can't wait for that trip. Besides Girl Scouts, she’s also an active member of BSA. With them, she gets to camp every month and try outdoor activities like canoeing, tubing, outdoor cooking, hiking, etc. She also gets to meet scouts from other schools and try other things. Isabel's plans include attending college to pursue a STEM career like engineering. This summer she will attend a summer program training that would help her not only explore college campuses but also determine which type of engineering she likes.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

1. Isabel's Girl Scout Gold Award project focused on water conservation, including replacing shower heads, installing rain barrels, and educating others on water efficiency.

2. Isabel learned the importance of accepting help from others during her Gold Award project, emphasizing that leadership involves collaboration and support.

3. Isabel shared her experience at Lowe's, highlighting the challenges of public speaking and the importance of persistence in engaging with the audience.

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