Panel: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Kerri Miller

This week on My Ruby Story, Chuck talks with Kerri Miller who is a developer who resides in Seattle! Chuck and Kerri talk about her background, how she got into programming, software, and much more. Check it out!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

0:00 – Get A Coder Job!

0:52 – Chuck: Hello! Our guest is Kerri Miller – say Hi!

1:00 – Guest: Hi!

1:06 – Chuck: Tell us who you are and where you work?

1:13 – Guest: I live in Seattle.

1:36 – Chuck: We had you on past episodes RR 191 and RR 261. Tell us about your work!

2:10 – Guest: I have been a remote-worker for about 5 years now. 

2:30 – Chuck: Let’s focus on you and how you got into programming and what you’ve contributed into the community.  How did you get into programming?

2:45 – Guest: I had early access to computers. We also had the Thermal Printer!

I went into theater and dance and then came back into programming.

Kerri talks about sound boards that were using computers through her art world.

4:20 – Chuck: I love how people come from different backgrounds.

5:01 – Guest: Yeah you need to have other skillsets outside of being a computer programmer. What do you bring in and what do you have at the very beginning of your career and then you fill in those blanks as you go along.

5:33 – Chuck: Yep exactly.

5:47 – Guest: I am interested to see how my stage career helps my developer career!

7:35 – Chuck.

7:39 – Guest: Some people need walk-up music.

7:51 – Chuck: How did you get into Ruby?

8:00 – Guest: I was the only person that had heard about the Internet, so that’s how I got the job! I went to Barnes & Noble and read books; kids: that is an actual place!

9:24 – Chuck: You are still using Ruby right?

9:26 – Guest: Yes I am! I have explored GO and other languages, too, b/c that helps my skills with Ruby.

10:14 – Chuck: What made you switch? How do you decide to make that switch?

10:26 – Guest: This book really helped me: “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.” It invigorated my love for programming.

11:15 – Chuck: How long ago was that?

11:20 – Guest: About 7 years ago.

11:37 – Chuck: Some of the things you’ve done is conference organizing and speaking. Anything else?

11:50 – Guest answers the question.

13:17 – Chuck: What were your favorite talks to give and where?

13:30 – Guest: It really is hard to choose. I liked the one in Bath, UK last year: “Is Ruby Dead?”

15:00 – Chuck: Where do you see Ruby going? What’s the future like for Ruby?

15:10 – Guest: I think there are neat things that are happening in Ruby 3.

16:08 – Chuck: What other conferences are you involved with?

16:14 – Guest: Open Source & Feelings. (The guest goes into detail about what this conference has to offer!)

17:36 – Chuck: What should I be looking for there at CES (2019)?

17:52 – Guest answers.

18:39 – Guest: I have 6 Echos & Alexas in the house – do I need those many – probably not.

19:21 – Chuck: I think the same thing about giving / not giving my fingerprint to the government vs. Apple.

19:43 – Guest.

20:06 – Chuck: What are you working on now?

20:10 – Guest: If you have a problem with Ruby – I help with the Q&A and bug-support. Working on 2019 conferences, too!

20:43 – Chuck: Picks!

20:50 – Advertisement – Fresh Books!

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