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The Ambitious Motherhood podcast is a podcast for the mom who is chasing after her dreams in motherhood and in business. This is your permission slip to pursue all that you were created to be and live out your calling both in your home and outside of your home. Enjoy weekly conversations with moms who are chasing motherhood and their calling and doing both well. We'll go into depth on motherhood, mom life, starting a business online, making money on our schedule and time while raising littles and productivity hacks to manage motherhood and business well.

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Part 2: Everything business & motherhood with Lauren Megan

February 22, 2021 10:00 - 17 minutes - 16.4 MB

Here's the second part of the two-part podcast with my friend Lauren Megan. In this episode you'll hear: How to manage your personal responsibilities. How to take control of your life and increase your result in all areas. If you haven't listened to the first part of the podcast you can listen to The Lauren Megan Show HERE. SCREENSHOT THE SHOW TODAY AND TAG ME ON YOUR INSTAGRAM STORIES! I LOVE REPOSTING YOUR SHARE ON MY STORIES! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Day 1 - Profitable Presence Masterclass

February 08, 2021 10:09 - 46 minutes - 42.2 MB

The FREE 3-Day Profitable Presence Masterclass was over but you still have the opportunity to catch it up if you've missed it live. This is originally an Instagram Live but I'm sharing it with you for this week's podcast! On Day 1 - Profitable & Present you'll hear: How to build a multi 6 figure business from full embodiment of who you are, your mission, and your calling in this world! Work less than 20 hours a week...and actually be ok with it, enjoy life while the business still grows w...

The Strategy Ain't the Thing

February 01, 2021 10:00 - 20 minutes - 18.6 MB

I found myself in situations where I ran with the best of the best in marketing circles and energetic, spiritual circles. However, I was not able to identify with any of them because I was meshing groups of different nature! A strategy is important in building an effective business and hitting the goals. My coaching method is a simple strategy with powerful energetic positioning.  In this episode you'll hear: How to disconnect from situations and people that don't align with how you lead y...

An Open Letter to the Weary Transformational Leader

January 25, 2021 12:15 - 23 minutes - 21.6 MB

One of the biggest realizations I have had as a coach is I am a transformational leader and it's not just my life I'm shifting, it's also the life of those I'm coaching. These recent experiences made me realize that growing and managing a business face a range of challenges but you can always use them as an advantage to keep working towards your goals.  In this episode you'll hear: The lessons I learned from recent experiences and how I overcome them. You can't escape your true calling, e...

Catapult Yourself into 2021

January 06, 2021 02:54 - 13 minutes - 12.7 MB

At last, we are in another year. 2020 is finally over! The previous year helped us realize that many things in life are beyond our control and that expectations sometimes lead to disappointment. It taught us to just show up without any expectation. In this episode, you'll learn:  How to manage and deal with pressure and stress How to ground yourself with powerful meditation and letting go of the things you do not need If you’re a 6 Figure Ambitious Mom scaling to multi 6 figures, I want ...

How I Wasted Years Before Realizing My True Calling

December 21, 2020 10:00 - 15 minutes - 14.5 MB

If you wanted to achieve your goals in life and business, finding your true calling is a step you have to take. But you don't have to rush, it's normal to take your time to realize what you want. In this episode you'll hear: How I find and embrace my true calling. Why questioning yourself is important to realize your true calling. How you can optimize YOU Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it while working on your terms? Join us...

Yes, You Can Make 20k/month By Only Working 20 Hours/Week

December 14, 2020 10:00 - 25 minutes - 23.7 MB

You don't need to do backbreaking work to get $20K/ month business. Tweak your actions and focus on things that matter and you can leapfrog your peers and live an extraordinary life as you work less and earn more! In this episode you'll hear: My two "tried and true" business model plan of action to achieve 20k/ month (or more) while working less! My tips on how you can work fewer hours a week and earn 20K (or more!!!) Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling...

