In this episode: salesforce, lifestyle design, testimonials and verification, the hidden job market, and talentstacking.

Once again joined by friend of the show Bradley Rice, the owner and creator of TalentStacker, to update us on the value of SalesForce and career pivoting in 2024. While on the FI journey, you are actively creating the life you want to live. For many that means transitioning out of their life-long careers and opting for ones that offer something different and more accustomed to the life you’re creating. Learning a new skill or starting a side hustle can be the first step to finding that new career, and finding a program that works for you should offer more than just a certification, but assist you in finding new opportunities and a community that supports you!

Bradley Rice: Website: Facebook: Salesforce for Everyone Salesforce 5 Day Challenge: Take the FREE 5-Day Challenge Podcast: Salesforce for Everyone Timestamps: 1:38 – Introduction 4:17 – Work, Lifestyle Design, and Talentstacking 10:15 – Testimonials, Doing Your Research, and Verification 14:55 – The Hidden Job Market 19:36 – Entering a Salesforce Career with Talentstacker 26:39 – Salesforce Security 32:25 – Conclusion Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode: The Hidden Job Market | ChooseFI Ep 379 CampFI Making The Case For Part Time With Bradley Rice | ChooseFI Ep 117 Trailhead Subscribe to The FI Weekly! More Helpful Links and FI Resources: Top 10 Recommended Travel Rewards Credit Cards Empower: Free Dashboard to Track Your Finances CIT Bank Platinum Savings Account M1 Finance: Commission-Free Investing, 1-click rebalancing CashFreely: Maximize Your Cash Back Rewards Travel Freely: Track all your rewards cards and points Emergency Binder: For Your Family’s Essential Info (code ‘CHOOSEFI’ for 20% off) Student Loan Planner: Custom Consult (with $100 Discount)