WOW! The energy of this episode was on another frequency! We talk vision, we talk spirituality, we talk manifesting your dream partner, we talk working to build amazing relationships, and everything in between!

Christy is a light in this world and she will leave you feeling loved, uplifted and excited for a bright vision of your future while being grateful for where you are.

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[3:55] The magic of Maui.
[6:46] Who is Christy Dreiling?
[15:18] Life will start whispering at you.
[17:05] Couples and constructive feedback for each other.
[23:55] Not feeling like you are enough.
[27:32] Moving through life and setting intentions with someone else.
[39:10] Do you have a daily practice?
[45:24] What we see in others is a mirror.
[48:03] Connect with Christy.


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