The Leveraged & Limitless Business Model with Katie Fleming

December 07, 2020 10:00 - 52 minutes - 48.1 MB

There comes a time when you get rejection after rejection and nothing seems going your way. This is actually a glaring signal that something needs to shift in you and your business! This podcast will teach you: An important lesson about shifting through uncontrolled circumstances Five shifts that you need to go through to close more sales smoothly Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it while working on your terms? Join us in the 6...

Journaling - Where to Start When Scripting Your Next Level Reality with Journaling

November 30, 2020 10:00 - 18 minutes - 16.6 MB

Though not easy, scripting your journal helps transformational leaders like you create your new reality. It does more than just help you keep track of your thoughts and record them. It also takes your business to the next level! So go ahead, grab a notepad and a pen and start journaling now! You don't have to be a professional writer, you just have to be YOU! In this episode, you'll learn: Know where to start when you're scripting your next-level reality through journaling Benefits of jou...

3 Signs Your Ideal Client is Leveling Up

November 23, 2020 10:00 - 21 minutes - 19.4 MB

Your ideal clients may still be struggling with their business despite having established a firm foundation for it. It doesn't mean they are in for a nasty fall. Chances are your clients are leveling up without realizing it! In this episode, you'll learn:  The three signs that your ideal client is leveling up.  How to overcome and manage the difficulty of leveling up and getting through it! Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it ...

My Killer Brain Dump Process to Get More Done in a Week & Stay Focused

November 16, 2020 10:00 - 24 minutes - 22.6 MB

You may not notice it but other people's agenda throw you off course often. What you need to do to keep yourself on track is to create a brain dump list.  In this episode you will learn: Three easy steps in eliminating distractions from your intended flow. And a few tips to manage your workload. Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it while working on your terms? Join us in the 6 Figure Ambitious Mom Community on Facebook! → www.ka...

Radical Responsibility For Your State

November 09, 2020 10:00 - 14 minutes - 13.1 MB

Many people right now feel worried about the seemingly chaotic state of their environment. It's very important to remember that you have the power to influence your space's energy levels.  In this episode, you will learn three actionable ways to take control of your surroundings in the midst of any possible disruption and which normal daily activities can help you execute them. Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it while working on...

You Don’t Need More Content, and Here's Why

November 02, 2020 10:00 - 26 minutes - 24 MB

I understand that sharing your story can be scary but it might be a chance for someone else to feel less alone. Someone listening to you might think "you've been through that, too?", you might help them overcome the same struggles you've gone through. Your story will serve as a beacon and help bring people together! In this episode you'll hear about: Sharing more of your stories than content. Why sharing your story is more important than you think. How storytelling takes people on a jour...

Coaches - When to Discount & Use Extended Payment Plans

October 26, 2020 10:00 - 15 minutes - 14.3 MB

Offering discounts and extended payment plans is a common thought in many entrepreneurs. Does it decrease the value of your offer or add value to your customer? In this episode you will learn: 1. The proper reason for giving discounts and extended payment methods. 2. How value is created for you and your customers when you offer them. Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it while working on your terms? Join us in the 6 Figure Ambit...

My Daily Routine as a Multi 6 Figure Ambitious Mom™

October 19, 2020 10:00 - 36 minutes - 33.7 MB

I'll be honest. Each day never goes as planned and life looks pretty different from one day to the next. In this episode I'm going to give you all the details on what our schedule looks like, how I handle when things shift and what it looks like to have flexible structure to our routine and home. This Ambitious Mom life blend will look different for everyone at different stages in business, seasons in motherhood and life most importantly, give yourself grace and permission to ...

The #1 Thing to Do if You Want More Clients ASAP

October 12, 2020 10:00 - 26 minutes - 24.2 MB

The key to signing more high-ticket clients isn't exactly some secret tool or system. It's an action that comes from within you and you're already doing it every day. In this episode, you'll learn about this #1 key and how it will help you take inspired action to achieve your goals. In this episode, you will hear about: 1. Why decision-making is a fundamental requirement to be able to action your goals. 2. The important questions you should ask yourself to be able to make a proper decisio...

