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World of Jazz 519

September 22, 2022 14:19 - 2 hours - 166 MB

On this show a focus on John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders plus brand new post/avant lo-fi jazz from Gridfailure & Megalophobe

Aural Delights on the Overflow 134

September 18, 2022 14:32 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

is show features music from Spirit In The Room, Cannonball Statman, Danny Short, 2 Lost Souls, The Legless Crabs, Salem Trials, Datura 4, Dave Graney, Tropical Fuck Storm, Blokeacola, Black Nite Crash and Moongoose  

World of Jazz 518

September 17, 2022 17:24 - 2 hours - 159 MB

The rich diversity of modern jazz is examined through six great new releases from Art Hirahara, Marco Pacassoni Trio, Eric Vloeimans with Will Holshouser, Nicolas Politzer, Charu Suri and Playfield.

World of Jazz 517

September 15, 2022 11:40 - 2 hours - 164 MB

A selection of brand new music from Ana Nelson, Bruce Barth, Dennis Micheltree, Jason Kao Hwang & J.A. Deane Dino Duo, Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble, Søren Lee Diversity Trio, Playfield, and, Duduka Da Fonseca & Quarteto Universale. Also some classic tracks from Jimmy Giuffre Paul Bley & Steve Swallow, Peter Kowald Quintet, Abiodun Onewole, and Frank Zappa.

Aural Delights on the Overflow 133

September 11, 2022 15:22 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

Brand new music from Salem Trials, El Perro, Andrei Rikichi, 2 Lost Souls, One Million Eye, and The Legless Crabs . There are also archive selections from The Backdoor Society, Elara Sunstreak Band, Alfa 9, Gareth Liddiard and Dave Graney.

Radio Pop Eddodi Episode 6

September 10, 2022 16:02 - 11 minutes - 25.4 MB

The sixth and final episode of the Radio Pop Eddodi Podcast hosted by Moff Skellington

World of Jazz 516

September 10, 2022 14:20 - 2 hours - 166 MB

On this show an eclectic mix with six brand new albums from Rich Ruth, Eunhye Jeong, Chet Doxas, Jeff Denson with Romain Pilon and Brian Blade, Marshall Gilkes, Sélébéyone, and Michael Formanek.

World of Jazz 515

September 08, 2022 16:50 - 2 hours - 160 MB

On this show a focus on Aki Takase and Tim Berne, unique crossover music from Andrei Rikishi, and archive selections from Muhal Richard Abrams, and Eric Reed, plus new releases of historic recordings by Karl Jenkins and Trevor Watts.

Aural Delights on the Overflow 132

September 04, 2022 14:46 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

All new music from Neural Dance, 2 Lost Souls, Robert Diack, Grave Bathers, Fearsore, Dave Graney, Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci, Salem Trials, Tropical Fuck Storm, Odd Circus, Royal Catastrophe and 22 Oceans

Radio Pop Eddodi Episode 5

September 03, 2022 16:09 - 12 minutes - 27.9 MB

The fifth instalment in Moff Skellingtons' broadcasts to the fine people of Abstercot

World of Jazz 514

September 03, 2022 14:01 - 2 hours - 168 MB

Another international mix of great new albums from Ben Zucker's Fifth Season, Josh Sinton, Miguel Zenón, No Base Trio, Rafael Zaldavar, Tigran Hamasyan, and Henry Lowther's Quaternity

World of Jazz 513

September 01, 2022 14:30 - 2 hours - 165 MB

Another dip in the Jazz Archive for a selection of tracks plus the fascinating new album from Chris Alford and William Thompson.

Aural Delights on the Overflow 131

August 28, 2022 15:24 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

On this show new music from 2 Lost Souls, Contemplator, Lathe, Pink Turns Blue, Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci, Danny Short, Dave Graney, A Shoreline Dream, Jane Dust, Royal Catastrophe, Grateful Dead and Salem Trials.

Radio Pop Eddodi Episode 4

August 27, 2022 15:57 - 11 minutes - 27 MB

The fourth of six exclusive broadcasts from Moff Skellington

World of Jazz 512

August 27, 2022 14:14 - 2 hours - 167 MB

On this show brand new releases from The Chris Parker Trio, Craig Davis, Miro Sobrer, Francisco Mela & Zoh Amba, Jim McNeely and the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra featuring Chris Potter, the trio of Ben Monder, Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey, and a preview track from a new album from Dave Douglas.

