In this episode: connecting points, the power of FU money, the early retirement era, and enjoying the journey.

This week we are joined by returning guests, Steven and Lauren Keys from Trip of a Lifestyle, to update us on their FI journey and “early retirement era,” as well as discuss the importance of finding the courage and freedom to make radical lifestyle changes in the present. We all know that money can open up new opportunities in your life, whether it’s having the flexibility to leave your job for a better one or even relocating to a dream country, but most of us forget that these opportunities can be achieved sooner than you think! The journey to FI is about taking actionable steps to build and achieve the life you want, and you don’t have to wait until you’re fully retired to do it! While you’re starting to save and spend less, remember that you’re getting closer and closer to your goal, but even still that it’s not a poor decision to spend money on things that are important to you and can improve your life! 

Trip of a Lifestyle: Website: Instagram: @tripofalifestyle Crambetter: Timestamps: 0:46 – Introduction 3:12 – Connecting Points 6:39 – Taking Money Out of the Equation 13:14 – The Power of FU Money 23:39 – Getting to The Early Retirement Era 33:27 – Investing 44:59 – Paying Yourself Last? 48:39 – Enjoying the Journey/Setting Yourself up for Success 58:13 – Conclusion Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode: Trip of a Lifestyle to All US National Parks | ChooseFI Ep 226 We Took a 3-Month Vacation and Came Home $26,000 Richer How We Saved $100k in 2 Years on Teacher Salaries We Vacationed Our Way to $1 Million by Age 33 (and You Can Too) Inside the Investment Portfolio of Early Retirees Pay Yourself Last: Why You Don’t Need A Budget Subscribe to The FI Weekly! More Helpful Links and FI Resources: Top 10 Recommended Travel Rewards Credit Cards Empower: Free Dashboard to Track Your Finances CIT Bank Platinum Savings Account M1 Finance: Commission-Free Investing, 1-click rebalancing CashFreely: Maximize Your Cash Back Rewards Travel Freely: Track all your rewards cards and points Emergency Binder: For Your Family’s Essential Info (code ‘CHOOSEFI’ for 20% off) Student Loan Planner: Custom Consult (with $100 Discount) Get a cheaper phone plan with Mint Mobile