How I Got Started Coaching

October 05, 2020 10:00 - 24 minutes - 22.4 MB

At some point, you probably felt like you have to choose between your family and your career. It doesn't have to be that way. This episode, I will share with you my story so you can learn the same lessons I learned to achieve the "both-and" life instead of the "either-or" one. In this episode, you'll learn: Living the “Both - And” life and overcoming it’s struggles! A clear vision, a good eye for opportunity, and commitment to doing things big and small are the keys to success. Are you a...

From Maxed Out to a Multi 6 Figure Digital Marketing Agency Working Less

August 03, 2020 10:00 - 35 minutes - 32.5 MB

Want to know what it took to take a 6 figure VA business and turn it into a multiple 6 figure Digital Marketing Agency while raising 2 babies, running a home and building a thriving marriage! In this episode, you’ll hear: The #1 biggest SHIFT she experienced that 2x'd her business while working less The reason why she was able to go on maternity leave unstressed and focused on her family, while her business grew How to step into your next level income without sacrificing your family, ...

Achieve More with Ease & Avoid Burnout

June 22, 2020 10:00 - 18 minutes - 17.3 MB

As Ambitious Women we are all about achieving more and earning more, with ease, am I right? We are caring for many different people and things in our life and if we aren’t careful, we can quickly drain our battery. In this episode I’m sharing with you 1 huge shift to make to take you out of serving from your reserves and instead serving from overflow and how you can begin to achieve more with ease in your life. In this episode you’ll hear: How to prioritize and manage your energy.  How to...

Beauty in the Waiting

June 15, 2020 10:00 - 38 minutes - 35.5 MB

This episode is a story of finding beauty in the waiting and what to do when you feel blocked from being able to pursue the very thing you were made to do. Rachelle Kearns shares her story of ups, downs and arounds and how she has found beauty in this season.  In this episode, you’ll hear: What do you do when you're blocked from being able to pursue the very thing you know you’re made to do? The rhythms and disciplines of a successful life Identify your non-negotiables to living your ide...

3 Lessons from Me & My Clients Hitting Our Biggest Months During a Pandemic and Global Shutdown

June 08, 2020 11:17 - 33 minutes - 30.4 MB

Amidst these alarming news and the global economic crisis caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us might struggle to maintain optimism in life and in business. You might think it's hard to do business this time because of fewer opportunities. However, the fact of the matter is you have the power to choose whether to look at the dark side or the bright side of every situation. In this episode you’ll hear: The role of a leader to show up for your audience in a powerful place 3 di...

1 Shift to Increase Your Sales Call Closing Rate

June 02, 2020 10:00 - 26 minutes - 24.2 MB

Are you showing up daily in your marketing and sales with the expectation that you need to convince people to work with you? Or are you showing up daily with the expectation that there are people in your audience right now who have already chosen that you are right for them, and instead of proving you show up with a heart to serve and help them discover that now is the time to take their next step with you. In this episode you’ll hear: Your actual role on a sales call The shift that helpe...

7 Mindset Shifts of a Multi 6 Figure Entrepreneur

May 26, 2020 10:00 - 38 minutes - 35.1 MB

To be a successful six-figure entrepreneur, you have to raise your mindset to a higher level. Only then will things go down the way you want them to. Whether it will be difficult or easy will depend on your own thoughts! So how have you been thinking these past few days? What does your inner self tell you about YOU? You need to have the right mindset to get the results you want consistently. In this episode you’ll hear: The importance of prioritizing your mindset as an entrepreneur and how...

Living Out Your Purpose Fully, Today

May 18, 2020 10:00 - 23 minutes - 22 MB

No matter what your age, you can live out your calling and your purpose fully today and on this episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Dr. Cortney is discussing her journey and how she encourages other women to fully live out their purpose in life and business!  In this episode, you’ll hear The 4 obstacles women have that’s holding them back Dr. Cortney’s process to defining their purpose You’re never too young or too old to live out your purpose See full show notes >> HERE   SC...

