Don’t forget to check out Angular Remote Conf! 02:29 - Aysegul Yonet IntroductionTwitterAnnieCannons 02:51 - D3.js 04:29 - Aysegul’s Background in Teaching Computing and Social InterestSan QuentinGirl Develop ItBlack Girls CodeWomen Who CodeHack ReactorThe Last Mile OrganizationAnnieCannons09:08 - Using D3The D3 Gallery Pens tagged 'd3' on CodePen11:49 - Angular + D3Aysegul Yonet: Creating D3 Components with Angular Slides (Angular U Conference) 12:49 - Directives Angular-nvD3 17:17 - VisualizationCreating multiple charts inside ng-repeat with Angular-nvD3 (Plunk)20:06 - Other Uses for D3A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning23:51 - Mind Blowing Aspects of D325:16 - What’s Wrong with D3?27:26 - Debugging28:22 - Animations29:42 - The Learning Curve and Getting Started (Resources)SFHTML5 Presentations from 8/26/2015 Elijah Meeks: Challenges of Complex Data Visualization in D3Christoph Holz: visalyze D3 Visualization to gamify analyticsAli Almossawi: D3 in PracticeAyesegul Yonet: Introduction to working with D3.js  Bay Area d3 MeetupYouTube Channel30:42 - D3 + Angular 2Aysegul Yonet: Creating d3 components with Angular2 and TypeScript @ ng-vegas 2015  Special Offer!Get codeclass: Data vizualization with D3 for 20% off with the code AYSEGUL Get your ticket(s) to Angular Remote Conf for 25% off with the code ADVENTURE or ADVENTURES Picks Starbucks Mango Black Tea Lemonade (Lukas)
Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty (Lukas)
Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty (Lukas)
Angular Remote Conf (Chuck)
Orphan Black (Chuck)
Coworking (Chuck)
Dashing D3.js (Aysegul)
The Bletchley Circle (Aysegul)Special Guest: Aysegul Yonet.

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