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Thank you for visiting. Over the coming weeks and months I will be making Podcasts on a variety of general interest subjects. I am currenetly working on a series of shows entitled 'Simple Guide for Good Dog Care'.I have a number of other shows in the pipeline including; selling on ebay, investing in real estate,golf, gardening, home schooling and many other subjects.

All of my shows are written and produced by people who are experts in their particular field. Please visit regularly or why not subscribe to get regular updates.

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Basic Blogging - How to Create an RSS Feed

March 27, 2008 23:33 - 3 minutes - 3.21 MB

Having an RSS feed for your bog is one good way to send the information in it out to many different people. In this Podcast we tell you how to create rss feeds for your blog. Visit my Squidoo Lens. Also why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - How to ‘Ping’ Your Blog

March 27, 2008 22:59 - 3 minutes - 2.97 MB

many inrnet maketers talk about 'tag and ping', but what is pinging and how do you do it? In this Podcast we will reveal all that you need to know about pinging your blog. For infrmation abut blogging visit my Squidoo Lens. Also why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - How to Get Others to Read Your Blog

March 12, 2008 12:09 - 2 minutes - 2.74 MB

Getting others to read your blog will be no trouble if you post something of interest. You might think that if it’s of interest to you, it will be of interest to others, but this is not always so. In this podcast we look at ways to make sure that your blog is read. Find out more nformation on my Squidoo Lens. Also why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - Do You Want a Free Blog or Your Own Program?

March 11, 2008 10:46 - 2 minutes - 2.49 MB

The difference between a free blog and your own program is mainly one of versatility. In this podcast we examine the advantages and disadvantages of free and self hosted blogs. I have even more information on my Squidoo Lens Also why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - Blogging Programs You Can Install Yourself

March 11, 2008 10:26 - 2 minutes - 2.56 MB

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and become a blogger, you will need to download some programs to do it. In this pocast we will look at some of the options available. Why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - Where to Find a Free Blog Host

March 11, 2008 10:10 - 2 minutes - 2.52 MB

It’s not hard to find a free blog host; there are many hosts advertising on the Internet for you to start up a blog with them. So are they all the same or what? Take a careful look at what they offer you. Why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - Where to Find a Free Blog Host

March 11, 2008 10:00 - 2 minutes - 2.52 MB

It’s not hard to find a free blog host; there are many hosts advertising on the Internet for you to start up a blog with them. So are they all the same or what? Take a careful look at what they offer you. Why not check out my audio book at

Basic Blogging - What Kind of Blog Do You Want to Write?

March 11, 2008 09:34 - 2 minutes - 2.52 MB

There are many different kinds of blogs and what you want to write will depend a lot on your personality. In this program we will look at the many different styles of blogging you could adopt. Why not check ou my audio book at

Basic Blogging - How Blogs Can Help Business

March 06, 2008 14:28 - 2 minutes - 2.67 MB

Increasingly, business people are using blogs to advertise and enhance their business. They have found that they don’t need Webmaster skills to run a blog successfully and it is a quick way to impart necessary information. There are many other benefits to having a blog. In this program we look at some of these benefits. Visit our website at

Basic Blogging - How Blogs Create Communities

March 06, 2008 14:22 - 2 minutes - 2.64 MB

The great thing about blos is that they are interactive. This means that they can be used to create online communities. In this, the 3rd program in our series about blogging, we look at how blogs can create community.

Basic Blogging - What are Blogs Used For?

March 06, 2008 14:15 - 2 minutes - 2.49 MB

Ths is the second proga in our series about blogging. In this program we will look at the many uses a blog has. For more information visit our ebsite at

Basic Blogging - What is a Blog?

March 06, 2008 14:05 - 3 minutes - 2.84 MB

This is the first program in a new series of programs about blogging. We begin by looking at what a blog is, and a bit about the history of te blog

What are the Easiest Tricks to Learn?