Find Your Voice

May 11, 2020 10:00 - 24 minutes - 22.6 MB

We all feel the fear of being left out and not being ourselves, but what will you do to overcome that fear and shift your attitude from fearful to FEARLESS? How will you voice out and show the REAL you? In this episode, you’ll hear Finding your voice through your messaging and speaking to your audience in a way that draws in the people you want following and buying from you. How to identify your client and who they are talking to so you can crush it with marketing and sales. Are you read...

Feeling the Fear & Moving Forward Anyway

May 04, 2020 10:00 - 33 minutes - 77.8 MB

We all experience moments of fear and resistance when growing a business. The question is, how are you handling it? Are you letting it hold you back or are you pushing through to your next level by taking a small step?  In this episode, you’ll hear: The resource Aubree used to start a profitable business to leave her full time teaching career and be home with her family Moving past fear and taking your next step How to stop writing stories around your “failures” Are you ready to build a...

What it Really Takes to Build a Profitable Business

April 27, 2020 10:00 - 30 minutes - 27.6 MB

What it really takes to build a profitable business is not more strategy and tactics. In this episode with Corie Clark we chat through the journey towards building a profitable business online and the simplicity might surprise you! In this episode, you’ll hear: What it takes like to build a profitable business online. Important pillars and foundation of her business framework. How to set an effective plan for your goals and how to create a path to achieve it. Are you ready to build a 6 ...

How to Scale to 6 Figures Without Hiring a Team

April 20, 2020 10:00 - 27 minutes - 25.2 MB

Brandi Mowles is joining Katie Fleming on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast to talk all things about scaling your service based business without hiring a team. We’re diving into the 2 things you need to focus on to drive growth in your client roster, how to eliminate being on multiple platforms to grow your business and identifying ways to systemize and productize your service based business. In this episode, you’ll hear The 2 metrics to focus on to grow your client roster and income Brand...

Embrace the Journey to Building a Profitable Business You Love with Krista Lockwood

April 13, 2020 10:00 - 31 minutes - 28.8 MB

Are you in the trenches of building your profitable online business while working less than 20 hours a week? Join in on this conversation with Krista Lockwood of Motherhood Simplified where she shares the ups, downs and wind arounds in her journey that led her to the profitable business she loves and runs today.  In this episode, you’ll hear How to embrace the winding journey as you pursue ambitious motherhood Discover your thing and find your business idea Don’t be afraid to niche down ...

Personal Branding or Business Name - Which is right for you?

April 06, 2020 10:00 - 19 minutes - 17.6 MB

Have you ever wondered, should I brand myself and my name or use a business name? In this episode I’m going to riff on the personal brand route versus the business name route and give you clarity on which is right for you in this season. In this episode you’ll hear Identify the thing that will differentiate you from your competitors The elements of a personal brand done right How to handle your branding when you need to shift and pivot Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving onlin...

How to Sign Clients in Uncertain Times

March 31, 2020 14:56 - 35 minutes - 32.3 MB

When times change and things are uncertain, how can you continue to sign clients? In this episode we are talking all about the practical, the mindset and the strategies to continue to sign clients during uncertain times.  In this episode you’ll hear Identifying and speaking to the clients who are ready to invest Shifting your message to solve the biggest pain your client has The 2 most important things you can do in a season of uncertainty Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving o...

Raising Confident, Resilient and Responsible Kids as a Busy Mom

March 23, 2020 10:00 - 30 minutes - 28.2 MB

Rachel Bailey shares her tips and tools on how to raise confident, resilient and responsible kids today while also managing our own busy schedules and ambitions. On the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast with Katie Fleming, we dive into how to get your biggest bang for your parenting buck as a busy mom entrepreneur. In this episode, you’ll hear How managing your own stress and emotions can help your children How to instill confidence in our kids Tips and tools to help our kids get off electron...

