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Welcome to the world's longest-running, DAILY commercial real estate investing podcast hosted by Joe Fairless. Joe went from buying $35,000 single-family homes to controlling over $1,900,000,000 worth of large apartment communities in under a decade.

Commercial real estate is a compelling investment option, but knowing where to look and who to listen to can be overwhelming — especially when your money and legacy are on the line. The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show provides commercial real estate expert insights, education, and timely information to our community of active and passive investors looking to succeed in commercial real estate. Build wealth, build a legacy, and do more good in the world.

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JF3136: What Type of Millionaire Do You Want to Be? | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

April 06, 2023 07:00 - 11 minutes - 7.65 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor.   In this episode, Travis talks about several definitions of a millionaire and why the term is often misunderstood. He also discusses a number of paths to becoming a millionaire, wheth...

JF3135: Making Single Family Homes into Triple-Net Leases ft. Shiloh Lundahl

April 05, 2023 07:00 - 37 minutes - 25.9 MB

Shiloh Lundahl is a child and family therapist and investor at Greenlee Investments, a private, family-owned entity holding diversified investments and supporting family-owned business interests. In this episode, Shiloh discusses his unique approach to lease options for his residential investments, breaks down his first commercial deal, and shares his take on the various personalities in real estate investing.   Shiloh Lundahl | Real Estate Background Child and family therapist and inve...

JF3134: Top Benefits of Being Asset Agnostic ft. Shree Kulkarni

April 04, 2023 07:00 - 26 minutes - 17.9 MB

Shree Kulkarni is the CEO of two integrated development companies that source off-market deals for commercial real estate development. His portfolio consists of single-tenant NNN properties, small industrial properties, mixed-use properties, raw land, and multifamily development sites. In this episode, Shree talks about why he is asset agnostic and the due diligence process he goes through to acquire properties.   Shree Kulkarni | Real Estate Background CEO of two integrated development...

JF3133: Getting Started with Triple-Net Commercial Leases ft. Jonathan Hayek

April 03, 2023 07:00 - 41 minutes - 28.3 MB

Jonathan Hayek is the owner of Endurance Properties and the host of The Source of Commercial Real Estate podcast. He uses single-family home flips and small multifamily investments to buy more passive, non-residential commercial properties. In this episode, Jonathan talks about why he loves retail, office, and industrial real estate, how he learned to buy his first commercial property, and what investors should know about triple-net leases.   Jonathan Hayek | Real Estate Background Owne...

JF3132: From Graphic Designer to Full-Time Investor in 18 Months ft. Vlad Arakcheyev

April 02, 2023 07:00 - 23 minutes - 16.2 MB

Vlad Arakcheyev is the owner of Zontik Ventures, which helps people achieve their dreams of financial independence through real estate. After getting furloughed from his full time job as a graphic designer during the pandemic, he became a real estate agent and soon turned to house flipping and multifamily investments.  In this episode, Vlad talks about his journey to become a full-time investor in just 18 months, the details and rates behind raising capital, and how he is working to educa...

JF3131: Lessons Learned from the 2008 Financial Crisis ft. Justin Brennan

April 01, 2023 07:00 - 37 minutes - 25.9 MB

Justin Brennan is the CEO and Founder of Brennan Pohle Group, a multifamily development, ownership, and syndication company that focuses on the BRRRR method and B- and C-class properties. In this episode, Justin talks about what investment lessons he learned from the 2008 financial crisis, how he works with commercial brokers, and why he focuses on economies of scale when it comes to choosing investment properties.   Justin Brennan | Real Estate Background CEO and founder of Brennan Poh...

JF3130: 1,800 Self-Storage Units in 18 Months ft. Travis Baucom

March 31, 2023 07:00 - 23 minutes - 16.3 MB

Travis Baucom is the President of Balcomie Capital, a private investment group that partners with high-net-worth individuals who seek tax-advantaged investments to build generational wealth while providing passive income. In this episode Travis talks about his investment journey from single family homes to self-storage facilities. He discusses why self-storage is getting all the buzz lately, his due diligence process for purchasing a new facility, and why he chose to move away from the multi...

JF3129: Risk, Recession, and Regrets: How to Overcome Volatility | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

March 30, 2023 07:00 - 11 minutes - 8.09 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. In this episode, Travis talks about the need for diversification in order to protect yourself from factors that are outside of your control. He offers three things to keep in mind about...

