In this episode: real estate, upskilling, taking action, tracking your expenses, setting goals, getting on the same page, and the hot seat.

This week we are joined by listener Navish Bahl to discuss his journey on the path to FI, the actionable steps he’s taken in order to maximize his life, answer some questions in the HotSeat, and navigating your FI journey while your significant other or family may not be on board. There are many avenues you can utilize in order to achieve FI, and while it may be overwhelming at times to figure out what works for you and your journey, remember that the goal is to learn and go through life with more freedom and balance, not stress and burnout trying to chase a number. The path to FI is a personal one, and as you embark on your journey allow yourself some patience but also some flexibility, and don’t forget to extend some patience to others in your life who may not be on the same path. 

Navish Bahl:

LinkedIn: Navish Bahl


0:52 - Introduction 2:30 - The Inspiration to Start and Taking Action 11:44 - Real Estate and Rental Properties 18:42 - Upskilling, Getting New Jobs, and Making Connections 33:09 - Discovery, Education, and Action in FI 39:52- Tracking Your Expenses 46:34 - Getting on the Same Page 50:21 - The Hot Seat 55:18 - Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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