World of Jazz 511

August 25, 2022 19:59 - 2 hours - 166 MB

On this show a look at Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, plus music from Charlie Haden, James Davis' Beveled, Julian Priester working with Sam Rivers, the Schlippenbach Quartet, Marco Eneidi in the company of William Parker and Donald Robinson,  a rare recording from 1966, and a fascinating brand new piece from Camila Nebbia.

Aural Delights on the Overflow 130

August 21, 2022 15:44 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

This week tunes from Salem Trials, 2 Lost Souls, Scenius, The Khats, Religious Overdose, Highcastle Teleorkestra, The Sons of Adam, Dave Graney, The Mind Sweepers, Moff Skellington, Royal Catastrophe, and Scientist.

Radio Pop Eddodi Episode 3

August 20, 2022 16:07 - 10 minutes - 24.9 MB

Episode 3 in a six part series

World of Jazz 510

August 20, 2022 14:51 - 2 hours - 163 MB

On this show all new releases from Cliff Korman, Ernesto Jodos, Matias Formica, Rocío Giménez López, & Matthew Golombisky, Xiomara Torres, Shawn Lovato, Julia Hülsmann Quartet, and, Jessica Pavone, Lukas Koenig, & Matt Mottel.  

World of Jazz 509

August 18, 2022 17:14 - 2 hours - 165 MB

For this show a focus on George Russell, Peter Brötzmann, Jaki Byard and Jackie McLean

Aural Delights on the Overflow 129

August 14, 2022 16:09 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

On this show excellent new releases from 2 Lost Souls, Staggs, Salem Trials, Ordrej Zajac, Grace Solero, Lucy and the The Drill Holes, The Parasite and White Hills. Also I have a couple of tracks marking the passing of Mark Wilkins of The Astronauts and a live track from Dave Graney

Radio Pop Eddodi Episode 2

August 13, 2022 18:24 - 11 minutes - 25.6 MB

Episode 2 of the six part series

World of Jazz 508

August 13, 2022 14:05 - 2 hours - 164 MB

An international mix with a newly discovered live recording of  Tim Berne's Decay group, a trio of releases from the  Circum-Disc label, two new albums the ears&eyes label and a fascinating blend of American jazz and Eastern India's ragas from Charu Suri

World of Jazz 507

August 11, 2022 11:19 - 2 hours - 164 MB

The main focus of this show is on the South African musicians of the band The Blue Notes - including Chris McGregor, Mongezi Feza,  Louis Moholo, Dudu Pukwana and Johnny Dyani - and McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath band which featured Blue Notes members as well some of the leading contemporary UK jazz musicians. I also have a new release from Robert Lee and a mammoth piece of work from Wadada Leo Smith. 

Radio Pop Eddodi 1

August 06, 2022 16:01 - 12 minutes - 28.3 MB

It is Saturday teatime in Abstercot. It is often Saturday teatime in Abstercot - that's the way they like it over there. Interestingly, during the grey and yellow months of October, it is Saturday teatime every day from dawn 'til dusk, except for the half an hour at lunchtime given over to paying bills and sex. So keenly do Abstercottians feel their love for 'Teatime-of-a-Saturday' that their town council proposed a commemorative artwork in celebration of this cherished juncture. A piece...

World of Jazz 506

August 06, 2022 14:09 - 2 hours - 162 MB

On this show all new releases from Michael Dease, Plantas Horribles, the trio of Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison and Ted Nash, the quintet of Jessica Ackerley, Patrick Shiroishi, Chris Williams, Luke Stewart & Jason Nazary, the Fade In Trio, the Gaston De La Cruz Quintet, Dave Douglas in the company of the Westerlies and Anwar Marshall, Robert Lee, and finally an exceptional new album from the Carole Nelson Trio

World of Jazz 505

August 04, 2022 17:57 - 2 hours - 163 MB

On this show a focus on the work of both Ben Allison and  Peter Brötzmann. I have new albums from Adam Nolan and Ondrej Zajac and a classic track from George Russell.

Aural Delights on the Overflow 128

July 31, 2022 16:01 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

Mostly new releases this time with tunes from Salem Trials, Laces Out, 2 Lost Souls, Blokeacola, The Parasite, The Fernweh, Steve Tibbetts, Dave Fielding and Ian Blurton's Future Now. There are also archive selections from Mississippi John Hurt, Dave Graney and Moff Skellington.