October 17, 2007 17:02 - 3 minutes - 3.38 MB

The easiest magic tricks are card tricks. They need limited props and can be accomplished with a minimum amount of fuss and a little bit of practice...

Why Do You Want to Learn Magic Tricks?

October 17, 2007 16:52 - 3 minutes - 2.86 MB

This is the first in our new series about magic! Is it the mystery? Is it the glamour? Or is it the memories conjured up by that man in the black cape at your favorite party when he pulled a rabbit out of a hat?

Why Do You Want to Learn Magic Tricks?

October 17, 2007 16:45 - 3 minutes - 2.86 MB

This is the first in our new series about magic! Is it the mystery? Is it the glamour? Or is it the memories conjured up by that man in the black cape at your favorite party when he pulled a rabbit out of a hat?

What is Your Education Philosophy?

October 09, 2007 12:32 - 2 minutes - 2.34 MB

Before you decide that home schooling is the right thing for your child, it might be a good idea to think for a while about your own education philosophy.

What Curriculum Should You Use for Home Schooling?

October 09, 2007 12:30 - 2.9 MB

When you finally make the decision to home school, the question of what curriculum to use will pop up. There are so many choices that it can be confusing. You really want to get it right the first time to save on time and expense, so it's worthwhile examining what's available thoroughly at the beginning.

The Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

October 09, 2007 12:28 - 2 minutes - 2.17 MB

There are many pros and cons to the question of whether you should home school your children. These may apply to both you and your children. Here are some points to consider. ..

Should You Use Online Courses for Home Schooling?

October 09, 2007 12:02 - 2 minutes - 2.02 MB

There are many course choices available to the parents who decide to home school their children. These may be accessed from a number of different places. But what about all those courses that seems to be available online? Should you use them? Here are some points to consider...

Should You Use a Tutor For Home Schooling?

October 09, 2007 11:55 - 2 minutes - 2.26 MB

You may wonder if you have what it takes to teach your children at home. Many parents think they should have teaching credentials for this job, but history shows that this is not so. Many famous people and statesmen have been home schooled in the past by parents who were definitely not teachers...

Should You Home School Delinquent Children?

October 09, 2007 11:29 - 2 minutes - 2.37 MB

The answer to this question can be considered from the viewpoint of - What is causing the child to exhibit delinquent behavior? In some cases the inappropriate behavior may be actually caused by the child's needs not being met in the public school system...

Project Ideas For Your Home Schooled Child

October 09, 2007 11:25 - 2 minutes - 2.21 MB

Projects will be one of the most important parts of your home-schooled child's education...

Physical Education Ideas for Home Schooled Children

October 09, 2007 11:20 - 2 minutes - 2.05 MB

One of the arguments against home schooling is that the children will not get enough exercise. Of course, if they saw how much extra time and energy these children had, they would have to change their minds. It has been proven that home schooled children can get through their lessons a great deal more quickly than if they were doing them at school. Frequently, their afternoons are free and they can go outside and run around to their hearts content. But what happens if you live in a high-rise ...

Music Program Ideas for Home Schooled Children

October 09, 2007 11:12 - 2 minutes - 2.16 MB

When your children are home schooled, they will have much more time and energy to put into additional important pursuits such as music. Many parents see this as one of the best results of their home schooling efforts...

Is Your Child a Good Candidate for Home-schooling?

October 09, 2007 10:57 - 2 minutes - 2.07 MB

Many parents wonder whether they should home-school and if so, are their child or children are good candidates for home schooling...

Is Home Schooling the Right Choice for Your Family?

October 09, 2007 10:37 - 2 minutes - 2.72 MB

To know if home schooling is the right choice for your family you must consider several pertinent points...

How To Re-integrate a Home Schooled Child into the School Environment

October 09, 2007 10:04 - 2 minutes - 2.21 MB

There may come a time in your home schooling process that you are unable to continue with home schooling. This could be for financial, health or some other reason. So you find it necessary to send your child into the public school system. You want your child to be able to adjust well to the environment, so here are a few hints to help them - and you - make the transition.

