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It is Saturday teatime in Abstercot.

It is often Saturday teatime in Abstercot - that's the way they like it over there.

Interestingly, during the grey and yellow months of October, it is Saturday teatime every day from dawn 'til dusk, except for the half an hour at lunchtime given over to paying bills and sex.

So keenly do Abstercottians feel their love for 'Teatime-of-a-Saturday' that their town council proposed a commemorative artwork in celebration of this cherished juncture.

A piece of public sculpture was out of the question. The townspeople prefer their civic artworks to be the unplanned residue of banality - anything else would be an imposition!

No. Something ephemeral would be much more the ticket. Something intangible that could be remembered or forgotten according to the taste and disposition of the individual.

Abstercot civic leader Alderman Sparra Carkiss, in a moment of supernatural clarity suggested that the town should commission Moff Skellington to curate and present a series of radio programmes devoted to Abstercot's beloved traditional music: Eddodi.

There was a show of hands and the motion was carried unanimously.

This commission has been duly completed by Moff and six short episodes, now complete, await broadcast.

It should be noted that, as many listeners have found Moff's writing to be obscure and over-burdened with imagery, he has, as a levelling gesture, decided to present these programmes in Abstercot's ancient Lembryonic tongue - a language not even he understands.

The presentations will be shared through the magic of Bandcamp from August 6th to September 10th, 2022, at 5pm.