Growing Your Business & Managing Your Home With Grace Amidst Uncertainty

March 16, 2020 10:18 - 34 minutes - 76.8 MB

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The Power of Community for the Ambitious Mom

March 09, 2020 10:00 - 22 minutes - 20.3 MB

Motherhood can be one of the loneliest seasons and it’s exponentially worse if you’re a mom entrepreneur or you support an entrepreneur on the home front! In this episode I’m illuminating for you the power of community to expedite your growth in your business, increase your income and sky rocket your impact!  Get in community --> Apply for the Ambitious Mom MentorMind, The #1 Mash-Up of Mentorship & Masterminding for the Ambitious Mom! See

Letting Your Break Down Become Your Breakthrough

March 02, 2020 10:38 - 26 minutes - 24.5 MB

Motherhood and business will come with it’s own versions of struggles and ups and downs, but you don’t have to let those ups and down define your business, your motherhood or your life! In this episode, tune in to hear Emilie Karun’s story and how she navigates the hard in life and business and allows them to become her breakthroughs! In this episode, you’ll hear Taking action when you don’t know the big picture The actual work needed to grow a successful business How to balance mindset ...

Free vs. Paid Content - How to Know What to Give Away in Your Content Plan

February 24, 2020 12:00 - 14 minutes - 13.6 MB

Have you ever wondered how much content to give away for free? In this episode I break down for you things to consider when deciding what content should be free content versus what content should be paid content.  In this episode you’ll hear How to use flow to your advantage in content creation The freeing paradigm shift with content creation The real differentiator in your business Are you an Ambitious Mom™ building a thriving online business, scaling to 6 figures and doing it while wo...

Do Less & Make More with Kate Northrup

February 17, 2020 10:00 - 38 minutes - 35.3 MB

If you're a woman in business, this is a must listen as Kate Northrup shares ways you can do less and make more in your business!  In this episode, you’ll hear Cycle alignment and how to sync your cycle with your task list Identify your beliefs about motherhood and how they are serving you The 80/20 rule of your task list Are you an Ambitious Mom building a business online while raising a family? Join the 6 Figure Ambitious Mom Community on Facebook for live trainings, guest experts, to...

10 Ways to Create More Connection With Your Audience

February 10, 2020 11:03 - 18 minutes - 17.3 MB

People do business with the ones they feel most connected to. In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Katie is sharing with you 10 ways you can create and increase connection in your business.  In this episode you’ll hear How to use video and voice memos to your advantage The number 1 thing you must do daily to continue engagement 10 ways to create more engagement and connection with your audience today Are you an Ambitious Mom building a business online while raising a family? Join th...

Celebrating 100 Episodes of Ambitious Motherhood

November 18, 2019 11:00 - 39 minutes - 36.5 MB

To have episode 100, we had to have episode 1. Starting and the journey isn’t always perfect, easy or enjoyable...but start. In episode 100 of Ambitious Motherhood Katie shares the story of Ambitious Motherhood and how the dream began over 100 years ago. She talks through the value of beginning, the power of decision, making 2020 your 6 figure year and tools she uses in her business to bring in consistent $10k months.  In this episode, you’ll hear The power of just beginning and taking mes...

Identify the Problem Your Business Solves with Katie Fleming

November 11, 2019 11:00 - 26 minutes - 24.2 MB

Businesses exist to solve problems. What is the problem and solution that your business solves? In this episode we will get clear on your expert positioning and your niche statement to describe who and how you help. In this episode you’ll hear The overlooked key trait of your ideal client avatar How the knowledge bias is holding your back How to craft your niche statement Are you ready to build a 6 figure business while working 20 hours a week or less?    You crave the business of you...

Consistent $5k Months with a Small Audience

November 04, 2019 12:07 - 24 minutes - 22.7 MB

Are you working towards taking your expertise and turning it into a 6 figure online business that you can run on 20 hours a week or less? If so, in part 1 of Monetizing a Small Audience, we are diving into the things that you need to focus on and the things you need to completely avoid as you grow your business with a small audience and limited time.  In this episode you’ll hear The business model you’ve been sold versus the one you need The difference between a low ticket and a high tick...

Living a Life of Impact & Legacy with Rachel McMichael

October 28, 2019 09:00 - 30 minutes - 42.2 MB

Do you seek to live a life of impact, income, and legacy? In today’s podcast episode Rachel McMichael is sharing how she weaves her heart and passion for impact and legacy into her business, how she focuses on profitability and runs 3 businesses working minimal hours a week. In this episode, you’ll hear How to choose your one thing in business Create predictability in your business How to emotionally detach from failures and reframe the “failure” Are you ready to build a 6 figure busine...