How to Organize for Home Schooling

October 09, 2007 09:52 - 2 minutes - 2.1 MB

How you will organize for home schooling depends a great deal on what sort of home schooling you decide to do...

How To Include Socializing into Your Home School Routine

October 09, 2007 09:46 - 2 minutes - 2.47 MB

Many people who disagree with the concept of home schooling believe that children who are home schooled will become socially deprived. In this podcast we discuss ways of preventing this from happening.

How To Find Lessons For Home Schooling

October 09, 2007 09:39 - 2 minutes - 2.01 MB

Now you have made the decision to home school, you will need to find the right kind of lessons for your child. Where do you find these lessons? In this podcast w will look at possible sources for finding them. Need more information? Go to

How to Create a Home School Schedule

October 09, 2007 09:31 - 2 minutes - 2.3 MB

Once you decide to home school your child you will need to make a good schedule and stick to it. Children will benefit by consistency and a little discipline and need to know what is expected of them. It's no use making them work from 9 to 5 one day and then let them get away with no work at all the following day. In todays pocast ewill look at creating a home school schedule.

Some Art Program Ideas for Home Schooled Children

September 11, 2007 15:54 - 3 minutes - 3.36 MB

Many parents believe that teaching there children some form of art is good for them and they are right. Why? Studies have shown that exposure to the arts at an early age enhances brain activity. Children also find it much easier to understand about different cultures, geography, and even math and science through visual art. In his progrm we look at some ideas for developing a art program for home school children

Providing Extracurricular Activities for Home Schooled Children

September 11, 2007 15:23 - 49 seconds - 3.22 MB

Once you have made the decision to home school your children, you may want to look into extra- curricular activities to help round out their life experience and social skills. These activities could be anything from sports like swimming or a team sport, to drama, art, music or even games like chess. Your children will make many friends through joining after school clubs in their preferred choice of activity. Many of these activities are not necessarily school related, that is, your child won'...

Home Schooling - Are You Prepared?

September 11, 2007 15:04 - 13 seconds - 2.96 MB

This is the first program in a new series called Successful Home Schooling. You might think that the children are the main ones to consider when thinking about home schooling, but that's not strictly true. The main burden and work of home schooling rests squarely on the shoulders of you, the parent. You are the one who will have to implement all the strategies and disciplines involved with the decision to home school and so if you fail, the futures of your children are at stake. To decide if...

Why You Need a Good Feedback Score on eBay

August 03, 2007 08:48 - 3 minutes - 3.34 MB

Selling on eBay is the same as selling anywhere else in one respect. That is, your customers want to know they can trust you. Buyer confidence is crucial to successful selling. If a buyer has no confidence in you as a seller, they will not buy. This is the last in our series how To Make Money On Ebay. For More Detailed Information Download our Audio book at:

Where to Find Drop Shippers and How to Avoid Scammers

August 03, 2007 08:09 - 3 minutes - 3.56 MB

When you decide to sell products on eBay, you may need to source products, unless you make your own. One of the best sources of products are called Drop Shippers. These are companies who will sell products to you for the wholesale price, so that you can resell them at a profit. This episode talks about finding reputable dropshippers and avoiding scammers. Check out my new Audio book for even more information on selling on eBay.

What Sells Best on eBay?

August 02, 2007 22:51 - 41 seconds - 3.35 MB

Some people just want to sell that disgusting vase from great-great aunt Emmeline that they have always hated, but if you are looking for a product to sell that will get you a little profit, it is a wise idea to find out what is likely to be the most successful seller on eBay.

At What Price Should You Start Your Bidding

August 02, 2007 22:35 - 3.1 MB

To decide what price you should start your bidding at, you'll need to do some research. Look at other similar items being sold on eBay to get an idea of the going price.

