In this episode: inflation, coast FI, early retirement planning, future tax liability, IRA's and 401k's, and diversification.

This week we are rejoined by founder of Measure Twice Money Cody Garrett for another installment of the Mail Bag, where we will be talking through questions from our listeners covering topics ranging from inflation and its implications on your FI number, ACA subsidies and early retirement, as well as the similarities and differences with Roth accounts and future retirement tax liabilities. Listen along while we dip into the listener mailbag this week and discuss topics chosen from YOU the listener!

Cody Garrett:

Website: LinkedIn: Cody Garrett


1:02 - Introduction 1:35 - Inflation and Your FI Number 11:41 - Early Retirement Planning 21:55 - Calculating Future Tax Liability 30:15 - Distinctions Between IRA and 401k 33:37 - Diversification and Tech Stocks 44:26 - Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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