Today’s conversation is with Mike Samuels, the Coffee Shop Copywriter.

Mike first appeared on the show back in May 2021 when he shared how he built his copywriting business, achieved over $170M in sales, and the importance of freedom of speech.

This time round expect to learn about hitting huge financial milestones and this actually means in terms of lifestyle, freedom, and even excitement about money.

Having been a business owner earning that much coveted 6 figure for over 8 years, Mike is very well positioned to explain what it takes to do this over a longer period rather than a flash in the pan.

We also talk about Mike’s big focus on endurance events in the last 2 years including Ultra Marathons and mixing strength feats with huge runs.

One of the big topics I spoke to Mike about previously and a value we both share is freedom of speech. You’ll hear our take on a lot of what is going on including censorship on social media, changing parameters for accepted language, and more.

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