JF3128: Finding the Beauty in Distressed Multifamily Properties ft. Alex Kingman

March 29, 2023 07:00 - 24 minutes - 16.9 MB

Alex Kingman is a multifamily real estate investor and syndicator at KGI Capital. KGI Capital focuses on partnering with passive investors to invest in value-add and distressed apartment buildings in the midwest and southeast. In this episode, Alex talks about her move from single family to multifamily investments, why KGI decided to take their investments out of the state of California, and the details behind their most recent 72-unit multifamily deal. Alex Kingman | Real Estate Backgroun...

JF3127: How to Stress-Test Multifamily Deals ft. Gabe Bodhi

March 28, 2023 07:00 - 31 minutes - 21.7 MB

Gabe Bodhi is the CEO of Tekton Group, which acquires, renovates, and operates multifamily real estate assets for cash flow in the Colorado Front Range. In this episode, Gabe gives his expert opinion on the recent bank failures, how he stress-tests deals to decide when to say no, and why he doesn’t invest in other asset classes. Gabe Bodhi | Real Estate Background CFA and CEO of Tekton Group Portfolio: 200 multifamily units Based in: Denver, CO Say hi to him at: LinkedIn Twit...

JF3126: How to Survive Until 2025 and Beyond | Beyond Multifamily ft. Ash Patel

March 27, 2023 07:00 - 26 minutes - 18 MB

The Beyond Multifamily series is hosted by non-residential commercial real estate investor and Best Ever Show host, Ash Patel. Ash’s goal for this series is to introduce you to the world of non-residential commercial real estate investing and teach you how to look at and underwrite different commercial asset classes. In this episode, Ash Patel discusses his experience at the Best Ever Conference where some of the speeches were less optimistic than before. He expresses his concerns about t...

JF3125: Conquering the Self-Storage Asset Class ft. Frank Scappaticci

March 26, 2023 07:03 - 30 minutes - 21 MB

Frank Scappaticci is Partner at Gray Line Investments, a veteran-owned and operated firm focusing on self-storage facilities, multifamily, and single-family investments. In this episode, Frank discusses creative ways to find and finance deals in self-storage, what an ideal loan is for a facility, and what he’s looking for in his next property. Frank Scappaticci | Real Estate Background Partner at Gray Line Investments Portfolio: 9 self-storage facilities Small portfolio of single-f...

JF3124: 4 Steps to Flipping Land Successfully ft. Travis King

March 25, 2023 07:07 - 31 minutes - 21.6 MB

Travis King is a land flipping expert and Owner of Land Flipping Mastery. He has completed over 400 transactions in 29 states with over 100 additional JV transactions. In this episode, Travis discusses the four steps to his land-flipping system, the types of properties he focuses on, and his strategy for assessing whether a property is worth the purchase.  Travis King | Real Estate Background Land flipping expert and Owner of Land Flipping Mastery Portfolio: 400 transactions in 29 st...

JF3123: 2 Strategies to Get Started in Self-Storage ft. Karl Graham

March 24, 2023 07:00 - 28 minutes - 19.6 MB

Karl Graham is Managing Partner at Luminus Capital, which identifies, acquires, and operates self-storage facilities. After a career in the oil and gas industry, Karl turned to real estate investing in 2020 when the market changed. He evaluated several asset classes, and settled on self-storage facilities, acquiring 13 properties in 18 months. In this episode, Karl breaks down the numbers behind his first deals, shares his methods for creative financing, and recommends several paths for in...

JF3122: How to Reduce Risk and Lock in Profits | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

March 23, 2023 07:00 - 10 minutes - 7.47 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. In this episode, Travis talks about the need to balance risk and reward when it comes to investing. He warns against the dangers of greed, shares how he personally works to reduce risk i...

JF3121: Short-Term Lending 101 ft. Josh Shein

March 22, 2023 07:00 - 32 minutes - 22.4 MB

Josh Shein is a Partner at Trius Lending Partners, a Mid-Atlantic private money and hard money lender based in Baltimore, MD. His 100% investor-based company specializes in short- and long-term lending of loans ranging from $100,000 to $1.5 million. In this episode, Josh discusses the benefits of steady and consistent investing over time, advice for short-term lending, and his strategies for helping his investors receive positive returns year after year. Josh Shein | Real Estate Background...