Time Blocking - The How & The Why

October 21, 2019 09:00 - 19 minutes - 27.3 MB

Are you ready to feel on top of your calendar and task list and end each week feeling on fire and know that your business is moving to the next level and you appropriately managed the major asset you have, your time? This week on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we talk all about time blocking, what it is, why you need it and how to implement it into your life and business.  In this episode you’ll hear What time blocking is and why you need it How to implement it into your life and busine...

Feeding Your Family Well as a Busy Mom Entrepreneur with Amy Vig

October 14, 2019 09:00 - 34 minutes - 47.2 MB

Today on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast Katie Fleming is talking with Amy Vig about her journey in motherhood and business and how today, she uses her expertise to guide parents to feed their families well without stress, overwhelm and endless prep and clean-up. Listen in as she shares hacks, strategies, and systems to help you with feeding your family well.   In this episode you’ll hear How to create a meal planning structure The top 3 tools you need on your counter every time you cook...

The Vibe of Being Sold On You

October 07, 2019 09:00 - 26 minutes - 37 MB

Are you sold on what you are selling? On today’s episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we are talking about how to get the most important person in the sales equation onboard and sold with what you are selling.  In this episode you’ll hear How to get sold on what you are selling Showing up confidently to convert leads into clients Being convinced in your own value Are you ready to finally take your idea and expertise and turn it into a profitable online business that you can run o...

6 Figures on Etsy Working 20 Hours or Less a Week with Lauren Keplinger

September 30, 2019 09:00 - 33 minutes - 45.9 MB

Have you ever thought about starting an Etsy business to sell something you have created? On today’s episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, we are talking with Lauren Keplinger about her journey of starting and growing her Etsy business to where it is today.  In this episode, you’ll hear How Lauren would go about starting her Etsy business today versus 7 years ago Simple ways you can differentiate your product or service in a sea of competition Going all-in on one thing and finding...

Attract More Clients By Crafting Your Core Marketing Message

September 23, 2019 09:00 - 32 minutes - 45.1 MB

Are you attracting your ideal clients into your business? On today’s podcast episode Katie Fleming is diving into messaging and how to create your core marketing message to attract prospects who are ideal clients and ready to work with you!  In this episode you’ll hear The things that get easier when your message gets clear Why having a strong brand message is important Your unique selling proposition Are you ready to finally take your idea and expertise and turn it into a profitable on...

6 Figures While Working Less Than Her Corporate Commute with Katie Ferro

September 16, 2019 09:00 - 36 minutes - 50.7 MB

Wondering if private coaching is for you? In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Katie Ferro gives a glimpse into the private coaching and mentorship relationship she has with Katie and how it has helped uplevel her business. She also shares with us the importance of prioritizing profits in your business.  In this episode, you’ll hear What private coaching and mentorship with Katie looks like  Prioritizing profit in your business Are you ready to finally take your idea and expertise an...

Pursuing Ambitious Motherhood & Marriage with Robbie Page

September 09, 2019 08:00 - 36 minutes - 50.3 MB

As mompreneurs, it can be easy to get lost in the balancing act of motherhood, marriage, and business. In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Robbie talks with us about the importance of defining your roles and then living them out to the fullest. She shares with us how to keep marriage first, motherhood second and your personal calling third. In this episode, you’ll hear Balancing our ambition with our roles in life, our household and winning at home  Growing your marriage while growin...

Your 6 Figure Foundation

September 02, 2019 08:00 - 26 minutes - 36.1 MB

Aspiring to reach 6 figures in your online business? In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, we dive into the two crucial questions you need to ask yourself to begin structuring your business and life in a way that is ideal for you.  In this episode you’ll hear The two crucial questions you need to structure your 6 figure business Breaking the cookie cutter to create a business on your own terms  Are you ready to finally take your idea and expertise and turn it into a profitable...


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