World of Jazz 504

July 30, 2022 20:33 - 2 hours - 164 MB

Pianist, composer, and educator Frank Kimbrough was a revered presence on the New York jazz scene for nearly 35 years prior to his untimely death in December 2020. He appeared on more than 20 albums as a leader or co-leader, and 70 more as a sideman. He won the Great American Jazz Piano Competition in 1985. His work as a pianist and composer received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Aaron Copland Foundation, and Chamber Music America’s Doris Duke Jazz Ensembles Project....

World of Jazz 503

July 28, 2022 21:18 - 2 hours - 165 MB

On this show a focus on the music of Oregon and the bands individual members - Ralph Towner, Colin Walllcott, Paul McCandless and Glenn Moore.

Aural Delights on the Overflow 127

July 24, 2022 14:11 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

This week a selection brand new releases and a couple of classic recordings. There is new music from 2 Lost Souls, San Pedro Collective, Legless Trials, Es, The Parasite, Salem Trials, and The Ember Glows. There is a new collaboration with jazz maestro Daniel Carter and an alt-rock trio and previously unheard older recordings from Dislocation Dance and Sonic Youth. Live Dave Graney and an early 70s stunner from Help Yourself complete the hour.

World of Jazz 502

July 23, 2022 14:06 - 2 hours - 166 MB

On this show a mix of brand new releases and classic recordings. There are fascinating new albums from Gard Nillsen, Steve Tibbets, Daniel Carter with Evan Strauss, 5-Track, and Sheridan Riley, Alex Fournier, and Brian Eaton. I also have some older releases from Elvin Jones, Pharoah Sanders, Clifford Jordan, Maria Schneider and Oliver Lake.

World of Jazz 501

July 21, 2022 11:04 - 2 hours - 166 MB

Focusing on three outstanding female jazz leaders - Satoko Fujii, Maria Schneider and Carla Bley with a selection of music from across their respective careers

Aural Delights on the Overflow 126

July 17, 2022 15:41 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

On this show new music from 2 Lost Souls, Acid Rooster, :nepaal, Menk, Inferior Complex & Dominic Carlton Jones remixed, and Legless Trials. There's a look at Greg Anderson's new project The Lord, and some Sonic Youth and Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist.

World of Jazz 500

July 16, 2022 14:58 - 2 hours - 168 MB

For the 500th show I have a focus on Sam Rivers, a new album from Nate Wooley, a huge chunk of music from Miles and Trane,  and to kick off jazz meets afrobeat in 1972 with Hugh Masakela.

World of Jazz 499

July 14, 2022 14:07 - 2 hours - 163 MB

A mix of old and new on this show with a focus on Anthony Braxton.  There's also lots of older material emerging from archives for the first time including recordings never before heard from Henry Lowther and Dave Brubeck. More information at www.differentnoises.com    

Aural Delights on the Overflow 125

July 10, 2022 16:01 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

On this weeks show the brand new releases from Ember Rev, Es., 2 Lost Souls, Fabio Frizzi, The Conspiracy, Porcupine Tree, Soccer Mommy and The Shadowbrook Project. There's also archive cuts from Toots & The  Maytals, Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist, Townes Van Zandt, and Unseasonal Beasts.

World of Jazz 498

July 09, 2022 14:14 - 2 hours - 162 MB

This time a dip in the archive for a couple of tracks featuring Wolfgang Muthspiel. More guitar from Brian Citro. There's a preview of a  stunning new album from Nate Wooley, music from La Pompe Attack, classic British Jazz from John Taylor, a debut from Julius Rodriguez, rare Dave Brubeck and some early Oregon. There's also new self released music from Eyal Netzer & Oded Geizhals, Extended,  and,  Glen Dickson, plus a new one from Caili O'Doherty.

World of Jazz 497

July 06, 2022 16:40 - 2 hours - 165 MB

World of Jazz goes twice weekly with this show. With to the amazing amount of great new music coming in there simply was not enough time in the two hours I had available to fit it all in.  So I have now have four hours to play with,  with both a Thursday and Sunday show.   Not wishing to be too prescriptive I am hoping that the Thursday show will gravitate over time to free/improvised music and the Sunday show will stay more or less the way it was. The Sunday show will be the one that gets s...

Aural Delights On The Overflow 124

July 03, 2022 14:19 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

Brand new music from 2 Lost Souls, Agent Starling, Aliens, Rob Snarski & His So Called Friends, Legless Crabs and Weimar. Classic tracks from Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist, The Fall, Chad's Tree, Jackson Code, Loudhailer Electric Company, Thin White Rope, Tom Waits and Malcolm Ross.