JF3120: How to Use Networking to Scale Your Multifamily Business ft. Maricela Soberanes

March 21, 2023 07:00 - 16 minutes - 11.5 MB

Maricela Soberanes is a Navy Veteran, apartment syndicator, and owner of Up Plex Multifamily Investments, which syndicates for mutual funds, acting as an operator by sourcing deals, raising capital, and managing assets. She began her real estate investing journey in 2006 with duplexes and fourplexes before making the leap to commercial real estate in 2020 with the purchase of a 130+ unit property in Austin, TX. In this episode, Maricela shares how she used networking and resources to scale...

JF3119: The Challenges of Scaling a Management Company ft. A.J. Leman

March 20, 2023 07:00 - 19 minutes - 13.4 MB

A.J. Leman is a full time high school teacher as well as a Managing Partner and Co-Owner of a property management company in Iowa City. He currently has over 230 units under management and is seeking to expand his portfolio and revenue streams as next steps in his investing journey. In this episode, A.J. discusses the challenges he’s faced trying to scale his management company while maintaining excellent resident services and the worst deal he ever made where he almost lost it all.  A.J. ...

JF3118: 1,500 Doors in One Year with Creative Financing ft. Pace Morby

March 19, 2023 07:00 - 44 minutes - 30.7 MB

Pace Morby is a creative finance specialist and the founder of, where he teaches about subject to and seller financing strategies. He recently made the jump to multifamily investing, using creative finance to secure 1,500 units in 2022. In this episode, Pace discusses why he advises restructuring deals now, the beauty of subject to financing, and exactly what his strategy is for approaching multifamily deals.  Pace Morby | Real Estate Background Owner of SubTo, professional real...

JF3117: 3 Factors to Consider When Buying Older Properties ft. Brennan Degner

March 18, 2023 07:00 - 24 minutes - 16.5 MB

Brennan Degner is a real estate investor, operator, and CEO of DB Capital Management, LLC, a vertically integrated organization focused on value-add multifamily investments. In this episode, Brennan discusses why his ideal deal size is $30 - 35 million, key things to consider when purchasing older properties, and how he plans the management needs of properties with triple-digit units. Brennan Degner | Real Estate Background Real estate investor, operator, and CEO of DB Capital Management,...

JF3116: Maximizing Profits and Social Impact with Section 8 ft. Joe McCabe

March 17, 2023 07:00 - 26 minutes - 18.1 MB

Joe McCabe is the Founder and CEO of The Surefire Group, a Philadelphia-based company specializing in a suite of high-standard real estate and healthcare services. The company has interests in multiple real estate brokerages, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and over 80 real assets. In this episode, Joe discusses how he learned to properly finance his investments, his journey to acquire homecare business properties across the country, and his plan to convert a large portfolio of Sect...

JF3115: 3 Reasons to Invest in Value-Add Multifamily | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

March 16, 2023 07:00 - 6 minutes - 4.68 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. In this episode, Travis talks about how easy it is to get caught up in the stress of daily life and lose perspective. He encourages listeners to be grateful for being in a position to in...

JF3114: Finding Good Deals in the Most Competitive Market ft. Cooper Drenner

March 15, 2023 07:00 - 30 minutes - 21 MB

Cooper Drenner is the Managing Partner at Wildhorn Capital, which purchases value-add apartment complexes in Central Texas and syndicates all its deals. In this episode, Cooper discusses how to find good deals in arguably the most competitive market in the U.S., issues facing tenants such as inflation and affordability, and the advantages of keeping investments local. Cooper Drenner | Real Estate Background Managing Partner at Wildhorn Capital Portfolio: 4,100 units across 13 Class-A...

JF3113: How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Investor List ft. Adam Rosen

March 14, 2023 07:00 - 25 minutes - 17.5 MB

Adam Rosen is a former real estate investor and Founder of Email Outreach Company, which helps entrepreneurs optimize their email marketing through automated email outreach to get companies more leads, more conversations, and more deals. In this episode, Adam discusses how you can use email marketing to find better deals, increase your investor list, and leverage cold emails to find your next big opportunity. Adam Rosen | Real Estate Background Founder of Email Outreach Company Based in...

JF3112: How to Achieve Double Digit Cash Flow ft. Justin Sloan

March 13, 2023 07:00 - 26 minutes - 18.1 MB

Justin Sloan is the CEO of Sloan Capital, which helps investors deploy capital into various asset classes. In this episode, Justin discusses his transition from residential real estate to commercial, specifically strip malls and debt-free restaurants. He shares his strategies for identifying the best strip mall properties, filling them with the right tenants, and achieving a goal of double digit cash flow. Justin Sloan | Real Estate Background CEO of Sloan Capital, which helps investors d...

