"Healing isn't just a science step. It's a soul step. It's a heart step. It's a connection to oneself step, it's evaluating your consciousness and your subconscious and seeing what is working for you and what isn't working for you.”

Ready to unlock a deeper level of healing that goes beyond symptom-chasing?

This Season 3 premiere of the Gutsy Health Podcast delves into the transformative power of holistic healing, where mind, body, and soul join forces to create lasting well-being.

Join hosts Juanique Grover and Gina Worful as they reminisce on the podcast's evolution over the years, mirroring their own growth and that of the Gutsy Academy. This season promises to go even deeper, encouraging bravery in exploring sensitive topics, as it moves away from disempowering information and towards conversations that spark true healing.

Move beyond the noise and open your ears to the potent messages your body and soul are whispering. Tune into this new season today! 

Show Highlights: 

00:00 - Episode Start

00:37 - Take a trip down memory lane as we celebrate 6 years of Gutsy Health!

04:23 -  Dive into the messy, transformative “goo phase” required of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing

07:41 - Discover why healing thrives in connection, like cells in a healthy organism

10:54 - Learn to integrate knowledge and find the wisdom that sparks your unique healing journey

13:27 - Juanique reflects on Tristin Roney's lasting impact on their podcast and mission

15:28 - Explore the unique human ability to learn, spread love, and evolve consciousness 

16:17 - Discover what truly matters when we're gone

19:25 - Embrace curiosity and childlike wonder to unlock new discoveries and personal evolution

20:56 - Explore the importance of connecting with the soul in the healing journey

21:50 - Tap into the divine intelligence of your body

25:36 - Reframe challenges as opportunities for growth and alignment, not just obstacles

27:20 - Learn valuable lessons from loss, grief, and dis-ease

35:25 - Go for your dreams, love deeply, learn fearlessly, and live the life you were designed to live

Important Links: 

Gutsy Health Podcast IG - https://www.instagram.com/gutsyhealthpodcast/Gutsy Health Academy - https://www.mygutsyhealth.com/