World of Jazz 496

July 02, 2022 14:14 - 2 hours - 164 MB

On this  show a host of new releases from Caleb Wheeler Curtis, Chris Torkewitz, Hendrik Meurkins & The WDR Big Band,  The Relay, Kate Wyatt, Alessandro Sgobbio , Robert Lee and Pablo Moser. There are also two brand new albums from Gordon Grdina, the reissue of a 20 year live recording from Peter Brötzmann, Milford Graves, & William Parker, and music from 2018 from Helena Kay's KIM Trio.

Aural Delights 500

June 30, 2022 07:30 - 2 hours - 167 MB

500 seems like a good place to end.  This show has been running since around 2010, it emerged from the remains of a very similar show called Reformation which was originally aired on Salford City Radio. It has travelled around a bit since then but ended up in a good place on Thursday evenings on taintradio.  However it is safe to say that with the exception of a few hard core fans it has not really developed a huge following. In addition of late I have found it increasingly more difficult ...

Aural Delights on the Overflow 123

June 26, 2022 13:52 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

In this weeks show new albums from The Dream Syndicate, Weimar, Ryan Michael Patterson, Aural Nihil,  The Utopia Strong, Salem Trials,  Thus Owls,  and Horsegirl . There is also the first release in the new 2 Lost Souls singles project which will last for a year . I've also got an  archive classic from Kim Salmon and the Surrealists.

World of Jazz 495

June 25, 2022 13:36 - 2 hours - 164 MB

On this weeks show two massive new releases from Wadada Leo Smith, a seven CD box set of String Quartets, and a five CD box set of duets with drummers. In addition a variety of new releases and a dip into the archive for some early music from William Parker.

Aural Delights 499

June 23, 2022 14:24 - 2 hours - 167 MB

On this weeks show new albums from The Dream Syndicate, Weimar, Ryan Michael Patterson, Salem Trials, The Utopia Strong, Aural Nihil, Thus Owls, and, Horsegirl. There is the first in a new 52 week singles project by 2 Lost Souls plus a new release from Peletronic. Also a look back at music from Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist, and, Kim Salmon and The Surrealists

Aural Delights on the Overflow 122

June 19, 2022 16:34 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

In this weeks show lots of new releases, a focus on New York band Big Thief, Canadian artist Mount Maxwell and a classic track from Kim Salmon and the Surrealists. Other featured artists are The Shenandoah Electric Company, Salem Trials, Dominic Carlton Jones, Legless Trials, Royal Catastrophe, The Courettes, and  Neural Dance    

World of Jazz 494

June 18, 2022 16:23 - 2 hours - 169 MB

On this weeks show a truly international selection of brand new releases from around the world of jazz with a focus on Claudio Scolari and Robert Jukič. Also featured are Roger Lewis, Lance Conrad, Shiri Zorn & George Muscatello, Jocelyn Gould, Dante Piccinelli, James Gaiters Soul Revival, Thomas Mitrousis, Chris Beyt, Brian Landrus, John Yao's Triceratops, Subconscious Trio and kicking things off with Dana Fitzsimons, Bill Graham, and, Brandon Boone. 

Aural Delights 498

June 16, 2022 16:39 - 2 hours - 165 MB

On this show new music from Dominic Carlton Jones, Mount Maxwell, Salem Trials, The Courettes, The Shenandoah Electric Company, Neural Dance and Chris Beyt. I'm focusing on the band Big Thief . There's also archive tracks from Dave Graney and Kim Salmon

Aural Delights on the Overflow 121

June 12, 2022 15:21 - 1 hour - 82.4 MB

On this weeks show new music from L'Obtuce, The Legless Crabs, Salem Trials, Kikagaku Moyo, The Stroppies, Seedsmen to the World and Rob Snarski. There's also recently released archive material from The Florists and Ludd Gang and a look back at The Nearly Brothers and The Fall.

World of Jazz 493

June 11, 2022 08:59 - 2 hours - 165 MB

On this weeks show all new releases from Alex Sipiagin, Amanda Irarrázabal and Miriam Den Boer Salmón, David Murray Brave New World Trio, Peter Erskine, Alan Pasqua And Darek Oles, Brian Molley Quartet, Bagland, E3 by Alex Lacusta, and Mary Halvorson.