JF3111: 30 Secrets to Unlocking the Best Lender Deals ft. Mitch Ginsberg

March 12, 2023 08:00 - 25 minutes - 17.4 MB

Mitch Ginsberg is the CEO of CommLoan, a FinTech company that gives commercial borrowers access to over 700 top commercial and multifamily lenders. In this episode, Mitch discusses the importance of empowering borrowers with unprecedented access to capital markets, the 30 key variables that lenders use to size up a loan, and how developing a relationship with a lender may not be as important as many say it is. Mitch Ginsberg | Real Estate Background CEO of CommLoan, a FinTech company with...

JF3110: From SFR Flips to Million Dollar Land Deals ft. Andrew Dunn

March 11, 2023 08:00 - 28 minutes - 19.3 MB

Andrew Dunn is a Principal at VAC Development, which specializes in value-add and distressed property investments specifically in the office, multifamily, storage, and industrial sectors. In this episode, he reviews several creative industrial deals he’s sealed in Vegas and Reno, how he responds to economic ups and downs, and how he balances value-add purchases vs. ground-up development deals. Andrew Dunn | Real Estate Background Principal at VAC Development Portfolio: Office, indust...

JF3109: Sell Yourself, Sell the Deal ft. David Sanford

March 10, 2023 09:45 - 21 minutes - 14.4 MB

David Sanford is an active duty Army Recruiter and investor in multifamily and commercial real estate. In just a few years, he has grown his portfolio from nothing to owning 55 single family homes and about $2.6 million in commercial office space. In this episode, David talks about the power of using other people’s money to make investments, how he went about tackling his first commercial real estate deal, and lessons he’s learned about working with brokers and lenders. David Sanford | Rea...

JF3108: 4 Ways to Design the Optimal Lifestyle | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

March 09, 2023 08:00 - 13 minutes - 8.93 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. One of the benefits of passive income is having the freedom to design your lifestyle. When all of your needs are met, your bills are paid, and you aren’t tied to the typical 9 to 5 grind...

JF3107: 3 Rules of Industrial Real Estate ft. Joel Friedland

March 08, 2023 08:00 - 30 minutes - 21.2 MB

Joel Friedland, is the Principal at Brit Properties, an industrial real estate investing firm based in Chicago. In this episode, Joel discusses his strategy for identifying and purchasing properties, syndication in industrial real estate, why Chicago is the best industrial area in the country, and something called the “punch in the face theory.” Joel Friedland | Real Estate Background Principal at Brit Properties Portfolio: 15 industrial buildings with an aggregate value of ~$50 mill...

JF3106: Becoming the Sultan of Storage ft. Baird Kleinsmith

March 07, 2023 08:00 - 30 minutes - 20.9 MB

Baird Kleinsmith, also known on Twitter as the Sultan of Storage, is a full-time self-storage investor. He buys mismanaged properties, adds value through operational and marketing improvements, and reaps the rewards of increased cash flow. With his current portfolio of eight self-storage properties, Baird has achieved full financial freedom and is dedicated to not only growing his assets but also educating others on how to do the same. In this episode, Baird discusses what drew him to self...

JF3105: Optimizing the 6-Step Leasing Process | Bonus Operations ft. Slocomb Reed

March 06, 2023 08:00 - 18 minutes - 12.5 MB

Bonus Operations is a series hosted by apartment owner/operator and Best Ever Show host, Slocomb Reed. In each five- to ten-minute episode, Slocomb provides his top takes for executing your business plan and maintaining cash flow. In this episode, Slocomb breaks down how he approaches each stage of his six-point leasing process, from listing tips to batching showings, and how he distributes responsibilities across his team. Click here to learn more about our sponsors: MFIN CON

JF3104: Secrets to Scaling an Investment Firm ft. Keith Nelson

March 05, 2023 08:00 - 21 minutes - 14.7 MB

Keith Nelson is the fund manager at Dual City Investments. In this episode, Keith discusses why he’s niche-agnostic, investing in everything from multifamily, to car washes, to self-storage — anything that pencils out. He also discusses the nuances of running an evergreen fund and the secrets to scaling an investment firm. Keith Nelson | Real Estate Background Fund Manager at Dual City Investments Portfolio: Most asset types in Investment Real Estate Based in: Greenville, SC Say hi ...

