In this episode: social security, disability, calculating social security, claiming social security, and due diligence.

This week we are joined by listener and owner of Financial Security Advocates Dennis Shapiro, to talk thru some of the insights and misconceptions surrounding Social Security Benefits, and what factors and resources you should consider while approaching retirement. The beauty of FI is that it opens up opportunities for you to retire early, but oftentimes we don’t consider how retiring early or even starting your own small business can impact your Social Security. While there is no true way of mastering the system to get the most benefit, there are many ways to prepare and plan in order to get the most out of your social security benefits! Remember, these benefits are not just safety nets when it comes time to retire, but can be an additional tool for investment that keeps you comfortable in your FI. 

Denis Shapiro:



1:16 - Introduction 5:10 - What Pays for Social Security? 11:13 - Social Security and FI/Disability Insurance 17:30 - What Earnings Go Towards Social Security? 23:19 - Disability, Work Subsidies, and Income Related Work Expense 29:03 - How Social Security Benefits Are Calculated 37:05 - Claiming Social Security 39:59 - Social Security and Medicare 44:28 - Social Security and Due Diligence 56:27 - Working and Disability Benefits 59:59 - Conclusion

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