Tips For Selling Multiple Items on eBay

August 02, 2007 22:29 - 3 minutes - 3.51 MB

If you are selling for profit, there may come a time when you have a number of identical items that you would like to offer. It would be most time consuming to have to list each one individually, so what can you do? Multiple listings are the answer.

Tips For Outsourcing Your eBay Business

August 02, 2007 22:22 - 3 minutes - 3.45 MB

Once you have a good eBay business up and running you might find that it is taking up too much of your time, or something has changed and you are unable to continue, but don't wish to pack it up altogether. In this Podcast we give some tips about outsourcing your eBay business.

Learn the Ropes in Discussion Groups and Forums

August 02, 2007 22:13 - 3 minutes - 3.3 MB

eBay is a community. When you have a query about selling on eBay that is difficult to find an answer for anywhere else, it a good idea to go to ask about it at one of the many discussion groups or forums.

How to Write Winning Ad Copy for Your eBay Items

August 02, 2007 22:00 - 2 minutes - 3.38 MB

When you are ready to write ad copy for your products you have to look at it from the buyer's point of view. A buyer who is looking for a certain product will type in the appropriate keyword to find it. If your ad copy consists of words like "Wow! Or "Look at this!" it will cause you to miss out on customers.

Creating A Bidding Frenzy On eBay

August 01, 2007 08:58 - 3 minutes - 3.21 MB

There are a number of things that will help to create a bidding frenzy for the item you want to sell on eBay. In this podcast we will look at some of them.

Tips on Shipping Your products To Your Ebay Customers

August 01, 2007 08:03 - 4 minutes - 3.53 MB

You may be selling many items on eBay or you may only be selling one or two. Whatever you are doing, shipping your goods is one of the most important parts of your eBay business. There are several aspects of shipping to consider. This we will do in this Podcast.

How to Run Your ebay Business In A Professional Way

July 31, 2007 22:46 - 3 minutes - 3.35 MB

When you are running a business you must do so in a way that is professional, otherwise you won't last long in the business world. It's the same with an eBay business. in this Podcast we shall look at the issues surrounding running your eBay business in a professional way

How to Find Out What eBay Consumers Are Buying

July 30, 2007 13:57 - 2 minutes - 2.17 MB

When you have decided to start up a business selling on eBay, one of the first things you will need to do is to find out what is a good product to sell. It's no use trying to sell a product that the eBay consumer is just not interested in...

Basic Veterinary Care For Your Dog

July 25, 2007 21:55 - 3.76 MB

How regularly should you take your dog to see the vet? What treatments are considered basic for the health and well-being of your dog? It does not take much to keep your dog healthy and happy. These and other questions are answered in this podcast

How To Groom Your Short haired Dog

July 13, 2007 13:53 - 3 minutes - 3.6 MB

Although short haired dogs need less grooming attention than long haired dogs, regular grooming still helps in keeping their coat healthy. Your short haired dog will need to be groomed once a week. This will keep his coat free from dirt and dead hair and his fur will benefit from his skin’s oils that will be spread through his coat from regular grooming.

Tools and Tips for Grooming Long Haired Dogs

July 13, 2007 13:38 - 3 minutes - 3.56 MB

If you have a long haired dog, looking after his coat will take constant care. You will need a variety of combs and brushes to keep his fur looking healthy. You can tell a dog whose coat is groomed regularly by its color. If the coat has a wooly look about it and the color is dull, the dog needs grooming urgently! Follow these tips to ensure your dog’s coat is shiny and full of intense color...

Caring for Your Dog’s Eyes

July 13, 2007 13:27 - 3 minutes - 3.63 MB

Dogs don’t see quite the same as humans, but their eyes are susceptible to infections and problems and should be cared for diligently. Dogs have binocular vision with a field of about 150° from their nose. Dogs see much better in the dark than humans. Their eyes are protected by tears and three eyelids – upper, lower and the haw.