JF3103: The State of the Multifamily Market ft. Mike Roeder

March 04, 2023 08:00 - 22 minutes - 15.4 MB

Mike Roeder is the co-founder of Granite Towers Equity Group, which focuses on value-add properties in Dallas-Fort Worth and Nashville. In this episode, Mike discusses why he prefers the DFW and Nashville markets to the midwest, how low competition impacts negotiation strategy, and the state and trajectory of the multifamily market. Mike Roeder | Real Estate Background Co-founder of Granite Towers Equity Group Portfolio:  2,200+ multifamily units (≈$320M) Based in: Minneapolis, MN S...

JF3102: The Secret Sauce Behind Corporate Housing ft. Angela Healy

March 03, 2023 08:00 - 26 minutes - 18.4 MB

Angela Healy is the CEO and owner of AvenueWest Managed Global Housing and AvenueWest Global Franchise. AvenueWest is a network of real estate agencies focused on fully furnished residential housing for corporations, delivering real estate investors a turnkey solution for property management. In this episode, Angela gives a comprehensive breakdown of the benefits of corporate housing, including the ideal locations, the properties corporations are paying top dollar for, and the variety of t...

JF3101: How to Get Started with Passive Income | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

March 02, 2023 08:00 - 19 minutes - 13.4 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. Every passive investor begins their journey from a different starting point. Some start with limited capital and very little education — these are the newbies who are true beginners. Oth...

JF3100: Carving Out the Mini-Multi Niche ft. Tom Higgins

March 01, 2023 08:00 - 33 minutes - 22.8 MB

Tom Higgins is a Managing Partner at Terra Capital, a real estate investment firm that rolls up mini-multis (2-15 units) through fund offerings into large, fully renovated, optimized cash-flowing portfolios of 100–200 units. He has leveraged his experience working at large institutional development companies to lead Terra's first-class operational and development professionals. In this episode, Tom discusses investing in mini-multis, including the benefits, the options it gives investors u...

JF3099: How to Become “Deadly Efficient” at Underwriting ft. Jason Baik

February 28, 2023 09:44 - 36 minutes - 25 MB

Jason Baik is a Managing Principal at Compounding Capital Group, a real estate investment firm that stabilizes value-add multifamily properties in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas. A former corporate data scientist, in addition to being a general partner on 550+ multifamily units, he also teaches aspiring investors how to underwrite properly with the right pieces of data. In this episode, Jason discusses leveling up from residential to multifamily investing, the challenges of networki...

JF3098: A System for Targeting Short-Term Appreciation ft. Mark Updegraff

February 27, 2023 08:00 - 25 minutes - 17.3 MB

Mark Updegraff is the founder of Updegraff Group Realty Services, a suite of companies that broker, manage, and provide GC services, as well as Raze Capital, a commercial real estate syndication company. After getting laid off from his job making $70,000 a year in tech, a poor experience with a realtor prompted him to become a real estate broker. From there, he began purchasing distressed assets, eventually scaling into larger assets, including multifamily syndicating. In this episode, Mar...

JF3097: Syndications and Senior Assisted Living ft. Matt Jones

February 26, 2023 08:00 - 33 minutes - 23.2 MB

Matt Jones is the CEO of Hawkwing Capital, which invests passively and raises capital from other investors for solid deals with proven sponsors. In this episode, Matt discusses how he went from house-hacking a triplex to becoming an LP and eventually raising capital for his own deals, including how to build relationships through problem-solving, how to communicate with investors when plans and projections change, and why starting as an LP is a great way to get started in syndications. Ma...

JF3096: Navigating Multifamily Portfolio Management ft. John Warren

February 25, 2023 08:00 - 24 minutes - 16.9 MB

John Warren is the President at Forte Properties, Inc., a top-performing real estate brokerage that specializes in selling real estate in the one- to four-unit space and acquiring value-add apartment buildings. In this episode, John discusses the nuances of investing in Chicago, Ill., and takes us inside the day-to-day operations of managing a 154-unit multifamily portfolio. John Warren | Real Estate Background President at Forte Properties, Inc. Portfolio: 154 units Based in: Chica...

JF3095: Lessons in Scaling Your Real Estate Business ft. Abbas Mohammed

February 24, 2023 08:00 - 29 minutes - 20.1 MB

Abbas Mohammed is the CEO and founder of Model Equity, a multifamily real estate investment firm with a focus on properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He started in the residential space as an agent at 18 years old before going all-in on multifamily real estate investing. In this episode, Abbas discusses hiring and utilizing virtual assistants, the gap between seller and buyer expectations in today’s market, and the importance of choosing the right market and right properties above all...

JF3094: How to Play the Odds and Avoid the Mirage | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

February 23, 2023 08:00 - 12 minutes - 8.37 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. We’re taught to invest in the stock market, hold for the long term, diversify in index funds and mutual funds, etc. — convictions that perpetuate the “buy, hold, and pray” mindset. In ...

JF3093: The Benefits of Collateralized Investing ft. Carrie Cook

February 22, 2023 08:00 - 38 minutes - 26.3 MB

Carrie Cook is the President of Ignite Funding. With over 15 years of experience in private lending, Carrie has funded over $1.5B and is committed to continued growth and preservation of investor capital. In this episode, Carrie discusses her underwriting process, structuring investor-friendly terms, and the benefits of investing in a trustee vs. a fund. Carrie Cook | Real Estate Background President of Ignite Funding with over 15 years of experience in private lending. Licensed mortgage ...

JF3092: Creative Ways to Set Up Your LLC ft. Garrett Sutton

February 21, 2023 08:00 - 24 minutes - 16.6 MB

Garrett Sutton is an attorney and the founder of Corporate Direct, which helps entrepreneurs and investors protect their assets, maintain privacy, and reach their financial goals. He’s also a best-selling author and one of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisors. In this episode, Garrett discusses LLCs — why real estate investors need them, how and why they vary from state to state, and the benefits of having your LLC taxed as an S-corp. He also compares CRE investing to a new market into whic...

JF3091: Debunking Mobile Home Park Investing Myths ft. Daniel Weisfield

February 20, 2023 08:00 - 30 minutes - 21 MB

Daniel Weisfield is a third-generation mobile home park investor and the co-founder of Three Pillar Communities, which is now a Top 30 mobile home park owner in the U.S. with roughly a $500 million portfolio made up of 65 communities in 11 states. In this episode, Daniel discusses the changing stigma of manufactured homes, the myth that a mobile home is a depreciating asset, and the challenges of developing mobile home parks. Take a look at Daniel's latest community, Cameron Crossing in ...

JF3090: Investing in Car Washes for Passive Income ft. Whitney Elkins-Hutten

February 19, 2023 08:00 - 20 minutes - 14.1 MB

Whitney Elkins-Hutten is the Director of Investor Education at, which builds passive income and equity for investors through low-risk real estate investments in the hottest U.S. real estate markets. Her current focus is helping investors understand the power of investing in car washes, self-storage, and other institutional-grade assets so they can create massive leverage in their life and partake in the cash flow, equity, and capital preservation that real estate has to ...

JF3089: How to Raise Capital Online in 2023 ft. Dr. Adam Gower

February 18, 2023 08:00 - 27 minutes - 19.1 MB

Dr. Adam Gower is the founder of GowerCrowd, which builds real estate crowdfunding platforms for sponsors, serving as a digital marketing agency to major syndicators and professional investors. He calls it “building shovels for the gold miners.” Using the GowerCrowd Investor Acquisition System, investors have raised more than $300 million in capital to date. In this episode, Dr. Gower discusses why there could be more multifamily deals in the near future, the (subtle) differences between s...

JF3088: Scouting the Next Mixed-Use Hot Spot ft. Pete Montgomery

February 17, 2023 08:00 - 21 minutes - 14.7 MB

Pete Montgomery is a Broker of Retail Development at CMC Properties, which has owned and managed thousands of apartments, offices, and retail stores. When CMC selects a site that it’s going to build on, Pete prospects for potential commercial tenants. In this episode, Pete discusses mixed-use development, taking calculated risks in up-and-coming markets, and what he looks for when identifying the next downtown hot spot. Pete Montgomery | Real Estate Background Broker of Retail Developme...

JF3087: How to Get Double-Digit Pay Increases Every Year | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

February 16, 2023 08:00 - 12 minutes - 8.42 MB

Passive Investor Tips is a weekly series hosted by full-time passive investor and Best Ever Show host, Travis Watts. In each bite-sized episode, Travis breaks down passive investor topics, simplifying the philosophy and mindset while providing tactical, valuable information on how to be a passive investor. The average American grosses $60,000 in wages. At a standard 4% annual increase, it would take someone 18 years to double their income from $60,000 to $120,000. In this episode, Travis e...


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